Chapter 6: Drake POV

I am over the moon that she likes Rex and Tony, they are good guys and clearly, she can see that. After she wanders off, I ask them what they think of her.

“I think she is awesome.”

Says Rex, and I can't help but agree with him.

“I agree with Rex, she is really down to earth, and easy on the eyes too.”

For some reason, Tony’s comment combined with a mischievous look in his eyes makes me prickle.

Holy shit, is he planning to hit on her?

Suddenly I'm overcome with anger, I want to knock his teeth in, and that shocks me. She is my best friend, sure, and I feel very protective, fine, but it's been years and she is just a friend.

Do I really believe that? Am I that far in denial?

“Watch it Tony, you have known her for about five minutes, so back off.”

I take a step forward to drive my point home.

“Easy Drake, he didn't mean anything by it”.

Rex reaches for my shoulder, in an attempt to keep me calm.

It’s at this point I feel a tingle up my spine, someone is watching us. Turning I realise its Lilli, and she is close enough to have heard us too. Real shame fills me, threatening to suffocate me. I can't quite figure out her expression, she is looking at me strange and I'm frozen to the spot.

“Well lads, I think there is some pent-up energy that needs to be worn down, don't you?”

She looks at each of us and settles on me, her hands on her hips.

“Drake, why don't you join me? See if you can remember everything, I taught you.”

Hang on, what did she just say?

I take note of a mischievous gleam in her eye, and then she extends her hand to me. That's when I realise the music has changed, it's a salsa beat.

“Are you asking me to dance?”

I’m not quite able to believe my eyes or ears.

“I am, are you going to leave me to dance alone? Or maybe I should find another partner, you have bulked out so much, I'm not so sure you can move as well as you used to.”

Now I know she is teasing me, and issuing a challenge, I can't back down from.

Bring it on!

I smile and walk towards her, taking her hand, we walk to the centre of the dance floor. At the right point of the music we start to move, its fast from the start and the pace, never relents until the music stops.

Salsa requires the pair of us, to dance very close to one another, nose to nose, at some points. As a kid I didn't think much of it, but now, the way my body reacts to her mere presence, makes this kind of dancing absolute torture. Having our bodies pressed together, drives home the realisation, that I want her with every fibre of my being. But my fear of losing her, keeps me from crossing that line, as I guess it always has.

For now, I just lose myself to the dancing and the music, while secretly loving every second she is in my arms. When we finish, she is pressed against me, nose to nose, and we are both breathing very heavily.

“So” I say between breaths, “do I pass muster?”

She smiles that knowing smile at me.

“I never doubted you for a second, I just needed to distract you for a bit.”

I frown at her words.

“Distract me? From what?”

She sighs at my question before answering.

“Honestly, Drake, you looked ready to pound Tony’s face in. Now, while I don't know what he said to you, to make you so angry with him, he is still your friend and I was worried for you.”

Does she really think I am cable of doing that to a friend?

As I think about it, I wonder to myself if I would have done it, then looking in her eyes I see her honesty and I realise that, she might be right. The realisation that I actually had, thought about hurting my friend, even for a split second, over a nonsense comment and nothing more, knocks me sideways.

No! I refuse to be that person! I won’t let myself become a statistic, I won't!

“I need to get some air, sorry to leave you like this.”

I turn ready to walk away, I must get my head clear. She shakes her head and smiles at me.

“Don't worry about it, I want to get another drink anyway.”

“Okay then, save the next dance for me?” I ask.


And with that she heads to the bar, and I head to the outer doors.

Standing out in the courtyard I look up to the sky, it's remarkably clear tonight and the moon is so bright, it lights everything in a white glow. It's light enough to see but still dark, and I wonder, is this a reflection of the true me? Am I really a good person or am I, just like ‘him’?

I banish the thought; I can't let it be a possibility. Taking a deep breath, I prepare to head back in, when I feel that strange tingle creeping up my back again. I turn to find Lilli watching me from inside the doors.

I stop, and she walks out to me, stepping right in front of where I'm standing then she reaches out, placing her palm gently on my cheek.

“Tony told me what happened.”

I'm unable to respond, I can only stare.

Oh god, what she must think of me? This is it, either she forgives me for being an ass, or she doesn’t, and I lose her forever.

Losing her will destroy me, especially after just getting her back in my life. I take a deep breath preparing for her wrath, and I look her in the eyes. But I don't see what I expected, there is no anger, no hate, I don't understand what I see. I can't put a name to it and as soon as I see it, she changes her expression and smiles at me.

“Oh Drake, what am I going to do with you? My white knight, defending my honour, even when it doesn't need defending”.

White knight? Did she really, just say that?

I'm finding it hard to process what she is saying, I'm only able to focus on her hand on my face. I want to pull her into my arms and kiss her senseless. I want to pull her body close to mine, so that I can feel her body, pressed against me, and mine against hers.

I want to… No! Not here, not now. Instead, I lean into her touch and say.

“Sorry, I don't want to be ‘that guy’”.

She pulls her hand away, and I have to fight with myself, not to pull it back.

“Drake is that what you really think?”

The concern in her voice makes me feel guilty all over again.

“I just didn't like that he referred to you as, a piece of ass, like one of the many girls he usually picks up outside the club. You are more than that, but I shouldn't have threatened him regardless, I hate that I have that side to me.”

The look, I see appear in her eyes, is truly severe and for the first time in years, I'm afraid that I'm going to get my ass kicked, by a woman no less.

“You are nothing like ‘him’ Drake, don't you ever think that about yourself! You understand me?!”

The rage I feel from her makes me feel strange; sort of warm and safe, she is defending me, and I love her for it. But still I believe she is blind to the truth; however, I can't risk messing up worse than I have already. So, I smile, to hopefully show her that she has made me feel better, and she steps into my arms to hug me, throwing me off balance again. I don't want to let her go, but all too soon she is pulling back.

“Okay then, can ‘you’ forgive Tony if ‘I’ do?”

Her words surprise me again. I didn't think, that was possible, but it is. The look she gives me, shows me that she wants me to forgive him, but she won't push me.

“Yes, I will forgive him,” I sigh, “so long as he doesn't do it again.”

“Fair enough, now are you ready to come back in? I haven't finished dancing for the night yet and I hope you feel the same. You did ask me to save you the next dance after all.”

Her train of thought is so fluid, I can’t help laughing, she always did have a passion for dancing.

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