True Omega

True Omega

By:  Sleepykitten13  Completed
Language: English
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Samantha didn't know what she was, until Alpha Jack and Luna Sara saved her from her old alpha. He was a sick man, driven mad by the loss of his luna and he abused Samantha for it. She was a true omega. Her new pack taught her that she was a gift from the Moon Goddess herself. She has the ability to calm any wolf and because of this gift, her new pack is thriving. She also causes every wolf to become extremely protective over her, because of this, it's doubtful that she will be blessed with a mate. A mate is supposed to be protective and it would be difficult for the Moon Goddess to find a wolf strong enough to withstand the pull of an omega mate.Samantha is glad that she won't have to worry about a mate. She doesn't want to trust anyone outside of her pack and strong males are extremely untrustworthy in her experience.Everything is going well until her old pack begs her new one for help. The pack's new alpha is Sammy's mate. Can Sammy trust the new alpha or will he mistreat her? Can she forgive her old pack and save them from themselves?

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Tracey Briant
loved this book the ending was great would recommend anyone read it
2024-05-27 17:25:34
default avatar
I love the story. Great job author.
2023-11-14 23:16:46
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Jo Anne Morgan
It was lovely book. I really enjoyed it. well done Author!
2023-11-08 08:15:46
user avatar
It was a beautiful and well thought out story. It came out amazing
2023-10-03 14:37:49
default avatar
Lisa Reed
I loved this story great job Author
2023-01-03 17:46:04
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T White
Great book, loved this story.
2022-10-08 23:46:54
default avatar
Great story!!
2022-09-20 11:31:13
user avatar
On my second go around with this book!
2022-02-15 09:13:36
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Atelynn Wulf
Great book ...
2022-01-27 14:07:27
user avatar
Mary Kane
Loved this book Brilliant
2022-01-05 06:54:52
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Catherine Cameron
I really loved the book but I don’t remember what tory’s bodyguard and his mate had a problem over?
2022-01-04 01:02:46
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Beatrice Trevino
The books I great I have read it a few times already . Love the book
2022-01-02 09:23:07
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Christine Jefferson-oaks
I loved it!
2021-12-31 12:45:31
user avatar
Michelle Lunsford-Hall
2021-11-16 13:49:14
user avatar
Cassandra van Loon
i really liked this book. ...
2021-09-16 02:02:51
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54 Chapters
Chapter 1
Samantha sighed as she got up. Alpha had hit her yet again last night. No matter what she did, he was always mad at her lately. She couldn't do anything right. She painfully pulled her small, eight year old body out of the closet that Alpha insisted that she sleep in.She quickly looked around and relaxed when she realized that he was already gone for the day. She remembered that they were having a new pack visit for some training today and reasoned that he left early to greet them. She better get to work while everyone was out of the pack house. Alpha wanted her to clean the house but she was forbidden from letting anyone see her. It made her life even more difficult. Alpha would hit her if she didn't get her work done but he would also hit her if anyone saw her. She didn't stand a chance most days but since everyone should be at training, she should have a few hours to clean. Hopefully she could most of her weekly cleaning done and Alpha would be please
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Chapter 2
As the car whisked Samantha away to her new life, Alpha Jack and Luna Sara got to work."Call the council and put it on speaker, please" Jack asked Sara as they settled in the car. Sean and Ash cuddled with Samantha in the backseat as she slept peacefully for the first time in a year.Sara placed the call and got the council secretary."May I please speak to one of the council elders, please? We have a pressing matter that needs their attention" Sara asked after she and Jack identified themselves."One moment please" the secretary replied and put them on hold for a minute. As they waited, Sara observed that the day was overcast and rainy."I'm glad for the gloomy day. It may help Samantha sleep the whole way back to the pack" Sara stated and Jack agreed. Even though they had just met her this morning, they both would do almost anything for Samant
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Chapter 3
Ash and Luna Sara finished helping Samantha with her bath a while later. They helped her dry off and put her in a big, soft robe. They led her into her room."We can redo your room so it's the way you like it" Luna Sara said and Samantha nodded."It's already beautiful" Samantha said."We can have some pack member's paint it and get you some new furniture in the next week. We'll have to go shopping for more clothing too but Mary ran to the mall when we got home and got you some casual clothes, pjs and a dress for tonight along with some under ware" Sara explained as she opened the door and Mary walked through with a huge amount of bags."I hope that I got the right size" Mary lamented as she smiled at Samantha."Thank you" Samantha said as she hugged Mary."It was my pleasure, baby. I hope that you like them." Mary replied, looking proudly at the girl. The ladies c
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Chapter 4
Ten years laterPOV SamanthaI smiled and waved to various pack members as I walked toward the pack house. Sean walked next to me, always scouting and surveying for danger. I had argued with Dad about forcing Sean to guard me while on pack lands but Dad wouldn't budge. Suddenly, I was lifted off the ground from behind."How's my little sis today?" Troy asked as Sean and Jules laughed at my surprised yelp."Troy! Put me down!" I yelled but he just kept carrying me."What kind of big brother would I be if I let you walk on your own two feet everywhere?" he asked playfully. He carried me all the way into the pack house as I complained an argued the whole time. He carried me into the kitchen where mom was, thankfully."Mom! Tell Troy to put me down!" I yelled as the other pack members in the kitchen chuckled at the sight.
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Chapter 5
POV SamanthaI showered and dressed quickly. I was just finishing my hair and makeup when Troy knocked on the bathroom door." You look nice. You ready?" he asked and smiled at me."Yep, where's Stacey?""She's already downstairs. You covered those hickeys right? Dad will kill Jon if he sees them" Troy added."They've already healed" I retorted and he shook his head."You know that you don't love him? I can tell" Troy began. I sighed."I know, he knows. Trust me. It's okay. Don't start" I snapped and he nodded."Okay. Okay. Let's go. We don't want to be late" he replied and offered me his arm. Together we stepped out into the hall. Sean and Jules were behind us."You look great, little one" Sean whispered."Thanks, so do you" I replied with a smile. We walked down
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Chapter 6
POV SamanthaThe rest of the trip went well. Jon shook himself out of his bad mood quickly and was soon snuggling with me as we whispered to each other. Jules drove with Steph next to him. The rest of the couples in the van were snuggling and napping.We stopped after a few hours for lunch and to stretch our legs. We ate a quick meal and then hit the road again.{Did I do something wrong?} I felt Gavin link me.I frowned and turned away from Jon so he wouldn't be able to tell that I was mind linking with someone.{Of course not, why?} I replied.{Both Jon and Troy told me to leave you alone at the last stop. If I up
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Chapter 7
POV Samantha"Please wait here while I wash up and change my shirt" Lance requested.I nodded and he walked to a door and opened it to reveal a bathroom. I heard water running."Hey, baby? Can you please bring me my shirt? It's hanging on the back of the door." He called."Fine" I mumbled.I spotted the black button up hanging in a dry cleaners back. I grabbed it and walked over to the bathroom."Here" I snapped and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom.I realized then that he was very shirtless and very close.
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Chapter 8
POV SamanthaI knew that Sean would follow me anyway. He always would. I shook my head and smiled as I reached the table."What can I get you, Samantha?" One of the Golden pack members asked.I looked around."I'll take a jack and coke" I asked and he grinned and nodded.Suddenly he bowed his head."Alpha" he said.I froze for a second, afraid that my Dad had just caught me but then I smelled him and relaxed."You are so busted." he whispered in my ear after he nodded to his pack member and ordered a beer.
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Chapter 9
POV SamanthaTraining started as usual. Troy made us stretch and warm up as normal. Then he made us do sit ups and push ups. I hate push ups."Okay, now let's do a warm up jog. Everyone follow Samantha and don't expect to keep up with her" Troy ordered with a smirk.The rest of my pack chuckled as the others looked confused at me. I shrugged. I started to jog and the rest fell in line behind me. Of course, Lance caught up to me as soon as possible but I knew that he wouldn't be a problem for long."Why did Troy say that we shouldn't try to keep up with you?" he demanded and I smiled."You'll see" I teased and he shook his head.
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Chapter 10
POV LanceI hate talking to my Dad. He's a ruthless alpha and he's heartless.He's cruel and cold. My brother isn't any better. They are everything I don't want to be. I've found that I just need to tell him what he wants to hear so he doesn't come out here. His visit would be a disaster and I didn't want him to meet my mate until she was officially mine. He would scare her and try to mistreat her.I was relieved when this postition was offered to me by the council. I wanted to get away from my father and his ways. That was no way to run a pack. I had always taken more after my mother. She was a wonderful woman and I missed her terribly. My father and brother were always awful to her and I vowed to never make my mate feel like that. Ever. Mates were a gift and should be treated with love and respect. I would never harm m
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