46. A Goodbye


My threat had its desired effect. She paled, her eyes turned fearful as she staggered back, as if he was about to attack her. "Who-who told you such lies?! I have one no such thing!" My gaze did not waver, but hers averted. Her clenched fists shook with anger. Myra's grip on my arm tightened. "If you haven't then why aren't you looking me in the eye?" I asked. 

"For all this time, I have been dwelling on grief and guilt. I have regretted nothing more than the heinous act I had committed. Do you know how many nights? Have roamed the woods, unable to find peace anywhere? How I segregated myself from the lot so that I wouldn't have to face something like that again? Do you?" My voice had risen several octaves with each unanswered question, which is why the silence that followed felt jarring. 

"I..." she seemed o be at a loss for words. I could see how her lips had thinned, how her cheeks had paled and how her jaw had tightened.


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Deanna Hampton Bra
wife? who the he'll kills the 2 main characters in the last chapter?????? I was enjoying your writing, but you are a moron. I do to care how interesting you think your hook is, it's stupid to kill your main characters. don't you get human nature. good job passing off you readers.
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Oh wow ......
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Ezra Taylor
That's it? This is the end? ... lol

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