Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return

Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return

By:  LiLhyz  Completed
Language: English
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Samantha Davis fell pregnant and she knew nothing about the man she slept with. After being disowned by her father, she left the city to start anew. Raising her own children, Samantha strived and overcame. Little did she know, her twins meant to find a daddy and they weren't settling for any less! At three years old, her babies asked, "Mama, where Dada?""Umm... Dada is far away." That was the easiest way for Samantha to explain to her kids the absence of a father. At four years old, they asked again, "Mommy where is Daddy?" "Umm... He is working at Braeton City." Yet again, Samantha chose the easy way out. After nearly six years, Samantha returned to the place that had long forsaken her, Braeton City. She knew she was bound to answer her kids' curiosity over their unknown father and she concluded, it was about time to tell the truth. However, one day, her twins came to her with glistening eyes and announced, "Mommy! We found Daddy!"Standing before her was a block of ice, Mr. Ethan Wright, the most powerful businessman in the city.***Book 1 of the Wright Family SeriesBook 2: Flash Marriage: A Billionaire For A ReboundBook 3: I Kissed A CEO And He Liked ItBook 4: The Devil's Love For The HeiressBook 5: I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A BonusNote each story can be read as a standalone. Follow me on social media. Search Author_LiLhyz on IG & FB.

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Mommy Where Is Daddy The Forsaken Daughters Return, is the story of a family, full of hope, love, loyalty, respect, and mutual support... Samantha Davis is pregnant, but she doesn't know who the father is. It's amazing. Her relationship with her father broke down and she left the city to rebuild her life. She struggled to raise her twin children on her own. Just grew up day by day. One day the child asked his father and tried to find a father for himself. What you never expect is that one day her twins walk up to her with their eyes shining and announce, "Mom! We found Daddy!" Start again and continue reading Mommy Where Is Daddy The Forsaken Daughters Return novel.

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118 Chapters
"Dad, please... I really don't know who he was - Ahhh!" A slap went across Samantha's face, and it came from her beloved father. The man that used to adore her and treated her like a princess, had hurt her for the first time in her life! "Winfield, stop it! She is your daughter!" Matilda, her grandmother, covered Samantha's frame, embracing her for protection. Winfield Davis may be a father, but he was the most fearful General of the country's military arms. With his bare hands and flaming rage, he was capable of causing suffering to his own daughter. "What kind of woman are you? Have I not raised you well?!" The General reprimanded. He grabbed on to Samantha's jaws and clenched his fingers on her crying face. "I turned the military camp upside down! No one - and I repeat! No one owned up to being the father of your child!" He was about to slap Samantha again when Matilda pleaded, "Stop this! We can't do anything about it! It's already done!" "Daddy, I'm sorry! This is my fau
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Chapter 1: Christmas Gifts
Standing by the balcony of a residential flat, a girl in her early twenties was gawking at the Christmas lights. Her elegant face forced a smile, seeing the busy streets of Monroe City. Her blue eyes gleamed, visualizing how happy she would have been with her father and grandmother. For a moment, it reminded her of how her father had practically disowned her, how her stepsister took her father's attention from her, and how the same person stole the affection of the man she had loved for two years. Samantha Davis made one mistake, and it led to her downfall. Not even her grandmother's pleading was enough to revive her standing within the Davis household. The pain of being dragged outside her own home came rushing back, and it warranted a tear to fall down her cheek. She sniffed away her sadness and wiped the wetness on her delicate face. Her nose flared, and she sighed. "Grandma, I miss you." She looked up at the heavens and said, "Mom, I wished you did not leave me." Her moth
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Chapter 2: The Opportunity
Putting a recognition plaque on her glass cabinet in the living room, Samantha smiled at the reward she received. Just the other day, the City's Mayor awarded her as one of Monroe's promising chefs! She smiled and cherished her achievements, looking at everything from a single view. Out of the blue, she said to herself, "Dad, one day... one day you'll realize how I have made it on my own... and you'll be proud of me." Nearly five years had passed since Samantha gave birth to Kyle and Kenzie. At twenty-six years old, Samantha was still the beautiful girl she once was. She maintained her godly figure, and her face remained striking. She now worked as the head chef for The Emerald's famous restaurant, an establishment within the four-star hotel. It was where she was recognized for her remarkable culinary skills. Instead of becoming part of the military, she always dreamed of becoming a chef. Now that she was free from her father's control, she realized her aspiration, exactly as
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Chapter 3: Daddy, Here We Come!
"Take it, Sam," Samantha heard her grandmother say on the other line. Naturally, she told her grandmother about the opportunity presented, calling Matilda Davis first thing in the morning. From the balcony of their humble flat, Samantha looked past buildings and other structures, feeling her heart drumming against her ribcage. She gulped as she questioned herself, "Am I ready for this, grandma?" "Yes, you are, Sam! And I get to finally see you in person!" Samantha heard her grandmother cry before adding, "I'm getting old, Sam, and I miss my granddaughter so much! I've been yearning to see you for so many years." "Take it, Sam. Take it!" Matilda suggested for the very last time. "Show your father that you have done well for yourself, even without his help! Sam... it's time to return." "Okay, grandma... I will," said Samantha in her gentle tone. Despite the unpleasant parting she had with her father, somehow, deep inside of her, Samantha wished he would one day accept her back. Af
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Chapter 4: Samantha Was The Key
From inside his hotel room, John Garcia, the executive assistant of Ethan Wright, was collecting his belongings, getting ready to leave for the airport. Since he already had made Samantha Davis sign the contract, his work was already done. He needed to return to his boss where more and more work awaited him. As he was about the leave, he meant to report to his boss the time that he will be arriving. He called Ethan Wright on the phone. With just one ring, the CEO of Wright Diamond Corporation answered, "Did she sign it?" It took a second for John to realize that his boss was following up on the contract with Samantha Davis. "Ah, yes, boss. She did. We met yesterday," he answered before thinking about breaking the bad news. "What is it?" His boss asked. When John realized he gave himself away, he revealed, "Ah, Mr. Wright... She... Um. She has children - two to be exact." Silence could easily be heard on the other line. It practically took nearly a minute for John to hear Ethan
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Chapter 5: Hello Braeton, I'm Back
11:00 AM at Braeton International Airport. "Kenzie, what are you looking around for?" Samantha asked her little girl as they were walking outside the arrivals area. Like Samantha, Kenzie had blonde hair, except hers was long and straight. She had a beautiful angelic face, blue eyes, and pink lips. Since they arrived, Kenzie had been restless, constantly eyeing every man that went past them. Hearing her mother call for her, she ran to reach for her hand and asked, "Mommy? Is Daddy picking us up?" Samantha instantly felt a lump in her throat. She turned to her aunt, who was holding Kyle, and she literally saw how Diana rolled her eyes. Kyle, her son, seemed to also be waiting for her answer. "Your - your dad is on a business trip! That's right." She shifted their attention to the door and announced, "Oh, look! There is a familiar face we want to see! It's grandma Matilda!" With gleaming eyes, Kenzie was the first to run outside, and it resulted in Samantha to follow her speedy
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Chapter 6: Secret Kids
"Kyle, what time is it? It's already nine in the evening. It's time to put your new tablet down," Samantha said right before entering the bathroom. She was sharing a room with her kids and they were both settled on the bed. Matilda gave both of them new tablets, a doll for Kenzie, and a sling bag for Kyle. Kenzie was already ready to sleep, but Kyle was still downloading apps on his tablet, or so his mother thought. Hearing his mother asked him to put the device down, he sighed and replied, "Okay, Mom. Can I ask you about Dad?" "I'll give you ten minutes' extension on the tablet," Samantha quickly answered before escaping into the bathroom. Seeing their Mommy avoid the topic again, Kyle and Kenzie looked at each other. Kenzie chuckled, while Kyle shook his head. "Maybe Dad is a government spy!" Suggested Kenzie. "Or just someone with secret kids," said Kyle. "Hah! A rich daddy that needs to protect us from bad guys!" Concluded Kenzie. "That's why we are secret kids!" "Wha
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Chapter 7: Odd Common Behavior
"Ready?" Kyle asked his sister. "Ready!" Confirmed Kenzie. While the twins were about to enter the CEO's office without permission, Samantha was explaining to John Garcia her situation. A hiss left John's lips, and he said, "You see Miss Davis - " The sound of the children trying to push the door opened alerted John that he got up from his seat, "Kids! No! Don't do that!" "Why is this door so heavy!" Complained Kyle as he was pushing with his might! "Urggghhh!" Kenzie grunted while helping her brother. Sadly, no matter how hard they pushed, the door would not budge. Samantha rushed in their direction and said, "Guys! What are you doing? Are you trying to get me in trouble?!" Walking behind her was John. He said, "It's okay. When Mr. Wright is in a meeting, the door can only be opened from the inside." He pointed to the security system by the side and said, "See that? That's high technology." The frown on the twins' faces became evident. Kenzie shook her head at his bro
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Chapter 8: The General's Daughter?
"Do I get to keep my job, Mr. Wright?" Ethan Wright felt he was about to lose his patience. He leaned back in his chair and eased his tie while maintaining to gaze at his assistant. Following a heavy sigh, he sarcastically replied, "I asked you a question, John, and you answer with another question? Answer me!" "I'm sorry, Sir. Yes. Samantha Davis came by, needing help with her kid's school requirements. Um... She - she did not have enough to pay for the school's enrollment fee." John explained how Samantha meant to just use an employment certificate to commit to her children's school fees before he explained, "I ended up lending her the money instead." "Which school?" Ethan asked. "Boss, coincidentally, The North Bright Academy," reported John. "Hmmmm," said Ethan before resting his face on his fist. "Anyway, Mr. Wright. That's when I noticed how her son seemed to be a younger version of you." John scanned Ethan's facial structure, his eyes, and the shape of his lips. He hisse
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Chapter 9: Scholarship
"I'd like to enroll my kids, please," said Samantha to the registration office of the North Bright Academy. She handed the check as payment, together with the enrollment form of her twins, plus the online evaluation her kids had taken long before they moved to Braeton. The academy offered an online discussion and assessment, facilitated live by one of their teachers, as an option for students who are enrolling from other cities. This was the primary reason Samantha chose the North Bright Academy. She noticed how the lady in charge was taken aback by the paper in her hand, and the same woman stood up to make a phone call a few meters away from the counter where Samantha patiently waited. When the lady returned, Samantha was told, "Miss Davis, you can take the children to their teacher. They are both assigned to K1 Kindness. A teacher assistant will be with you shortly to accompany you." "When you return, the principal would like to speak to you," said the lady from the school's r
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