9. Maid and the Master


For a while, the only sound in the otherwise silent room was my sobs. My whole world was crumbling. I felt nauseous, so this was Damian. The sob turned into gasps and black spots marred my vision. Am I dying? Well. death will certainly not be unwelcomed. Death felt enticing, a better option than living a life as a maid despite being married to the master of the mansion, being humiliated in the process and not knowing the end of this ordeal. Yes, death would be significantly better. After all, no one needed me anymore, neither my family nor whom I considered as my family or my estranged and superficial husband. My body tilted sideways, I felt light-headed and succumbed to the darkness. 


It might have been a sharp yank, or maybe a harsh shake that awakened me. I blinked my eyes open, wincing at the bright sunlight streaming into the room through flimsy white curtains. A groan left my lips, I realised I was not sleeping in the proper

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Bella Jersey
I was so proud Myra not killing ms Jones. What does their little pet mean?

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