I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It!

I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It!

By:  LiLhyz  Completed
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After just a week of getting dumped, Gabrielle Taylor learned from a common friend that her ex-boyfriend and best friend were already engaged.Enraged by their betrayal, Gabrielle crashed into their engagement party and drank to her heart’s desire. She put up a face and even wished her best friend and ex-boyfriend all the best.Claiming to already be in a relationship, Gabrielle walked up to a stranger and kissed him outright! .***Other than his mother, his sisters, and his niece, Kyle Wright, the CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation, never batted an eye for a woman. He was satisfied, running a business, not intending to be in any relationship. One evening, while excusing himself from a family gathering, a girl came up to him and kissed him out of the blue. His heart raced!Except for the drumming sensation in his chest, he felt everything around him turned mute. He took a deep breath and savored that blossoming scent, coming from the girl.His eyes unwittingly closed as he found himself relishing into the brief but stirring kiss!When the kiss ended, Kyle's eyes struggled to open. It was as if, time had stopped and it suddenly dawned on him that for the first time since he could remember, he experienced what it felt like… getting a boner.After that fateful kiss, he swore to make Gabrielle his.***Book 3 of the Wright Family SeriesBook 1: Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's ReturnBook 2: Flash Marriage: A Billionaire For A ReboundBook 4: The Devil's Love For The HeiressBook 5: I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A BonusNote: Each story can be read as a standalone.Follow me on social media. Search Author_LiLhyz on IG & FB.

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Being abondoned by her ex-boyfriend, Gabrielle Taylor was told that her ex-boyfriend was engaged with her best friend when she was still immersed in sorrow. Of course, she was angry at that moment. However, she wouldn’t like to let them think that she can live happily without them. Therefore, she pretended to have a romantic relationship with a man and kissed the man in front of them. The man is Kyle, a famous billionaire who had no interest in women before. The kiss impressed him and let him gradually fall in love with the strange man. You can know more details in I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It! Welcome to Goodnovel world of fiction. If you like this novel, or you are an idealist hoping to explore a perfect world, and also want to become an original novel author online to increase income, you can join our family to read or create various types of books, such as romance novel, epic reading, werewolf novel, fantasy novel, history novel and so on. If you are a reader, high quality novels can be selected here. If you are an author, you can obtain more inspiration from others to create more brilliant works, what's more, your works on our platform will catch more attention and win more adimiration from readers.

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127 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Hand-Me-Down
Walking into The Second Diamond Hotel, Gabrielle Taylor held her head up high. Her long and beautiful legs strode the property lobby while wearing a striking sapphire dress, flowing down two inches above her knee. Despite a simple three-fourth casual wear, her gorgeous frame and small face added to her allure. She walked confidently in black heels, with every intention of crashing into the engagement party of her ex-boyfriend and best friend - now, also an ex-best friend! On her path, she came across a little girl who seemed to have lost her way. Despite her emotions above the roof, she halted her steps and approached the little girl. “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Gabrielle asked, seeing water welled-up in the girl’s eyes. “Are you lost?” Gabrielle had a sweet tooth, and she often carried a lollipop with her in her bag, and after seeing the young girl, she grabbed one from her purse and gave one, “Here, don’t be sad now. Tell me, what’s w
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Chapter 2: The Kiss
As Gabrielle acted to leave the venue, Camilla started telling everyone how her friend was just too drunk. “Sorry about this. Gaby just lost it tonight. Please don’t misunderstand her.” She then grabbed Warren’s arm and suggested, softly whispering in his ear, “Talk to her! Get her to correct things when she is sober. My parents will hate me!” “She still… is probably hurt.” With glaring eyes, Camilla repeated herself, “Talk to her. This was your idea to get married soon in the first place!” Warren could only hiss. He forced a smile at his friends and family, saying, “Excuse me, I need to make sure that Gaby is safe.” “Don’t worry everyone, we will clear this issue when she is no longer drunk. This is all just a misunderstanding,” he added before finally taking the leave. Outside the halls, Gabrielle was striding fast. Her chest was utterly aching, realizing the degree of her best friend’s betrayal. She muttered, “Eight months. Eight fu
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Chapter 3: Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright, the newly appointed CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation, the biggest company in the city and growing to be one of the best in the country. At thirty years old, he was finally given the throne to run the family business. He was walking along the halls of the Second Diamond Hotel, a property belonging to the corporation when he suddenly saw his niece running away from the direction of the first-carat conference room. “Kimberly!” He called, but the little girl was running too fast and easily went past him. “Kyle, get her, will you! She got mad that I did not buy her, her sweets!” He heard his twin sister, Kenzie said, standing by the door in her pregnant belly. “Please! You know I love you.” There were only four women in his life that had a way with him; his mother, Samantha Wright, his twin sister, Kenzie Wright-Kentworthy, his youngest sister, Sarah Kate Wright, and his niece, Kimberly. Other than them, he was a snob to the rest
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Chapter 4: Kyle's Dilemma
Kyle Wright was in a dilemma. He was in his office at eight in the evening, resting his chin against his fist. Three days passed, and the image of the girl that kissed him, still kept popping into his head. He cursed at his predicament. “Fuck!” Just when there was more work to be done, someone he knew nothing about frequently distracted him! He wondered, ‘How could a girl suddenly affect him now? What made the girl special?’ After pondering about this, he shifted his pose, leaning to his other fist and trying to get himself settled down. It was in his college years that he was officially diagnosed with selective erectile dysfunction. After his mother found out that he never dated anyone and that he never had the desire to be with a girl, specifically, never had an erection, his parents had him sent through a medical evaluation. Yes, the great Kyle Wright had not had a boner, not as long as he could remember. His parents swore as a child, he ha
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Chapter 5: Hire Her!
Days passed again, yet Kyle Wright denied having gone through Gabrielle Taylor’s file. While he said nothing about being interested in Gabrielle, he wound up scheduling a visit at Braeton University, at the same time when Gabrielle had three classes in the morning. Kyle was a computer engineer and had taken both his college degree and master’s degree at the same school. So he only had an audience in the same field. In respect of his professor, one that he looked up to, Kyle agreed to give a career talk at the school’s auditorium, also enticing college students to apply for the Wright Diamond Corporation, whereas, since Kyle pursued computer studies, his father, Ethan Wright had invested in computer program development. The career talk, featuring Kyle Wright, ended after just an hour. Shortly then after, Kyle, together with his assistant, left, with the intention to return to the company soon, or so… Mark Esperanza thought. Making it out in the auditorium, Mark had always wondered
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Chapter 6: Loyalty And Commitment
“Résumé, school records, photo ID, and a picture,” Gabrielle murmured as she attached the necessary requirements one by one. She bit her lip, giving the email one last review before clicking on send. Sighing heavily, she said to herself, “I hope I get the job.” It was nine in the morning the next day and after giving it much thought; she decided to apply for the post since she wasn’t getting any luck from those that she had appealed to. Gabrielle previously served at the BNC Media Company, doing part-time production work. That was where she met Warren, her ex-boyfriend. Warren was a Talent Manager at the said TV network and that also granted him the power to have her fired! Naturally, she sought part-time production jobs from the other TV networks, a job that was in relation to her studies, but even that did not give her any luck. They only wanted full-time employees. She also applied to other establishments, but the schedule simply did n
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Chapter 7: The Bartender Is A CEO?
“Last, if he needs anything, you attend to it. You will act as his assistant while you live under his roof,” told Mark. Seeing Gabrielle bite her lip, he assured her, “Don’t worry. You are in good hands. The person you will be working for is Mister Kyle Wright, the CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation. He is a very reputable and honorable man.” Gabrielle pursed her lips for a second before asking, “Will… will I be living alone with him?” “Yes, but as I said, you will have your own private space,” Mark assured her. She was naturally reluctant. When she and Warren were together, he offered for them to live on the same roof, but she never agreed. She was always afraid of what would happen when a man and a woman would live together. Just as she was thinking this, however, she inwardly scoffed at the idea. She scolded herself, ‘Why in the world would the CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation be interested in me? Dream on, Gaby.’ Considerin
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Chapter 8: Taking The Job!
“Is everything okay, Miss Taylor?” Kyle asked as he leaned back in his chair. “You seemed pretty tense?” Kyle could not help it! At the back of his head, he was rejoicing, seeing the expression coming from Gabrielle. How could he not? The moment her eyes widened in horror and the second he saw how she was clearly swallowing air down her throat, he understood how Gabrielle had recalled him from the night where they had shared a brief kiss.  Seeing her face turned a shade darker, her cheeks especially burning, Kyle thought, Gabrielle looked absolutely adorable! Kyle saw how Gabrielle was arranging her hair, slightly trying to cover her lovely face before she answered, “Ummm… No, Mr. Wright. I am just feeling nervous. I’m sorry… Have – have we met somewhere? You seem kind of… familiar.” Kyle’s eyes narrowed. Along with it, his brows drew together. His dark brown eyes gazed into Gabrielle’s hazel ones, and answered, “I don’t beli
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Chapter 9: Friday
"Gaby, are you crazy? We were together for two years and not once did you agree to live with me, not even stay overnight at my place!" Friday swiftly came, but it did not go by that easily, with Warren still pestering Gabrielle about her plans of moving in with her newfound and supposed boyfriend.  After her class that morning, she went straight to returning her keys to the apartment manager and carried down her luggage and other belongings.  She wound up selling or giving away the very little furniture she had since she did not need them in her new and luxurious accommodation.  Both of them were already at the building lobby with Warren still trying to convince Gabrielle how wrong it was for her to live with a new man! Seeing Gabrielle make her way to a luxury van, Warren called out to her, "What the hell is this, Gaby? Is your boyfriend some kind of a drug lord?" When she ignored him, Warren walked up to her and grabbed her ar
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Chapter 10: Just The Two Of Us
A day before. "Kyle, son, Miss Taylor had an encounter with her ex at her apartment building, but she easily brushed him off, telling him that she was going to be living with her... new boyfriend," reported Hank over the phone, the driver that aided Gabrielle move to The Second Diamond Hotel.  Hank, in his early forties, had found a home in the Wright's and had been working for them for ten years. He considered Kyle as his second son. He was fully aware that Kyle had not had a girlfriend since, and even he had become concerned about the fact that the great CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation was not interested in women.  Thankfully, Gabrielle Taylor came along, and Hank was happy to support Kyle in his pursuit.  From his office, Kyle held his phone up with pride. He turned to his city view at the side of his space and expressed a smirk. He thought there was no way one Warren Foster can win against him! "Thank you, Hank, for br
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