Chapter twenty eight

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when the skies are grey..."

The song reveberated from the radio as we entered Marlon's house. It felt familiar but at the same time, I couldn't remember it. The embers of my mind were blocked, preventing me from riding futher down that lane.

"Your parents really enjoy this song. Ray Charles and Bing Crosby's 'You are my sunshine'." Marlon told me as he led me to his living room.

His bungalow was really spacious with black and red interior. Everything possessed the colour red or black apart from his gold coated chanderliers and grey refrigerator. He sat me on the couch before sitting next to me, holding my hand.

"I've never heard it before but I think I know it. It seems familiar."

"Because it was the lullaby we used to sing to you every single night before you went to sleep," ! heard my mother say behind me.

I stood up as I waited for her to walk up to me. She engulfed me in

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