Chapter 7: First day in office

Annie reached the reception area to check about her appointment letter. As soon as Annie read the appointment contract which she needed to sign, her facial expressions changed. She grabbed those papers from Regina, the receptionist and zoomed to get inside the cabin.

"Smart" she voiced out entering the cabin, clapping two times making him look at her directly. He smiled already guessed of her arrival.

"Of course. I should be. To conquer the entire world" Sandy spoke with high confidence.

"There should extra clauses. If you don't mind I would like to add those" Annie carefully stated her point making him all amused. He thought she will fight with him to put such a contract. But this girl is acting all cool.

"Of course if it shouldn't change my existing clause" Sandy carefully spoke making her roll her eyes. This man is surely going to make her office life a hell one.

"You stated that I should do everything you say. But it should be in-office hours. And also you should..." she started only to be interrupted by him.

"I won't make you do anything to insult you" he genuinely said, making her sigh. She nods in agreement.

"Then... I can't resign this job?" She stated that as a statement to which he just smirked back. She also smiled exposing her cute dimples.

"You know?. that's my favourite clause" she expressed, making his smirk fall down.

"But you should add another clause that you too can't dismiss me" she dared to ask that.

"I can't afford to again roam in streets to search for another job" she explained as she won't ever leave this company which is a golden opportunity for her. She is tired of her low life. She needs to live comfortably which she surely deserves.

"Next?" He asked directly approving her. All he wants now is to make her join as his secretary for which he can't wait.

"That's it" saying so she kept the papers in front of him. And he dialled Regina's number and asked to make changes in just 3 minutes without breaking eye contact with Annie.

Signing the contract, Annie Walks towards Sandy.

"I don't know. What you are planning, but you can't achieve whatever you want from me" Annie voiced out in extreme level confidence making him get excited more to play with her.

"Okay then...SIR... I will take charge" she stated professional not before exposing her dimples again.


After one whole hour, Sandy came outside of his cabin after studying about the current issues in his factory. He yawned tiredly.

"A meeting to decide about the summer sale will be started within half an hour. And after that, you have a lunch plan with Anushka D'Souza. Then by 5 in the evening, your sister's reception party" all the while Annie was reading in her new tablet. And Sandy looked at her still yawning. He smiled at her punctuality. But nevertheless, he needs her for a different purpose, he would have surely praised her for her this attitude.

"Impressive" still he wants to praise her. Directly promoting her to secretary from a mere waitress, she proved him in just one hour that she deserves more than that post.

"Cancel everything and get ready for the evening party" Sandy nonchalantly spoke making her delete all the details at once without even questioning him. This is liked by him a lot... He smiled at her...

"Fine sir. I will send notice to every member of the meeting and will personally go and tell Anushka D'Souza to cancel the lunch. " Annie turned to leave not before smiling which surely started to intoxicate him in extreme level.

"Hey. Cinderella..." He called her only to make her frown... He is rather okay with this frown face than that of smiling face.

"I will message Anushka D'SOUZA about cancellation. I need to get you somewhere else" he ordered her to come beside him as she obeyed immediately.

"It's okay... Let's meet tomorrow then" Anushka replied to Sandy.


"Mom can you please make it quick" Ishika chided extremely annoyed with her mom who is rejecting many lehengas and still not okay with any designs provided by them.

"Ishu. I will buy you best in the best. Lemme give some more time dear" Niharika cooed her daughter with her butter hugging. Niharika loved her daughter more than this world. The only feeling irked her is ishu's immense love for Sandy. She succeeds in making kabir hate Sandy, like her. But she couldn't influence her daughter who is ditto her own self. In both intelligence and everything... Ishu can't be influenced by anyone... 

"Mom. It's of waste. Ishu will wear only that which I have selected for her" saying so Kabir hugged his baby sister who also snuggled back in his strong arms.

Baby pink could never be so much pure and attractive than the one which is lying there in the hanger. The smell of the lehenga tells that it's sewed just now exclusively. The sleeveless top adorned with white pearl works. Leaving many pearls flowing down the sleeves making it look so cute.

"That's perfect" Niharika voiced out dreamingly looking at the lehenga which just stole her heart in one glance... and she mentally imagined ishu in that pink lehenga... Which made her grin widely...

"Madam... Parcel for Choti baby" dhamu excitedly handed over the big parcel to Ishika and returns back to his kitchen to make lunch for them.

"What's that?" Asked Niharika when Ishika started opening the red admiring gift cover to see the inside box is wrapped up in a white sheet with some notes over it.

"You are free to do what you want, but I will be there to protect you from behind." Ishika read those and instant tears rolled down her cheeks with a smile on her face.

"Who is that?" Kabir snatched the parcel and saw the signature of Sandy... His face twitched into a frown and he throws back the parcel to Ishika...

Ishika hurriedly opens the parcel...

If the last one was cuteness filled pinkish... This one was royal blue which will belong to the only one with royal blood... The lehenga gown flawlessly designed with powerful stones glittered everywhere to capture the eyes of everyone. Ishika's eyes gleamed with happiness to see the dress gifted by her brother.

She looked back at Kabir with confused eyes. She knew about Kabir and Sandy. She badly wants to take this blue dress. But if she takes, Kabir will be heartbroken. And if she goes with pink, Sandy would never mind as always. As he understands her like anything. The thing is she liked this one the most than the other.

"Don't think about anything. It's your marriage reception. You should glow than everyone. Take this one. " Kabir voiced out, making Ishu smile brightly. She hugs her brother instantly showing her gratitude. Kabir, on the other hand, is happy for her sister. His jealousy turned to another stage when he thought that Sandy even snatched his rights over baby sister from him. But if ishu is happy, he can tolerate anything.

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