POV Samantha

The last few years have been bliss. All three packs are thriving and due to our close bonds, countless mates have found each other which has only bonded us closer. The Blood Moon, Golden and Dark Moon pack are now the top packs in the world. No one would dare challenge or harm us.

Our packs are havens for our pack members and while nothing is perfect, the pack members are safe and happy. Our pack is just and many lone wolves seek us out to join, knowing that they will be valued and not mistreated.

Shimon and Emma just had their second and third children. Twin girls. They already have a three year old boy that reminds me of his Uncle Troy more and more everyday. Good luck to his sisters, at least there's two of them. They might actually stand a chance against their overprotected brother and father. That's my hope at least.

Shimon's mate Emma and our beta, Trevor's mate, Emma are best friends. They call each other daily and vi

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A wonderful story, I greatly enjoyed reading it! Thank you!
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T White
Great read! I loved the bonds and closeness, and how she stayed a good person even after the abuse. Strong to the end. Very beautiful story
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Ariana Clair
... ... ... loved this story
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