Chapter 3: Sandy Annie

Sandy reached Bristol corner at sharp 5 in the evening. He is impressed with the warm welcome of the restaurant. With fast steps, he stepped inside his golden cabin to talk about the fashion show which is his dream project. Everything is almost finalised. Now all he has to do it to get the approval of shows stoppers dress with Rathores who is the main investor of the show. 

He sat across the well-cushioned sofa opposite to Mr.rathore. 

After discussing about almost everything he turned to take his masterpiece. He opened the soft velvet golden ribbon to untie the first maroon layer to reveal the dress beneath. 

What they saw shook them totally. Half of the dress is totally burned into pieces. And the other half barely made its way. Sandy's face paled with the realization. He is too careless with his things. How can he make such a blunder? 

"Get ready to handover your empire to me once I succeed in this project without any help of yours"

Sandy could hear his own voice which he spoke to his dad. This can't be happening right at this moment when the show is all set in the coming week. All his 6 months hard work crashed into ashes. He hurriedly checked the documents. And found empty in the page of particular dress information. He closed his eyes in defeat. He surely underestimated his stepmom. And checking his laptop won't do any good as he knew it would have been emptied long ago. He had spent almost half of the investment he got in this particular dress. Be it for full pearl alignments for the waistband, be it for simple gold highlighting the collar. Nothing can be compared to the flare of that flawless dress which is glittering with diamond works. 

"If this is the thing you wanted to show me?" Asked Mr.Rathore not so pleasant of the happenings. He is terrified of seeing how his investment flew away in the air. 

"Can I get some time to adjust this truth?" Asked Sandy as polite as he could make his sound. Rathore knew about him, so he thought it wise to leave this matter to him itself. And the show is very special to Sandy than Rathore. 


Mathew gulped hard to see the demon present before him. He tried his best not to lose his hope to save his restaurant.he told about every single information for the last 5 hours even before the meeting is fixed here.

"Sandy. We should confront your mom now itself. This is the limit" Arya broke the glass with his hand in extreme frustration.. he knew his friend who worked day and night for this event. And it's ruined with the single simple move. He couldn't take that for sure. If the chance is given, he would just smash that lady into ashes. 

"Cool bro. Now, this event is not at all important for me at all" nonchalantly spoke Sandy confusing the entire audience out there. A smirk which was playing in his lips is something which is giving more danger look. He Combs his beard with his forefinger and with other hand he asks Mathew to switch on the video footage to get any clue. 

Sandy entered the cabin again to look for anything suspicious as he found nothing in the footage. He started examining the whole room inch by inch and touched his fabric with so much pain in his eyes. He quickly changed his expression and started looking for any evidence. 


"Is there anything urgent?? Why did you call me so urgently?" Asked Annie who came back to the restaurant at 8 in the night in her pyjamas. 

"It's just" stuttered Mathew not so sure of what he should say at first.

"Meeting was gone mess. And they are suspecting that someone from us is the spy who spoiled the meeting" Caroline explained Annie. This is just insane. She is talking even though Annie didn't ask her. She nodded as if she understood but she didn't. 

Annie stood there rooted when she saw her heels in Sandy's hands. From the profile itself, she could tell that he is one man army whom we should be distanced. 

"I won't ask again. Whose is this?" Asked Sandy in his calm tone which surely sends enough chill to everyone in the room. 

"Mathew. It's mine. But why he is holding my shoes?" She asked without any idea of what's going on around her. 

"Don't tell him. He would surely eat you alive" Mathew told her in his low voice and turned to Sandy again to convince him.

Before Mathew could do anything Sandy stood up tall and grabbed Caroline and twisted her hands. probably more than twisting that she started yelping in pain making everyone terrified. 

"It's you who served us?" He stated not like a question. Throwing the shoes over ground he signalled her to wear those. 

Caroline hurriedly put those on without any sound. And it doesn't fit her. It's obvious that she is way too short than Annie. 

Annie took steps towards Sandy even after the warning looks of Mathew. 

"It's probably mine. But why are you asking?" Asked Annie with no regrets in her voice which surely amazed everyone. Sandy switched his eyes to look at those green beans eyes which is starring him with no fear. He took long strides to reach her in no time and her breast started heaving up and down automatically with the aura he carried. His eyes shows some mystery look starting her.

Every step he took, his eyes turned one more ounce of dark. Unknown hatred filled in his eyes for this girl who seemed so tiny even to stand in front of him. But what irritates him is that she didn't even flinch once with his presence. With his dangerous look. 

"Everyone out" he spoke with utmost dominance that everyone already left the cabin except for himself and Annie. She looked back to see herself all alone with him and now he gets satisfied to see that expression on her face. 

She looked heavenly terrified. And he sure liked it.

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Nikka Anne
The character's engagement in this chapter makes me get hooked to the story even more :)
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Rehana Siraj
it's he is about to organize a fashion show and had a meeting to get approval of the lead dress. and about restaurant they just want a place to meet up other than office as he had many enemies in his own family.

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