Overture: Chapter 2

The one named Antonio caught her walking over. He shakes his head while making eye contact as if to tell her to stay away. She ignores him and proceeds forward. 

“Excuse me, gentlemen. This is a family establishment. There are a lot of children present here today. If you cannot behave in an orderly manner, please leave.” Amy stands at their table with arms crossed.

“What did you just say to us?” Luciano says and starts toward her. Amy feels her heart hammering and suddenly regrets her sudden bravado but stands her ground. “Kindly leave if you cannot behave in a manner befitting a family establishment. Again, there are children here.” Amy says and waves behind her. The man was getting red in the face as he starts towards her. “Um, please, sir. We don’t want any trouble.” Amy begs and backs away, cursing her big mouth.

Suddenly the one named Antonio gets up and whispers in Luciano’s ear. 

Amy looks at the scene, Luciano had a terrified expression on his face. “I guess I know who’s the head of the family.” Amy muses.

They converse in Italian and stood up, and Antonio drops a few notes on the table.

As soon as they were out of the building, Amy crumpled into the now empty booth. Her colleagues rushed to her. “Where the hell did you get your courage from, Ames? Jeez, that could have ended badly!” Serena, one of her oldest friends, exclaimed. “I know, I wasn’t thinking! Jenny looked so scared and my mind went blank!” Amy says, putting her head down on the table. “Well, hopefully, that’s the last time we see them,” Serena responds. “I hope so! They give me the creeps!” Amy finishes.

Thankfully, that was all the drama for the day. The Ricci family left soon after The Russo’s on account of Isabella being too scared to eat. “I’m so sorry, Eve! Bella, Amy will make it up to you when you come in again, okay?” Amy says to them and turns to Isabella. The little girl sniffs and nods, so Amy gives her a big kiss on her forehead. The little girl smiles and the Ricci family leave.

Towards the end of her shift, Amy starts to clean up. She was on the late shift tonight and it was quiet that evening. As she wiping down her last table, Arianna calls her over. “Amy,” she starts, “Will you be able to close up tonight? My arthritis is playing up something awful this evening.” she finishes while rubbing her wrist, Amy knew she wasn’t acting, everyone knows about her bad wrists. “I don’t mind at all,” Amy says, “You go home and rest those hands. I’ve got it covered.” Amy smiles at her and suddenly she was wrapped in a big hug. “Thank you, dear,” Arianna replies, grabs her purse and keys, and heads out.

When she leaves, Amy tidies up and starts packing the last few cups and cutlery away. Others might see this as tedious work, but Amy loved working here. She loved interacting with the people of her town, and they had shown her the same kindness. Thinking back to this afternoon, she makes a sour face. “That Luciano is a scary guy. Note to self, stay out of the Russos’ way!” She thinks to herself. Yawning, she heads to pack the coffee cups away. She was quite exhausted after today’s events. 

She had her back turned away from the door when she hears the ring of the bell. It signaled that someone had entered. Sighing inwardly, she turns around and nearly drops the cups she was holding.

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