[52] Charity ball

~Kara's POV~


The charity ball had kicked off about an hour ago, it was a rather traditionally stunning event bringing very large number of people together in such a splendid venue.

The venue was the large Western hall in the Sterling Enterprises, it was nicely decorated without too much bling but yet it held elegance enough for the elites present.

Some faint R&B music filled the atmosphere while people chattered around the hall.

Everyone was dressed rather formally and looked ready to enjoy the calm fall evening of socializing, entertainment, food, drinks and most importantly raising funds for a worthy cause.

The goal this year was to raise $1,500,000 for the orphanages in the Basket so they could get more kids out of the streets in the narrows.

My heart swelled with great compassion as I remembered my time in the narrows several years ago with all those wonderful kids whom were basically homeless with no guardian.

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