Set Me Free
Set Me Free
Author: Malila Jahan

What is life? Well, you must be wondering why I’m asking you this question. For me, my life is this mansion. This big mansion, filled with all the luxuries possible, all of the expensive type of furniture. The floors are made of marble and can get really slippery right after I mop them. Once, the ‘mistress’ of the house slipped and fell on her face. It was so funny at first, but later it wasn’t when I got beaten up and had to clean up the entire house on my own. Chandeliers scattered around the house. At night when all of them are lit up, it feels like bright white stars are blinking down at me. They provide serenity to my chaotic mind; I could sit under them and watch them glow in all their glory all night and day.

Since birth, all I knew was this big lavish mansion. My mother passed away while I was still a baby, my dad never remarried so it was just him and I. My father was the chauffeur of the well-respected business tycoon Benjamin Fleming. He was a nobleman, always helped people who needed his help. He kind of kept me as his own when my father died in a car crash. He always told me how my dad took the hit of the crash to save his life. He paid for my education, got me admitted to the private school his son Zen Fleming goes to.

But I guess life couldn’t bear to see me happy, when I turned 16 my education came to a quick halt. Mr. Fleming suffered a major cardiac arrest which cost him his life. Mrs. Fleming, who was never a big fan of me staying at their house and being treated so well by her husband, made me drop out of school. She was ready to throw me out of the house but Zen stopped her, he didn’t approve of it. Zen was always kind to me, since we were kids he cared for me. Shared his toys with me, protected me from his mother. Mrs. Fleming allowed me to stay, only if I worked as a housekeeper. I took what was offered to me, and now I have been working here as a maid for two years.

“Isabelle!!” A shrill loud yelling of my name pulled me out of my thoughts. “Coming, Mrs. Fleming.” I drop the mop from my hand and run up the stairs as fast as I can. Upon reaching her door I take a deep breath and knock on it. “Come in, you slacker!” She barks from the other side of the door. I don’t know why she hates me so much; the hate she gives is just unbearable. Twisting the doorknob I enter the room and look around to see where she is.

“In the closet, you dumbass.” She scoffs and I can hear the rattling of some sort. I quickly walk inside her walk-in closet, where all her clothes and shoes are thrown around in a haphazard manner. Damn, I arranged them only yesterday. She surely knows how to make my life hell. “Where are my black Jimmy Choo’s? Where are they, you freeloader!” She stands up and makes her way towards me. I stand there silently knowing what is about to come my way. She stops in front of me and swings her hand across my face. The impact makes my whole head ring, this one was harder than yesterday’s one. I hold my cheek and walk to her closet drawer at the bottom and take her black pencil heels out.

“Clean the room up, and don’t you dare steal anything!” She yells snatching them out of my hand and heads out leaving me in the mess. I sit there silently while gathering all the items, letting my tears fall. She treats me so bad, it hurts me so much. I always saw her as my mother, but I guess I will never be good enough for her to be treated as a daughter.

I put the last pair of shoes on the shelf and exhale in relief. It took me about 5 hours to put everything back in its place. Yet, I know I will have to do this within a few days. “Belle? Isabelle? Isabelle?” I hear his voice coming from downstairs. A smile appears on my face as I run down and poke him from behind. “There’s my Belle.” Zen turns around with a bright, beaming smile. His smile drops and his eyes roam around my face as if he’s examining me. I look away trying not to make eye contact with him, as I know if I keep looking at him for long enough he will realize that something is wrong.

“Isabelle? Did mom hit you? Again?” He holds my chin in between his thumb and index finger. I stare at the floor trying not to let the tears that are threatening to fall. “I’m sorry.” He slowly pulls me to his chest and makes me melt into the warmth of his body. “I’m sorry Belle, I can never make her stop this abuse on you.” He holds me tightly and caresses my head. “It’s okay Zenny, it’s not your fault,” I mumble against his chest. “Cheer up now I wanted to take you to a party. You remember Letty right? She’s throwing a party as it’s our last days of high school.” He breaks the hug and deprives me of his warmth.  “I don’t want to come.” I turn around and fidget with the hem of my dress.

I don’t want to go, all the boys and girls of our school knows why I had to drop out and they will probably look down upon me for working as a maid. “You’re coming, and that’s it.” He grabs my wrist and starts dragging me to his room. I give up and follow him into his room. He makes me sit on the bed and hands me a shopping bag. “You will wear this to the party.” He smiles at me making my heartbeats grow faster.

I slowly open the bag and take the clothing out and unfold it. It’s a black silk long dress with spaghetti straps. There’s a knee-high slit on the right side of the dress. “Zen this dress? Are you out of your mind?” I arch an eyebrow at him putting the dress back in the bag. “Yes this dress, you are wearing it. Now go get ready.” He pulls me up and hands me the bag and pushes me out of his room. I hold the bag against my chest and smile like an idiot while heading to my room to get ready.

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hi baby 💟
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amazing part
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nice one. I liked the story.

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