Chapter 6 Flower City

Slowly we arrived at the city with an interesting and amazing view. This horse-drawn carriage stopped, I hurried out with Aresha.

"Wow, how interesting! What is the name of this city? " I asked him.

"Yes, of course like I said, very interesting right? The name of this city is Flower City ”

"What? Flower City? " I asked, surprised to hear the name of this city, I felt familiar with the name of this city. The name of this city is similar to the name of the city in my novel.

"Yes, Flower City."

"Oh, are they all doing a festival?"

"Festival? No, there is no festival this month. Why do you ask about the festival? "

"Ah yeah because I think they like wearing festival clothes, their clothes are all interesting. Is this an event? "

Aresha was silent, she said in her heart "What do you mean? There is no festival, no event! They sure are dressed like that stupid girl! ” annoyed while he was seen smiling sweetly at An.

Aresha and I went to a crowded place. We headed for the trade center in this city. All items are sold here. While looking at all this activities here, I was surprised by the currency used as a means of payment. That currency is nothing but silver and gold in the form of small pieces.

"An, do you want to buy something? Yes, if you want to buy something, we stop by the store first, right? So tell me what you want to buy ?! "

"Can I get a phone that can connect with my mother? I want to contact him! " I say softly but Aresha can hear it.

"Well, fine, no problem. I can take you to that place. But the thing is we don't have things like that! "

"I have the goods, I want to contact my mother!"

"Oh well, shall we go there now? But we have to go without the train now, we will go first, then I will show you where it is! "

"Yes, thank you Aresha, I am very happy that I can finally contact my mother."

"Yes, no problem!"

Aresha and I immediately left this city. Aresha took me to a forest that still had a small road. I think this forest with this small road is the only road going to another city. While in the middle of the road, Aresha took a turn so that we were no longer in the lane. Several times I saw Aresha look up, whether he saw the sky or a towering tree.

Our steps stopped in a large tree that flourished and high soared into the sky.

"We have arrived, I'll take you flying up. After arriving at the top you are sitting down one of the branches of the tree, clinging to it there, then contact your family. Only the biggest and tallest tree in this place can connect you to your mother. This tree Kunon is believed to be able to connect us with the people we want to go to even though distance is blocked. I'm sure you can understand this tree! "

I smiled sweetly at Aresha even though I did not understand what she was saying, but I understood one thing that there is no cellular network here at all possible by going up to this tallest tree is I can get that cellular network.

"Are you ready to go upstairs?" asked Aresha.

"Yes, of course, but how?"

"You just have to make sure your belongings are safe when you want to go upstairs later, I'll take you flying up. But I hope you are not afraid of my strange changes! "

"Yes, I hope so!" I said.

Aresha who heard the statement was not so sure with An, he frowned and dropped his eyebrows at his suspicion of An. Aresha began to step back, and somehow she transformed herself into a horrible monster bat. The moster bat has sharp teeth like fangs, a sharp look, sharp sharp ears and long claws. This moster is like ready to eat me now. But seeing who has changed, I can't possibly shake now and I'm sure Aresha doesn't intend to kill me at a time like this.

Suddenly, Aresha grabbed my shoulders but he didn't hurt me. He took me flying high to the branch of the top tree that was still able to hold. He dropped me off, then I immediately held onto a big tree. After releasing me, he smiled at me by showing his sharp fangs. Then this big mustard bat turns into a small bat. This little bat perched on a tree branch beside me. Then change its form back to Aresha. Aresha smiled sweetly at me. He even chuckled.

"Haahahaha ... I thought you would be scared. Turns out you're a brave girl huh? Ha ha ha...."

"What do you mean? Eh yeah, will you stay here as long as I contact my mother? ”

"Yes, not really, I don't want to break this branch. Yes I will go, I'll be back in a few minutes. "

"Yes, fine, thank you very much, Aresha."

"Yes, no problem!" the answer then turned into a small bat and flew away.

Now there is only me alone here, the atmosphere is quiet and a little quiet began to approach me. I smile sweetly and do not have to worry here, from here I can see the beautiful scenery. The sound of birds chirping in the forest was clearly heard from here. They are all downstairs, and I don't need to look down for now.

The weather is sunny at the moment, there is no sign of rain or even a collection of black clouds carrying lightning. So I really don't need to worry about such a situation at a time like this.

I began to take out my cellphone from my bag, then started contacting my mother. The ringing of the telephone rang, waiting for a few moments to connect which was not long after my call was received by someone who was none other than my mother.

"Hello, An!"

I heard mother's voice, I felt happy mixed sad.

"Mother, it's me An. I want to talk to mom. Do you have a minute for me? "

"An! Thank God you're fine, where are you now? I hope you don't come back. Don't ever come back here An. Go as far as you can, don't ever come back, ”said the mother in a happy mixed-sad tone.

"Mother, what happened? Tell me, what happened? "

"Forgive mother, An? I can't hold it anymore. Go as far as you can! Don't worry mother. Mother will be fine here. You never come back. I don't want you to remember about this family anymore. Forget us, An. Look for your family, look for your own life. We will be fine! " said mother.

"Mother, I want to ask you something, mother. Is it true that you abandoned me? " I asked him.

But suddenly I no longer hear the sound of a telephone line connected.

"Moms. Are you still there? Mother?" I say starting to worry. I kept calling him and seeing my cellphone that was no longer connected. Anxiety began to haunt me, I began to be sad and remember what my mother had said. I was sure something had happened there, until she said something like that to me.

"Mother, what happened there? I have to find out what's happening there, I have to! "You can't do something like this to me," I said.

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