The teenage girl on the hospital bed winced as her eyes flickered open, her hands were connected to a life support monitor while several tiny pipes were inserted in her nose and an oxygen mask was also placed over her nose.

She had been in a coma.

The hospital room was very illuminated with various LED light bulb installed in the ceiling.

Everything in the room was neat and well kept.

A bouquet of flowers rested on the drawer besides the hospital bed where the teenage girl lay, attached to it is a small note written in black ink which reads:


Her fingers twitched gently by her side, she tried sitting up and ended up yanking the entire setup connected to her body.

She yelped quietly.

An alarm rose in the room and almost immediately the door flung open with three doctors dashing in.

"Oh my God, she is awake." One of the doctors exclaimed.

"Quickly, place a call to her Mother." The ot

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