Chapter 6

Glaiza's POV

"Are you going to drive her to school everyday?" Barbie asked me as she open her locker

"Yes." I plainly answered

She placed her book inside her locker "You are such a thoughtful girlfriend" 

I rolled my eyes "common, I'm starving" I said locking my locker

"Where is she by the way?" She asked as we started to walk towards the cafeteria

Why does she have to kiss me? Is that a friendly kiss? Or there is something more? Geez! Glaiza!! It's just a kiss! 

"Glaiza to earth!" Barbie snapped her fingers in front of my face


She giggled "I said, where is your girlfriend?" 

"Gym. Volleyball."

"What's the matter?" She asked all of a sudden 

I frowned "What are you saying?" 

"You're thinking something, I know you so well" 

"It's... It's Rielle. She kissed me this morning" I confessed

"And? It's just a normal thing between couples." 

"Barbie, she's not my girlfriend" 

"Come on baby girl, don't be shy." She started to tease me

Here we go again.

"Barbie, stop" I warned her

She grinned "are you shy?" 

"I'm not. I told you, she's not my girlfriend" 

Geez! My face is heating up. 

She poked my cheek "then, why are you blushing?" 

I walked faster "I'm starving" 


"Will she join us here?" Barbie asked me

I looked at my untouched pasta "Yes, I told her to" 

"Are you going to eat your pasta?" She asked me while pointing to my plate

I pushed my plate towards her "You are such a pig" 

She shrugged "I don't care." 


"Here" Rielle placed a piece of cake in front of me

"I'm not into sweets" I said pushing it away 

"I bought that for you" She insisted while pushing the plate in front of me

I looked at her sternly "I said, I'm into sweets" 

She shrugged and gave the piece of cake to Barbie "you can have it" She said while smiling brightly 


I shook my head "Pig" 

She stood up "I'll go now" 

"But you haven't eat yet" Barbie stated

She just got here 3 minutes ago.

"Don't mind me. I'll just need to go the to the clinic so that they can check my foot" She said

"Do you want us to go with you? We can walk you there" Barbie suggested

"No need. I can take care of myself. Besides I think Glaiza is not in a good mood" 

"Just get your ass off here" I shooed her

She bent down and kissed my cheek "See you later badass" 

She waved her goodbye and started to walk away.

What the hell?

"Awww that was sweet" Barbie cooed

"Can you just eat there? And stop teasing me." 

She took a spoon of the chocolate cake and closed her eyes "Wow." She moaned

"Eww" I rolled my eyes on her

In the corner of my eyes, I saw Ashley looking sternly at us; she probably saw what Rielle did a while ago. 

I looked at her coldly then I smirked. 

She glared at me. 

One point for Glaiza. 

"What is this?" Barbie said

I looked at her as she pulled a rolled of paper from her mouth.

"What the hell is that?"

Barbie wiped her saliva away using a tissue paper.

"Disgusting" I commented

She shrugged and opened the rolled paper "Hey my badass girl! Please smile always. You really look beautiful when you smile." Barbie read it out loud

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