My Priceless Jewel

My Priceless Jewel

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*COMPLETED*"Hold your head up and smile, you coward," Arfaat growled when Juwairiyyah hung back at the top of the steps leading to Sophie's imposing home where the wedding traditional party will take place. His hand gripped her waist so tightly she gasped, and she felt like jerking away and fleeing back down the steps to the waiting car. There was a long line of cars in the street outside Sophie's home; it was obvious the ton had gathered to see the grand wedding of Alhaji Abbas daughter to a poor mechanic.If not for the cold dread in the pit of her stomach, Juwairiyyah might enjoyed the sight of her _wedding day_. As it was, she felt only a shivering apprehension at Arfaat cold rage and implacable face. They'd ridden from her fathers house on GRA in stark silence. Except for a brief moment when she had balked at getting into the car, he had not spoken to her until now. "I don't advise you to try anything you may regret, my Lily."Meet Juwairyyah Abbas who is a spoiled brat whose heart is set at tarnishing and destroying the image of anyone below her. She sees herself as a Queen and someone who is above everyone.Being the only child to rich parents, Juwairiyyah was pampered and given everything she wants.But, what happens when she met someone hell bent on changing her idea that the poor are to be loved and respected not trampled on.The story is steamy, filled with love, hatred, and revenge.

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Fantastic story!
2020-07-06 11:30:38
28 Chapters
"Hold your head up and smile, you coward" Arfaat growled at Juwairiyyah as they walked through the steps that led to Sophie's imposing home where their wedding traditional party would take place. His hand gripped her waist so tightly and that made her gasped. She felt like jerking away and fleeing back; down the steps to their parked car.  There was a long line of cars parked outside Sophie's home, It was obvious the ton had gathered to see the grand wedding of Alhaji Abba's daughter to a poor mechanic. If not for the cold dread in the pit of Juwairiyyah's stomach, she might enjoyed the sight of her wedding day. As it was, she felt only a shivering apprehension at Arfaat's cold rage and implacable face. They'd ridden from her father's house at GRA in stark silence. Except for a brief moment when she had balked at getting into the car, he had not spoken to her un
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 Juwairiyyah was dressed in a blue silk gown with a black silky veil which complimented her fair face; caked with makeup. She was walking towards her car in the students' parking lot with the car keys dangling in her hand. Immediately she was there, she stormed into the driver's seat and ignited the engine into a quick action. She revised out of the parking lot and gently accelerated away. As she was driving towards the gate, someone appeared from nowhere and blocked her way. It was Yousuf! She turned off the car and quickly removed the key from the ignition. "What the heck do you want from me?" She icily asked as she hopped out of the car. "I thought I made it clear to you that we are done already? Why do you have to keep disturbing me, Yousuf?".  "Juwairiyyah listen to me please. I love you, and you know I rea
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 Saturday dawned, bright and crisp, with rare sunshine and a brisk breeze. It was a welcome relief from the constant rain and Juwairiyyah made up her mind to go out for a drive. The past few days had been boring with no lectures to attend to, Juwairiyyah's mother limited her outings coupled with the rain that had showered Gombe for two consecutive days.  She withdrew from her bed, took a quick shower and got herself dressed. Clad in a pink Ankara with red polka dots sewed into skirt and a blouse, Juwairiyyah applied little makeup before draping a pink veil on her head. Her legs were clutched in a pink flat shoe while she held a blue Gucci bag with one hand and her phone on the other. She walked out of her room to the foyer where her mother was, hence kissing her mother on her cheeks before saying, "I'm going out mom, this house is kind of suffocating these days. Don't s
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Juwairiyyah woke up as early as possible on Monday morning, took a quick shower and had her breakfast without waiting for her parents. She sat down in the living room waiting for her dad. Dressed in a sky blue Bahrain gown, she draped a deep red veil, and held a deep red purse in her hand.  "Good morning dad" She greeted immediately her father appeared, without waiting for him to greet her first like she normally does. "Morning princess, I can see you're dressed already. You have early morning lecture?" He said walking towards her. Heck no! She gulped before adjusting her sitting position and facing him clearly. "Yes dad. And we suspect he's going to give us a test. I want us to branch to the mechanic's before I go to school." "Why don't we go th
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"You mean a mechanic slapped you just like that and went scot free? Like seriously? And you just let the matter slide? Are you kidding me Juwairiyyah?". Sophie said through the phone. "Is this really you?". "Easy girl, you know I won't let that pass just like that. I've already put my plan into action, just wait and see". Juwairiyyah smirked. "Tell me about the plan Juwairiyyah, maybe I can help". "No, thanks. I can handle it myself". "Okay, fine". Sophie muttered through the phone. And just as Juwairiyyah was about replying her, a loud bang from Juwairiyyah's door interrupted.  "Juwairiyyah come out here and make some beans cake for me!". 
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Juwairiyyah couldn't stop grinning. Yes, she now has Arfaat in her hands! The fool thought she was sincere. Lol, he's definitely going to pity himself. She thought. "Arfaat you're going to pay sweetheart, it's a promise!". She hits the wall.  ***** Later around 9:12pm, Arfaat called Juwairiyyah. Deep inside he knew things weren't right with the way she nicely treated him but, he ought to go with her flow to see where she'd definitely be heading to. "How are you doing, Lilynah?" His deep voice boomed through Juwairiyyah's ear as soon as she picked the call. "Doing great Yaa Arfaat". She responded. "How are my siblings doing over there?". "All good, how was school?".
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Hajiya Azumi nearly fell down after hearing what juwairiyyah just said. How could this be? "Arfaat did......what? Did you just say Arfaat raped you?" Asked her dad, tears rolling Down from his eyes. _”Na shiga uku ni Azumi”_ (I am dommed!),  Her mom just stood there shocked, hoping that what she just heard should be just a bed time story."Take her inside and attend to her, hurry up I need to take her to the hospital". Said her dad with a shiver voice. Hajiya Raliya broke into tears and dragged Juwairiyyah out of the sitting room into her own room. Soffie trailed behind them but was stopped by Alhaji Abbas."How did you find her?""She called me crying and told me she's together with Arfaat and that...that _he raped her."_ "Wait h
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H"dare you Yaa Arfaat! How could you still lie to my parents face. You think its easy telling them what you did? No its not. You raped me Yaa Arfaat, you took away my pride as a woman, what do you expect me to do now? Tell me what!" Juwairiyyah said in tears. Arfaat was dumbfounded; he still can't believe what his ears were hearing. This can't be; Juwairiyyah must be mistaken. Maybe its someone they look alike.    "Lily, look at me Lily, I know you must be mistaken Lily. Yaa arfaat dinki ne, you know that’s unlike me to hurt you. Tell him who did it, tell them it's not me Lily, tell them."    "Dad, I hate him, I don't want to see him ever again in my life. Take him out of here please. Do it now Dad” Juwairiyyah said in a broken voice as she fled to her room.      "Dantala! Dantala!! Dantala!!!". Alhaji Abbas called.  "Gani Alhaj
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Juwai! Are you nuts? How could you do a thing like that? Don't you have the slightest respect for your elders? When are you going to change this irritating attitude of yours?" Hajiya Azumi bellowed Angrily.   "O geeezzzz! Here she comes again with her preaching, please and please Azumi don't lecture me. Please, right now am not in the mood to listen. Just taste what she called pepper soup. How dare she give me a food without much pepper in it? She knows my taste why then will she do the contrary?”    "Kinci uwaki Juwairiyyah, nace take this five hands I dash you. I never knew you were this stupid aii, am pitying you Juwai. The day you'll reap what you sow I won't be there to pity you. Uwani, get up, I apologize on her behalf. Please forgive her insolence. Hajiya Azumi said in an earnest appeal.Uwani stood up, wiping the tears that were goshing out of her eyes saying."Its okay hajiya, yarinta ne aii. Ya wuc
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".......please lemme amend for my mistake". Arfaat said stepping into the living room.   Juwairiyyah gave him a  pointed look, what the hell is Arfaat thinking? Is he planning something bad against her? O God! Why did she even start all this drama? Who knows what he has in store for her now.       "Juwai, this was a hard decision for us all, but its for the best. I am very sure everything will go as planned, please let's do it". Pleaded her dad."I was against it in the first place angel, but I had to agree to it knowing we don't have a way out of this mess. This brat has already ruined us!". Said her mom.     "Am so sorry ma, forgive my stupid behaviour. I promise; I'll amend to my mistakes and will keep my promise by divorcing juwairiyyah exactly three months after our marraige. Have faith in me". Said Arfaat in his psyche, which gave him a percentage of joy knowing his plans.     "Noo dad! I don't want to. I prefer living this way than marry
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