43. Dashed Hopes


"Sire, I beg you to calm down," Andrew said placidly after hearing a sickening crack on the wooden table. My anger did not simmer down. All I wanted to do was rip out Connor's throat and send him to his beloved. 

"Did you get any intel?" 

"I... think that she must have been taken to the plague village," he replied carefully. I frowned and stood up from the chair. The living room rarely resembled like one anymore, but I hardly cared for decorum. 

"You mean the abandoned village near Shadowwick?" I asked. Andrew gave a slow nod. "It's a possibility, and I also heard from the night watchers that they had seen a carriage drive in that direction. The occurrence was unfamiliar since hardly anyone goes there and there is no other stop in between. 

It was highly possible Shadowwick was not far from here. Connor wouldn't dare to venture into the town because he was still being hunted down, even after all these yea


A few more chapters to go :)

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Wednesday 😀
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Elin Kähäri
So when do you update this book ? 😄
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Elin Kähäri
I Cant wait for the next update

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