Chapter 3

“James, you’re alive?” Sarah sat up in disbelief and placed one of her fingertips on his lips. They were soft, and she felt a shallow breath.

Sarah opened her eyes wide and looked at the jade in the necklace on James’ neck. She then looked at the birthmark on her arm. It seemed that everything that had just been poured into her mind was real.

Unfortunately, she did not have any internal strength [1] then. If she had the strength that was described in those texts, James would have already woken up.

That being said, she was glad that he was alive.

Bang...bang...bang! Sarah knocked on the cover of the red coffin, and shouted, “Let me out! James is alive! Let me out! James is alive…”

Sarah was knocking aggressively and shouting loudly in order to get out alive.

“Madam, the young mistress said Young Master is alive.” The servants from the Marshall family who were refilling the grave pit with soil stopped whatever they were doing when they heard Sarah’s voice and got up to report to Wendy Marshall.

Wendy’s eyes were filled with sadness as tears fell like rain from it. “I want James to be alive too, but…”

Jimmy stepped forward and said, “Sarah has never been an unreasonable child. Maybe…”

“Jimmy, I’ve already given you 100 million. I just don’t want James to be lonely in the future. It’s a blessing to your family to have a son-in-law like James, so just let it go.”

She witnessed with her own eyes that the machine attached to James’ body stopped beating. How could a man die and come back to life? It was just Sarah—that child who refused to accompany James.

There was no way James could be alone. While thinking of that, Wendy raised her hand, and ordered, “Continue.”

A few men then immediately wielded the shovels in their hands, and very soon sealed the red coffin. The tomb was completed.

It may be because the woman in the coffin was knocking too loudly and they could not stand hearing the pitiable sounds of burying the woman alive, so everyone acted very quickly. Within only 10 minutes, they managed to skillfully seal the tomb.

Wendy looked at the photo of James and Sarah on the tombstone, and then glanced at the white chrysanthemums neatly arranged in front of the tomb. She wiped her tears away, turned around, and left.

The cemetery was extremely quiet.

Sarah’s bloody fist hit heavily on the cover of the tomb.

It could have been because she had been shouting, but the air inside the red coffin was getting thinner and thinner.

It was useless for her to shout since everyone was gone.

Sarah calmed herself down.

She was, once again, racking her brain for a way to get out of this red coffin.

The acupoint method of Nine Meridians and Eight Vessels could be mastered within a month if practiced an hour a day.

Sarah immediately rejected that method.

She would have become a skeleton after a month.

If she were to use the Nine Yin Acupoint crash-course method, it could be done in five minutes but it would damage her five viscera and six bowels [2]. After using that method, she would have to practice the Nine Meridians and Eight Veins method for two hours every day in order to repair the damaged internal organs.

Between damaging her internal organs and becoming a skeleton, Sarah naturally chose the latter.

Five minutes later, a small hole formed in the newly made tomb, and Sarah took a deep, deep breath.

She could finally get out.

She turned around and looked at James. If she went out by herself, the Marshall family would still put her back into the tomb when they found her.

Instead of accompanying the dead James, she might as well bring him along so at least she did not need to escape to the ends of the world alone.

Sarah exhaustedly carried James, who was a head taller than her, from the cemetery to the hut of the old man guarding the cemetery. She pushed the hut door open, and asked, “Uncle, could you lend me your handphone for a while?”

“Young lady, what’s wrong?” Their clothing looked a bit strange when he saw Sarah and James. However, since the old man had only seen the Marshall family’s car but not anyone from the family, he did not suspect anything. He really thought that they were just passersby, and kindly handed over his handphone to her.

Sarah smiled softly, and said, “We got lost in the mountain and he passed out from hunger. I need to call my family to pick us up. Thank you, uncle.”

She remembered the phone number that the Marshall family called Jimmy with. It only rang once before someone picked up the phone. “Marshall family, may I know who is this?”

“I’m Sarah, and I’m with James now. Could you please send a car to pick him up…”


In the next second, only the monotonous sound of beeps was left on the handphone. The Marshall family’s servant had hung up…


[1] Internal strength is a concept stemming from Chinese martial arts. Its purpose is to strengthen Jing (essence), Qi (breath energy), and Shen (a divine spirit), and to better understand the mind.

[2] The five viscera and six bowels is a term generally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The five viscera refers to the liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney, and six bowels refer to gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder and triple energizer.

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