21. Will and Desire


His lips were still inches away from me while his gaze remained locked with mine. I exhaled slowly and shakily as I stare at him dumbfounded. Mates? What in the world was that? My shock turns into doubt as I repeat, "Mates?"

He nodded without taking his eyes off me as if gauging my reaction. I countered, "What does it mean?" Damian straightened, "It means that we are soulmates". He spoke slowly as if being careful with his words and waited expectantly for my reply. 

Now I understood what he meant. While I did not really believe in soulmates, I had read a little about them in novels and poetries. I scoffed, taking a step back, "Soulmates? That is highly unlikely". 

"Why?" He closed the distance again. I peered at him, "Well, because you are...a vampire and I am a human and...if we were soulmates I don't think you would be treating me in this way". The bitterness in my tone leaked. I got balled my fists, my nails diggin

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Wait... I thought she was not his wife anymore??

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