Juwairiyyah woke up as early as possible on Monday morning, took a quick shower and had her breakfast without waiting for her parents. She sat down in the living room waiting for her dad. Dressed in a sky blue Bahrain gown, she draped a deep red veil, and held a deep red purse in her hand. 

"Good morning dad" She greeted immediately her father appeared, without waiting for him to greet her first like she normally does.

"Morning princess, I can see you're dressed already. You have early morning lecture?" He said walking towards her.

Heck no! She gulped before adjusting her sitting position and facing him clearly. "Yes dad. And we suspect he's going to give us a test. I want us to branch to the mechanic's before I go to school."

"Why don't we go there after school princess?" He asked, settling in the dining.

"No dad... please, let's just go now" She whined.

Her mother from a distant looked at her suspiciously but didn't say a word as she approaches. Rather, she took a seat beside her husband and devoured her breakfast.


As soon as they were done eating breakfast, Juwairiyyah directed their driver, Malam Khamis to Arfaat's shop. Arfaat who was busy attending to customers didn't even noticed them.

"Come on daughter, lets get going I'm almost late for work". Said Juwairiyyah's father.

"No dad, I'll wait here. Just talk to him and convince him to come work for you". Replied Juwairiyyah. 

"Alright then" Her father said, getting out of the car. He strolled down the dirty lane and approached Arfaat. "Salamu Alaikum."

"Wa'alaikumus Salam. Good morning sir, how may I help you?" Arfaat responded in a very respectful manner.

"I only need a few minutes talk with you, hope you won't mind?" Said Juwairiyyah's father.

"Sure, something wrong sir?".

"Not at all. I heard about how good you are in your work, just wanted to offer you a job in my company. I buy and sell cars, exchange damaged cars with new ones..." He heaved a sigh. "I need a mechanic as talented as you".   

Arfaat was silent, deep in thought, that was a dream come true. How happy would his family be on hearing such a glad tiding? But he wouldn't accept the job offer until he talk to his mother about it. "Thank you sir, I really appreciate your offer but, can I talk to my mother first?".

"It's okay by me. Here is my complementary card, give me a call when you've made up your mind". Juwairiyyah's father said handing over a card to him.

"Thank you sir, I'll call you as soon as everything is set" Arfaat said immediately he collected the card. 

"Alright". Juwairiyyah's father said with a smile and gently returned back to the car.

"Dad, how was it? Did you win him over?". Juwairiyyah asked, hoping for a quick positive reply. 

"I bet I'll have him, he said he will have to talk to his mother first. Lets drop you in school, Malam Khamis will bring your car to you over there later. I have a lot of things to take care of".

"Okay Dad. Thank you."


Later around 2:17pm... Juwairiyyah's grandmother, Hajiya Azumi returned back from Bauchi where she went to see her doctor. The old woman lived with them. The whole house welcomed her back warmly but not her granddaughter, who refused to even step out of her room to go and see her.

Juwairiyyah, despite knowing the fact that her grandmother had arrived refused to go and see her. She was busy in her room chatting on social media. She only came out around 3:30pm, that was 30 minutes to her evening lecture time. 

Dressed in a long silky brown skirt and a white top, Juwairiyyah rolled her hair with a white veil and put on a high hilled white shoes. Her grandmother was sitting in the parlor with her radio. Even when there was a TV in the parlor, the old woman would always listen to her old radio.

"Ke, zo nan (Hey, come here). I said come over here you spoiled brat!" The old woman exclaimed.  

"Toh, you this old kakus kin dawo zaki sa mutum a gaba koh" (You this old woman, you're now back and wants to start disturbing one's peace, right?)" Juwairiyyah said pouting her lips.

"Kinci ubanki... Nace kinci ubanki, awa na nawa da shigowa gidan nan? I came back since, but you refused to come and greet me! So your lack of respect now includes me, right? I don't know the day you'll change Juwairiyyah, but if you keep going this way you'll suffer I'm telling you!".

"Nikam nayi nan, zakisa inyi latti a banza" (Let me find my way out of here, else I'll be late listening to your rants)" Juwairiyyah said and left, slamming the door behind her.

"Oh ni Azumi, this girl has spoiled already!" The old woman lamented.


Arfaat was eager to return back home, he couldn't wait to share the good news he had with his mother.

Arfaat Sani Kabir was his full name, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Gombe State University. He had two siblings, Fatymah and khadeejah. He was the eldest and was 25years old. Fatymah was 17 and had just graduated from secondary school. Khadeeja, the youngest of them, was just 12 and was in Jss2. They were orphans, and their mother was Maimunah by name but popularly known as "Mai kunu" due to the fact she used to sell kunu and kosai (Pap and Akara) every morning. She also used to sell Rice and beans in the afternoon, and Tuwo (swallow) in the evening.

Immediately Arfaat was home, his mother noticed how happy he was. But, she didn't ask him anything. She only gave him his dinner and told him to take his bath, while his sisters were busy solving an equation, khadeeja's assignment.

"Mama albishirinki? (Guess what mama?)" Arfaat blurted out later on with a broad smile on his face.

"Tell me what it is my son, I noticed how happy you are since the very moment you came back" Said his mother.

"Mama, I was offered a job as a company mechanic!" Arfaat apprised happily.

"Wow! Ya Arfaat, you mean you'll soon buy us a television set kenan!" Khadeeja exclaimed happily.

Their mother smiled, "Ja'ira (an insult), that's the only thing in her mind, television!". She hissed and turned to Arfaat. "Tell me son, which company is that?"

"Abbas Motors Limited. It's a very big company, I'm sure I'll be paid well. But I haven't accepted the job offer yet, I told the man I'll talk to you first" Arfaat explained.

The elderly woman was in tears already... "Allah mai yadda yaso!" She praised God silently before proceeding to say, "Son, I'm proud of you. I'm so proud of you, Allah ya taimaka ya bada sa'a" (May Allah help and guide you)". 

"Ameen". They chorused.

"Congrats bro, I'm so happy, at least we now have a big source of income". Fatymah said happily with tears of joy gathering in her eyes.


Juwairiyyah couldn't help but to smile, her dad had called and told her just recently that Arfaat had accepted the job offer. Great, now she'd have the chance to disgrace the son of a bitch to her taste. She thought, smiling evilly.

"Keh Juwairiyyah, since when did I told you to get me a glass of water?" Her grandmother exclaimed, bringing her back to her senses.  

"You this stubborn old woman, am I a maid or something? Can't you call Uwani to get you the glass of water and let me be?" Juwairiyyah said in a disrespectful manner. "If you can't, then let me call her for you. Uwani! Uwani come here!" She clamoured, adjusting her sitting position. 

"Yes Madam!" The busy old maid left her work and ran to Juwairiyyah in the parlor.

"Must I shout every single time I need your service?" Juwairiyyah said, eyeing the old woman in front of her. "Go get Hajiya a glass of water and get out of my sight!". 

"Okey Ma". The maid ran to the kitchen.

Juwairiyyah's Grandmother couldn't say a word, she was stunned. Juwairiyyah's insolence is getting out of hand, something needs to be done quickly. She thought. "Juwairiyya, what is wrong with you? Don't you have iota of respect for your elders? Juwairiyyah you are a lady and you are going to be a mother someday. Adjust your behavior dan Allah" She warned.

"Hey, ssh... Please old woman don't even start your lectures 'cause I'm not buying it. She is my employee, what respect must I give her? Keh komai respect... respect, please spare me oldy. When she is back ask her to meet me in my room, if I call her for the second time again she's gonna loose her job!". Juwairiyyah snapped and left rudely. 

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