Bride of the Vampire Lord

Bride of the Vampire Lord

By:  jobless.dreamer  Completed
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On her sister's wedding day, Myra finds herself being dressed in bridal clothes, walking down the aisle and marrying her sister's fiance in her stead. The day that was supposed to be perfect turns into her worst nightmare as she gets hitched to the cold-hearted Vampire Lord Damian Beaufort. [Book 1 in Vampire's Bride duology] [Book 2 available in the APP

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I was supposed to be the bridesmaid, not the bride. I was supposed to be blend in the shadows, not be the centre of attention. I was supposed to greet certain limited people then keep to myself, not stand beside the bridegroom and greet every one of them. I had been pitying my sister for her fate but look at me now. As if, fate decided to unleash its wrath on me. My life took a 180 degrees turn on my sister's wedding day. I found myself being dressed as the bride, walking down the aisle, trying not to crumble under everyone's sombre gaze and taking vows to be with my sister's fiancé, the vampire lord, Damian Beaufort until my death.   
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1. Vampire Lord's Whims
MyraIt was clear Spring morning, I was readying my dress, a simple green cotton gown, for the wedding. Then I proceeded to get my sister's wedding dress ready. It was deep red in colour. The dress was beautiful indeed. I looked at it for some time before brushing and straightening its folds and hanging it on the wall. Even though it was supposed to be the happiest day of my sister's life, I felt nothing but sadness for her. It wasn't the wedding she had imagined for herself. The bridegroom wasn't a simple guy from our countryside like my sister preferred, she always wanted a simple life where she would be managing the household and looking after kids while her husband earned their livelihood. However, this was not the case, her husband-to-be was a lord, our small village fell under his estate. He was the great Vampire Lord, child of the night, a nocturnal being. The wedding would also be held at night instead of the morning like it
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2. The Nocturnal Wedding
Myra Donning the red wedding dress made from the finest cloth and the most exquisite veil I had ever seen in my life, I was finally ready to leave my home and aboard the carriage that was sent by my husband-to-be along with my father and sister. Harmony had helped me to get ready, a gloomy look marring her face, she tried to smile for my sake but we both knew that it was a pretence. My father was no more bothered than he was when the vampire lord had asked for Harmony's hand. He was already waiting for us in the carriage. "You look beautiful", Harmony said with a tremulous smile, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. She was looking at my reflection, she too, was looking beautiful, wearing a green gown that belonged to our mother and a simple necklace, her hair was tied up in a fancy bun that she had learned from one of our village maids. I looked at her through the veil, reining in my emotions, I slowly stood up and turned to face her. Embracing her I whispered, "You look pretti
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3. Wedding Night
MyraMy mind was reeling even after he pulled away, the kiss was not what one would say 'chaste' and neither was it passionate. It was rather cold and detached like my husband. Husband.Who would have thought?...My eyes had shut on their own accord, I slowly opened them when I no longer felt the cold lips. I opened my eyes to the face that I would have to look at, every day, from this moment on. His eyes twinkled with amusement even though his lips did not reveal as much. Hr turned towards to face the others, I mimicked his action. He looked at my father and said, "Your debt has been paid. You and your elder daughter shall live the rest of your life comfortably. Bastian will show you your rooms for the night. Your meals will be served there". His tone held finality so much so that my father who always had the final say, did not even utter a sound. My eyes landed on Harmony who was dabbing the corn
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4. Lady of the Manor
MyraI was awoken by a soft knock on the door. Even though I had slept fitfully for the better part of the night, I might have dozed off at dawn. It was the same lady who had attended to me last night. She entered the room after giving me a cursory greeting before busying herself with tidying the room, opening the curtains and making up the bed. I scrambled out of the room, my cheeks turning hot as I was not at all used to these services.  Back at home, it was me or Harmony who did the house chore. "Uhm...Miss...there is no need-", I began too embarrassed by such a thing but she interrupted me, "I am the housekeeper of this manor m'lady. My name is Beth Jones, I am responsible for cleaning the Master's chamber", her monotonous voice had an edge to it and her eyes did not even attempt to conceal the disapproval. I lowered my gaze and mumbled, "Pleased to meet you, Miss. Jones". I let her be as she barely acknowledged
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5. Wedding Gift
MyraI wiped away my tears hurriedly even though I knew he had seen everything. I straightened and looked at him square in the eyes, my jaw set. "Welcome back my Lord", I greeted with a short bow. He did not move from his position, he was observing me. I clenched my fists. The weight of his stare was too much for me to bear at the moment. I turned away and stomped to the cupboard. I sifted through the clothes idly because there was absolutely nothing else for me to do in the room to avoid his gaze. "Why were you crying?" his voice was nearer, he had definitely entered further into the room. He gave him a cold shoulder. It was almost noon and my dear husband just wishes to saunter into the room and ask me why I was crying. Ridiculous. "That is none of your concern, my Lord", I answered through clenched teeth as my hold on an evening dress tightened."Loosen your hold, my lady", he murmured right beside my ears and I stood dumbfounded a
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6. Little Experiment
Myra " everyone in this mansion, like Lord Damian?" I asked Alice, reluctantly. She was helping me get ready for Damian's guests that were supposed to be arriving today. The thought had not occurred until recently. The comb stilled. I looked at her through the mirror. Her eyes had widened, "Why would you say that?" her voice was almost a whisper."Uh...I apologize", I chuckled nervously. She resumed combing my hair, her lips turned downwards, " my lady I beg your pardon for going beyond my station", I could feel the rhythm of the combing faltering.  "Ah...don't be", I mustered a smile, my ears heating up. I subconsciously caressed the silver ring, the metal felt cold against my warm skin. She mumbled, "To answer your question, most of us are humans. His Lordship is really kind to us poor people. I am an orphan and my dignity was at stake. Had it not been for him...rescuing me on time...I would have..." she trailed
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7. Truth
Myra My ears were ringing. Alexandra's lips were titled up into a sardonic smile, no doubt relishing my speechlessness. She regarded her red varnished nails as she conversationally asked, "Wish to hear more?"I balled my fists, "I don't believe you. There is no way my sister will do such a heartless thing and my father? He might be an irresponsible man but he will never stoop so low either". I glared at her unperturbed reaction. She clucked her tongue, "So naïve". Her gaze locked with mine, "Tell me then Myra, why did your sister and father leave without meeting you? Or why did your sister tell you that you were to marry lord Damian on the wedding day itself? Did you not question this?" I opened and closed my mouth, unable to say anything. My heart was pounding in my chest. My heart was denying the very possibility of father and... Harmony doing such merciless work. My sister's guileless smiles, her caring nature, her protective
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8. The Face behind the Mask
MyraMy ears were ringing as I stared at him, open-mouthed. His gaze was unflinching. He was spewing lies, I whispered, still denying the fact, "No. You- you cannot. Harmony?" My voice quivered, the question barely making any sense. Damian's gaze turned gentle. He averted his eyes, "My lady-" I held up my hand, sniffling, I felt faint. Even though he would tell me the whole truth at some point, but at the moment, I had no intention of hearing it. I lowered my gaze, my vision had blurred with unshed tears, my mind was reeling with this unforeseen revelation. My hands trembled as I kept the book aside. Silence ensued and I don't know for how long it prevailed before I heard Damian sigh. "Your father was indebted to me, Myra, but he had no other choice than to-""-marry me off to you to pay your debt?" I glared at him. He huffed out a laugh, shaking his head, "Oh, if it only were the way you say it". He locked his gaz
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9. Maid and the Master
MyraFor a while, the only sound in the otherwise silent room was my sobs. My whole world was crumbling. I felt nauseous, so this was Damian. The sob turned into gasps and black spots marred my vision. Am I dying? Well. death will certainly not be unwelcomed. Death felt enticing, a better option than living a life as a maid despite being married to the master of the mansion, being humiliated in the process and not knowing the end of this ordeal. Yes, death would be significantly better. After all, no one needed me anymore, neither my family nor whom I considered as my family or my estranged and superficial husband. My body tilted sideways, I felt light-headed and succumbed to the darkness. ~~~~It might have been a sharp yank, or maybe a harsh shake that awakened me. I blinked my eyes open, wincing at the bright sunlight streaming into the room through flimsy white curtains. A groan left my lips, I realised I was not sleeping in the proper
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