Chapter 3

Ash and Luna Sara finished helping Samantha with her bath a while later. They helped her dry off and put her in a big, soft robe. They led her into her room.

"We can redo your room so it's the way you like it" Luna Sara said and Samantha nodded.

"It's already beautiful" Samantha said.

"We can have some pack member's paint it and get you some new furniture in the next week. We'll have to go shopping for more clothing too but Mary ran to the mall when we got home and got you some casual clothes, pjs and a dress for tonight along with some under ware" Sara explained as she opened the door and Mary walked through with a huge amount of bags.

"I hope that I got the right size" Mary lamented as she smiled at Samantha.

"Thank you" Samantha said as she hugged Mary.

"It was my pleasure, baby. I hope that you like them." Mary replied, looking proudly at the girl.

The ladies carefully brushed out Samantha's long, dark hair and dried it. Then they put her in a pair of leggings and long shirt after braiding her hair.

"We will have someone bring you lunch and then you should rest." Luna Sara began but was stopped by a knock at the bathroom door.

"Can I stay with her, Mom?" Troy asked after Ash opened the door. He, Jules and Sean walked in and smiled when they saw Samantha.

"That's up to Samantha" Sara replied.

"Please stay with me. I don't want to be alone" she pleaded and Sean immediately scooped her up.

"Let's go play in my room. You can play with any of my toys" Troy told her, generously as they walked back over to his room.

"Make sure that she rests, Troy!" Sara called after him.

"I will!" he yelled back. All the ladies laughed as Sara rolled her eyes.

"He's going to hard to control with her around." Sara muttered.

"But he's already a great big brother. It will help him be a wonderful Alpha" Mary replied wisely.

Sara conceded that she was right. The ladies cleaned up and put away the rest of Samantha's clothes.

"What do you think about the dress?" Mary asked as she held it up.

"It's perfect. It will look lovely on her" Luna Sara praised and Mary smiled.

They hung it in her closet.

"Mary! You thought of everything!" Ash exclaimed when they found the shoes and hair clips in the bag.

"Not everything, I should have gotten her some toys while I was out" Mary replied, mentally kicking herself.

"It's a good thing you didn't. Jack and Steve left an hour ago to buy her some. Jack want's to get his princess everything. Steve's already had to link me twice to convince him that she doesn't need a bike or a Barbie dream house now." Sara chuckled.

"That little girl is going to be spoiled rotten" Ash laughed.

"Spoiled? Yes. Rotten? Not possible" Mary replied.

"I think you're right. She's just so sweet. I don' t think that she could ever be rotten" Ash agreed.

"Let's go make sure everything is set for the dinner tonight and then make sure that we have dresses" Sara suggested and the trio hurried down the stairs.

Samantha was comfortable on Troy's bed as he showed her his toys. She admired everything he brought her and he loved every minute of it. After he finally finished, he turned to her.

"What do you want to play?" he asked and she looked overwhelmed.

Sean spoke up to save her.

"She might be tired. Remember, your Mom and Dad wanted her to rest before the big dinner? Why don't we eat some lunch and then she can rest on your bed while we play some video games. She can see how good you are at them" Sean suggested and the kids both agreed.

"I'll link Ash and see if she can send up some food. Sandwiches okay?" Sean offered.

"Sounds good to me if that's what Samantha wants" Troy replied.

Samantha nodded and soon they were all munching on turkey sandwiches and carrot sticks. After they ate, Samantha snuggled on the bed and fell asleep while Sean and Jules took turns playing video games with Troy. A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. Jules went to answer it as Sean protectively stood over both the kids.

"Luna, Beta Mary, Ash" Jules said as he bowed and let them in.

The women smiled first when they saw how protective Jules and Sean were and again when they saw Troy hovering over the sleeping Samantha.

"We came to help Samantha and Troy get ready. Alpha sent two men who are stationed outside each of the doors now so you and Sean can go get ready for the dinner" Luna told Jules.

Sean, Jules and Troy all realized that the women were already ready.

"You all look beautiful" Sean quickly complemented.

Jules nodded and the women smiled.

"You look really pretty, Mom" Troy said as he hugged her.

"Thank you" Luna replied and shooed the men out the door.

She went to her son's closet and pulled out a suit and shirt and tie out for him.

"What do you think?" she asked as she held it up.

She expected him to argue. He hated wearing suits and ties but he looked at his sleeping sister and nodded.

"Okay, Mom, but only because it's a special day" he agreed.

Luna smiled at him and hugged him.

"Thank you, honey. Do you need help with your hair or anything?" she asked.

"Mom! I'm ten! I can get myself ready" he protested and she nodded.

"Of course, I always forget how grown you are now" she soothed and he stopped scowling.

"Do you have to wake her?" he asked as he looked at his sister. His face softened as he looked at her.

"We don't want her to be late to her own dinner, do we?" Luna asked and he nodded.

He knelt down and gentle shook her.

"Little sister, it's time to wake up" he said softly.

Her eyes snapped open in surprise and she threw her arms up to shield herself.

"I'm sorry" she cried and everyone froze.

Suddenly, Troy hugged her.

"It's okay. You're safe now. Your big brother is here now, remember? Nothing can hurt you" he whispered and she relaxed.

"Better?" he asked and she nodded.

"Mom, Ash and Beta Mary are here to help you get ready for dinner. I'll be here getting ready but if you get scared just come back here, alright?" he told her seriously and she nodded.

"Promise?" he asked and she smiled.

"I promise" she replied and kissed his cheek as she got up.

He smiled and nodded.

"Mom, take good care of her" he said as they walked through the bathroom toward her room.

Luna rolled her eyes and shook her head as Mary and Ash laughed.

"He's ridiculous" she muttered.

"What do you think of this dress?" Mary asked Samantha as she held up the dress.

"It's so pretty! Do I really get to wear it?" she asked with joy on her face.

"Of course you do! I'm so glad that you like it" Mary replied with a grin.

They helped her put it on as they heard the shower start in the bathroom.

"Don't worry, Troy's taking a shower" Ash explained after Samantha gave her a confused look.

They women undid her braids and brushed her hair again. They put it up in some clips and Samantha smiled at how cute it looked. The shower turned off and they heard Troy hurry back to his room.

"I'll be ready in a minute, Mom!" he yelled through the door.

Ash filed Samantha's nails as Mary went to get her shoes and Luna got her tights ready. Luna helped her put the tights on and she was just putting on her shoes when there was a knock on her room door.

"Come in" Luna called and Alpha Jack and Beta Steve walked in.

They both stopped when they saw the girl and women before them.

"Wow. What a beautiful group. You all look lovely" Alpha Jack smiled as Steve agreed.

Jack kissed Sara hello as Steve did the same for Mary. Then they both turned to Samantha as Troy tripped through the bathroom door.

"Can someone help me with this tie?" he complained as he looked towards Samantha.

"Sammy! You look great. I have such a pretty Mom AND sister!" he bragged and the group chuckled.

"You certainly do, son" Alpha agreed as he helped him with his tie.

"Beta Steve and I got your sister some presents. Would you like to help us give them to her?" Jack asked his son.

Troy nodded, happily. Alpha winked at Samantha as they went back out to the hall with Steve. They came back a few minutes later with a couple bags each.

"Don't overwhelm her, now" Luna said, gently.

"You're right. Troy why don't you give her this bag for now and she can open the rest later" Jack suggested, handing Troy a bag as Steve set the other bags in the corner of the room.

Troy grinned and hurried over to Samantha and gave her the bag as Jack put his arm around Sara.

"For me?" Samantha asked and Jack nodded.

She looked inside and laughed. She pulled out the sweetest looking teddy bear.

"It's soft. I love it! Thank you, Alph.. Daddy" She squealed.

She jumped up and hugged him and Sara. Troy joined the hug and they stood there together for a moment before a knock made them separate. Mary answered the door as Luna dried her eyes and Samantha examined her new toy. Sean and Jules walked in. Sean kissed Ash and then looked over at Samantha.

"Can I please bring it with me?" Samantha asked Sara.

Sara nodded, seeing the need in her new daughter's eyes.

"Thanks, Mommy" she turned to show her toy to Sean as Luna teared up again.

"Chrissy asked us to let you know that dinner is almost ready and the pack is already here and seated" Jules spoke up.

With a nod they all stood.

"Troy, be sure to stay with your sister. She needs you to help her, understand?" Jack directed and Troy nodded, solemnly.

Jack bent to Samantha.

"Don't worry. Our pack is down stairs and although there is a lot of them, they will never harm you. They are now part of your family, okay?" he explained.

"We will do the joining ceremony tonight. Have you ever seen one before?" he continued and she nodded.

"I'll have to cut my hand" she replied and he nodded.

"I'm sorry, princess but yes, you will. I would like to wait but I want you to be safe and the sooner you can mind link me and the pack, the better. The Council already voted that you could join us so we have no barriers now. I'll ask you to come up to the stage and introduce you. Then I'll cut my hand and you cut yours just enough to bleed, okay? Then we'll join hands and it will be done. Can you do that?" he asked and she nodded.

"Can Troy and Sean come with me?" She asked and he nodded.

"Of, course princess. They can come up with you" Jack agreed. He looked at Troy and Sean and they both nodded.

"OK, let's go" Alpha commanded.

Beta Steve and Mary led the group out and down to the formal dinning room. Alpha Jack and Luna Sara followed them and Troy and Samantha went behind their parents. Jules followed the kids and Ash and Sean brought up the rear. Jules's mate, Steph met the group on the stairs and joined her mate after she was introduced to Samantha. Steph was a nurse and she already knew all about Samantha from both Jules and Dr. Daniel. Her heart broke for the small child. She smiled kindly at her and Samantha smiled back.

The group continued into the crowded room. Alpha Jack was happy to see that the entire pack had showed up. The Dark Moon was second in size only to the Golden pack with over 400 members. He prided himself on treating his pack well and although Chrissy and her staff helped cook the dinner, he had trusted humans serve the pack so they could all enjoy the night. The pack members all rose and bowed as they walked in. Alpha Jack walked to the stage as everyone else in the group continued to the main table. After he saw that they found their seats, he stepped up to the microphone.

"Please be seated" he said and everyone sat.

Jack smiled as he watched Troy help both his mother and his sister sit.

"I have gathered you here tonight for a celebration. Luna Sara and I have adopted a child and we would like to welcome to our family and pack. She was formerly with the Golden pack and the Council has approved us adopting her. She had some hard times at her old pack and needs some TLC now which I know that you will all be happy to provide. She is very special not only because she will be our pack member and my child but she is also a strong Omega. I tell you this because we will not have secrets in this pack but I command that you all keep this information from the outside world and other packs. We don't want her to be targeted, understand?" Jack paused.

"We understand, Alpha" The pack chanted back.

Jack nodded before continuing.

"Samantha, will you please come up here?" Jack gestured for her to come forward.

Troy jumped up and helped his sister. He held her hand as Sean followed them up to the stage.

"As you can see, Troy is already protective of his sister. I have appointed Sean to be her body guard as well. I can promise you that if anyone is unkind to her, they will regret it" Jack explained as they walked to the stage.

A chuckled ran through the crowd but Troy glared at them. As they reached the stage, Troy walked Samantha straight up to their dad and the microphone.

"May I say something, Dad?" Troy asked.

Jack looked worried but nodded. Troy stepped up to the microphone.

"My Dad is right. This is my baby sister now and I will protect her no matter what. Treat her well or you will answer to me" Troy proudly said.

No one laughed this time and the crowd nodded, hearing the seriousness of his words. He nodded back and stepped back with Samantha. He put his arm around her, protectively.

"Thank you, son. Now, Dark Moon Pack, I present Samantha to you. Do you promise to protect her and treat her well?" Jack asked.

"We do, Alpha" The pack answered back.

Jack nodded and Dr. Daniel came out with the knives. He always made sure that everything was sanitary and that the cut wasn't too deep.

"Are you ready, princess?" Jack asked and Samantha nodded, bravely.

They both stepped over to the Dr. Troy let go of his sister but couldn't help but to follow her over and stood protectively behind her. Sean stood on the other side of her. Jack quickly cut his hand. Samantha picked up the knife and the whole pack growled as she cut her hand. She looked startled but Jack quickly took her hand and it was done. She could immediately hear the concern for her well being.

"She's so little"

"That cut was too deep"

"Why is she bruised?"

"I will kill whoever hurt her"

"Why would Alpha let her cut herself? There had to be a different way"

"It's okay, princess. Just put up a wall in your mind. You know how to do that, right?" Jack asked her as he picked her up.

She nodded and put up her wall. She felt better and smiled at Jack.

"Your new pack member and my daughter" Jack turned and held her in front of the pack. The room erupted in cheers.

"Let's all enjoy dinner!" Jack said and he carried his daughter to the table with Troy and Sean following behind.

He set her down in her chair and Troy helped scoot her in. They then enjoyed the rest of the night.

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