Twenty eight

As I arrive home, I make my way to my room and pull my bag out, and stuff the things I haven’t yet taken into it. I had packed little because I planned on returning for holiday, but after everything I’ve discovered today, I don’t think I ever will come back.

I go into my drawer and pick all the clothes out, leaving behind only those clothes William bought for me and I also do the same with my shoes and bag. Leaving would be the best thing for me and I’m pretty sure of him since he’s hurt me as no one has.

Flashback (5 years ago)

Cassandra knocked on my door and informed me that dinner was ready, but my eyes were red from so much crying that I passed and not go downstairs, but I should have known William would not let it go so easily, he cares too much about me or about his food wasting. I’m still lost in which he cares for more.

“I’m not hungry, Mrs Cassandra, I’ll just stay inside.” I said through my weak, sobbing voice.

“Okay, child.” Cassandra, as always, didn’t argue as she wa
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammy Evans Moore
This is so sad… they both love each other.. it is obvious … hope things change for the good soon
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
So wrong in so many ways. Paying someone to pretend to like her, talk about destroying any confidence for Karen. Who was William f*king days after the Ashley disaster... so ridiculous
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicholine Baker
just realized it's a memory. 😖

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