Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Zon's Perspective

As I entered the room, I saw Ms. Anne Macney immediately, she was in a white dress, she was thin, she also has an extraordinarily long hair, it was gold and as beautiful as Rapunzel's hair, her skin tone was as white as snow, her lips were red as blood and her eyes were blue like Cassy's eyes, and that made me remember her again.

"How I wish she was here," I thought out of nowhere.

Well, Ms. Macney was 40 years old according to my research but looking at her in front of me made me thought that she was just around 20's, she really looks young.

"Who are you?" Ms. Macney said and I stood up straight as I cleared my throat as I stepped closer to her, and I stretch my one hand for a shaking hand, but she ignored it.

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