[55] The final showdown III

I recommend 'Jocelyn Flores' by XXX Tentaction.


~Lance POV~

"I said RUN!" I yelled one last time with all the strength I could muster.

She grabbed a key from one the passed out guards and fumbled with the lock in desperate attempts to undo her cuffs as she ran off.

I received a blow to my abdomen my insides shook as blood gushed out of my mouth like red puke.

My life was gradually living me.

She was safe now, maybe just maybe she would adhere and escape through the lobby.

I stopped fighting back because I had to fight unconsciousness instead, my head was spinning in many different directions, my body had had enough and my mind had given up, even my soul was literally tired.

Johnny gained consciousness and stood up like a predator and dashed out of the room without even looking my way once.

He was going after Kara, I wanted to run and literally do anything I could to save her but I couldn't even stand on my feet, I was w

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