Overture: Chapter 14

Amy sat down across from Dimitri and could not help but laugh at Dimitri and his jokes. He was such a sweet guy and incredibly funny on top of it. He also didn’t make her feel intimidated or made her question her choices when she was around him. “So, I’ve noticed that you don’t have an Italian accent. What brought you to this sleepy town?” Dimitri asked suddenly, interested in her backstory. Amy stiffens at his question. The last person she told this story to had decided to trample all over her feelings.

Sighing, she looks at Dimitri, “It’s a long and incredibly sad story. I’ll tell it to you, but you have to promise me you won’t feel pity for me, okay?” she asks him with an eyebrow raised. He chuckles and puts a hand over his heart and says, “Клянусь всем сердцем.” She looks at him confused to which he responds with, “Cross my heart.” And she nods, laughing. “Okay, so a f
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