42. Betrayal


Dread coursed through my body as I scanned the entire house. It wasn't even that big, comprising only two floors and an attic. I knew she wasn't here. I couldn't sense her. "Sire, I assume Connor was here. And another person," Andrew said. His voice tight. I clenched my fists. I knew it! I knew he wasn't as honest as he appeared to be. And yet...

I threw the nearest thing across the floor. The ornate vase shattered into pieces. "Sire, you must calm down. We need to find Lady Myra." I heard Andrew's tentative tone. He knew my anger could turn ugly and it will when I meet Connor who dared to take my mate. 

"Sire?" Andrew handed me a letter. "I found it on the mantel," he said. I snatched the letter and tore it open. I was certain it was written by Connor. 

[Dear Raul,

If you have not already guessed it, then let me tell you, I have your mate. I must say that she is feisty. Put up quite a fight. But thanks to my slave

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Jessica Dempster L
Wow, I'm totally shocked at this turn of events!

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