Chapter Twenty Two 2. Celeste

 Celeste watched, biting her lip as Sally slipped out of her clothes. Her tiny mate was sin personified and she didn't even seem to notice it. Before she had a chance to go any further, Celeste grabbed her by the braid, gently tugging her to a stand still. Celeste bulled out the hair tie, separating the curls quickly till they flowed down her shoulder blades.

"Better," she purred, "I like having something to hold onto when you go down on me."

Sally grinned cheekily, "who says I'm going down on you this time?"

Celeste just smiled before swatting her arse, sending her towards the shower with a squeal. 

The hot water had steamed up the bathroom fairly quickly. Even though the space was supposed to be the ensuite, Celeste had made sure when they brought the apartment that it was large enough to fit the two of them more then comfortably. She was grateful for the extra space now there were three of them. The shower cubical spanned a wall and had two l

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