Tormenting Her Innocence

Tormenting Her Innocence

By:  Taevya  Completed
Language: English
73 ratings
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Standing against the corner of the wall, her entire drenched body was shivering, both in fear and cold. Her arms were tightly wrapped around herself. Her head was downcast. "Didn't I warn you not to step out of this house without my permission?" A shiver ran down her spine, hearing that intensely rugged voice questioning her. She didn't answer, not only just because she was a mute but also because she didn't know what to answer that person before her. Her shivering turned vigorous when she heard those heavy footsteps coming closer to her. That tall sinewy figure towered her. "You know what will I do to you if I have to repeat my fucking self again," She slowly took her head upward, hearing his threat. Her teary golden brown eyes met with his icy blue ones. His words immediately reminded her what he had done to her last night. Anger and hatred brimmed up in her watery eyes, and she didn't even need to use her words to tell him that. Her tears told him the intensity of her hatred towards him after what he had done to her last night. His jaw clenched. His nefarious gaze hooded. Grabbing her fragile neck with his brawny palm, he pushed her against the wall more and hovered her. "You consider me as a monster, don't you?" Hearing him whispering those words in her ear, her heart froze in terror, realising the worst things he was capable of doing to her. He gripped her neck tightly, causing a tear to slip down from her eyes. He leaned closer to her face, causing their noses to rub against each other. "Then tonight I will really become one for you and will torment this innocence of yours, Kaya Haiden……."

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user avatar
I'm still not over this book was greatest of all!!! missing Kaya and Zian(T_T)
2024-06-24 01:29:03
user avatar
I liked all books from this author.. even this book is really good
2024-05-30 04:47:48
default avatar
I would really like to read every book over and over
2024-03-31 13:12:47
default avatar
Abigail Rosano
I love reading your stories. ...
2024-02-15 10:12:40
user avatar
Sinthia Rahman Urmi
Author please write a book about Kiana Karlson and her love life!!
2023-12-16 15:34:08
default avatar
Tan Zila
......... I will reread this Story
2023-12-12 07:14:15
user avatar
Lonely Forever
Amazing ...️...️...️
2023-11-27 00:51:26
user avatar
Shilu Onen Eastman
awesome book ,love every bit of it ,I highly recommend people to read .good just b author ...
2023-11-09 21:48:01
user avatar
Awesome book. Exciting read... If you're a sensitive reader, some parts of this book may be difficult for u... Read this book with an open mind & u will enjoy it. Author did her thing throughout this book. Enjoyed this book & definitely recommend it!
2023-10-25 10:02:56
user avatar
Quaimesha Durrett
Really great book. I'm in love with the massage behind the story.
2023-10-03 05:37:34
user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
very good.
2023-10-02 11:00:48
user avatar
Akshitha Boggari
By any chance u upload on kindle?
2023-08-08 14:50:13
user avatar
Taehyung Kim
Taevya you have set my standard so high that i can' t find any other stories like yours ....your stories are so so so mesmerizing that i really need like a drug eddict ...i just love you ...and i hope that you have listened THE SEVEN SONG '
2023-07-16 00:49:51
user avatar
still can't get over this trilogy story waiting for another blockbuster mafia dark romance from you 🤌...
2023-07-05 00:47:32
user avatar
I guess the next story will gonna come on 1st july and guess what its a werewolf storyyyyyyyy anyway author I love u uare such an amazing author with best suspense always gonna support u
2023-06-29 03:17:54
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122 Chapters
Escaping From Pain
Running her feet as fast as possible, she was trying with everything to run away not only from her past, pain, trauma or suffering but from those inhuman people who were monsters in human disguises.Her breathing was hard. Her legs were hurting. Her throat had dried up completely because she was running for more than hours now. Her golden brown eyes scanned her entire surroundings. People were passing by, minding their own business. The streets were engulfed with different vehicles which were running, honking.She placed her both hands on her knees and bent her upper body a bit to calm her aggressive breathing. She heaved while trying to search for a public water cooler to quench her thirst, but she found none. Turning her head behind, she checked if someone was following her or not. To her relief, it looked like those inhuman people had lost their way to her who were following her.Exhaling a heavy breath, she crossed the road and walked for a couple of minutes more. She saw a publi
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Her Lifeless Breathing Body
The clouds were roaring loudly. The rain was falling heavily. The darkness of the evening had turned more inky because of the gloomy weather. Zian halted his car in front of the hospital. Stepping out of his car, he went straight inside.He saw Leo standing outside that room where that girl was kept. His facial features hardened as soon as Leo's eyes darted towards him. It was clear that he didn't like Leo, not only because their vibes never matched with each other but also because his father always told him to be like Leo…..A so-called responsible person. Zian mentally scowled. Who was going to tell his dad that Leo was being responsible and faithful to him just because he was paying for Leo's and his mother's, Romana, livelihood and expenses, from Leo's childhood. So he was just returning his favour by being faithful towards his father."Are they inside?" Zian asked him, clearly indicating that he was in no mood for a long conversation with him. Leo also just wagged his head. Afte
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No One Will Save You
"Mr. Karlson, a man named Paul Haiden is here. He is claiming that he is this girl's uncle,"Hearing Leo's words, Damien stretched his head to look at that little girl, Kaya, but his brows arched in confusion, by witnessing her lowered head."Do you know this man named Paul Haiden, Kaya? He asked her, gently and in return just found her nodding her head."Is he your uncle, dear?" Damien questioned again.Kaya squeezed her eyes shut before wagging her head again in her answer.Turning his head around, Damien looked at Leo and uttered curtly."Take him inside," Leo nodded and then walked out. Kaya's heart was throbbing inside her chest in fear. She didn't want to meet that man. He was inhuman and it was him from whom she was running away that day, but she knew better than to tell everyone the truth. The terror that man, Paul Haiden, had stored inside her heart was soul shivering. She couldn't even dare to tell him the truth to anyone about how much pain he had given her, both mentally
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You're Our Family
After leaving Kaya's home, Damien was striding towards his car. He reached his car and then shoved his hand in his coat's pocket to take out his keys.Damien took out his keys but along with the keys, he saw a folded page coming out of his pocket and then it fell on the ground. His brows wiggled in confusion. Lowering his body, Damien grabbed that page and then unfolded it, and the second he read what was written on it, his eyes widened.'Please help me, uncle. I don't want to go with him. He hurted me a lot. I was running away from him. He is a bad person. He will hurt me again. Don't let him take me, please… me…'Damien knew who had written that letter because he had become familiar with her handwriting in the past couple of days. So, that was why she was looking so terrified and was crying.Turning his head, Damien gazed at that closed door where he had just left her. Fisting that paper in his palm, Damien dashed towards it. He kicked open the door, causing it to burst open,
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An Ugly Little Rat
"What is she doing here?" Kaya slightly shivered at that hoarse tone of his voice. She clutched Damien's hand while hiding herself behind him. Stretching her head a bit, she peeked at that stranger with those icy blue eyes and stone hard voice.She gulped, witnessing his eyes already on her. She again hid herself completely behind Damien. Zian clenched his jaw at her stupid behaviour. Is she mental or what? Why was she hiding herself from him like he was a damn ugly monster? Zian tore his eyes away from her to look at his father, and before he could ask anything further, he heard his father shutting him off."Kaya is going to stay here with us from now on,"So this little rat's name is Kaya, but wait…did he hear his father correctly? Is she going to live with them here, in their own house?"What? But doesn't she have her family or her own house to live in?" He questioned, without caring how rude he might sound. Kaya felt extremely hurt after hearing his question. She lowered her eye
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You'll Regret This
Kaya swallowed. She felt like her throat had turned extremely dry. That person before her was staring at her like she was his biggest enemy. Zian glared at that tiny figure in front of him. His gaze noticed that terror in her eyes. Why is she acting like a damn victim? That so-called role of being afraid and naive in front of people. He was well aware of all these tactics of gaining sympathy but he wasn't going to fall for it, like his parents had fallen.Kaya was planning on turning on her heels and running away from there when she finally heard him asking her that certain question."So you have already started showing your true colours?" He spat, gazing at her hand. She was clutching his mother's phone and he was sure she was planning on stealing it.Kaya couldn't comprehend the meaning of his words. That poor girl was too afraid of him to understand anything until."So where exactly are you planning on hiding my mum's phone?" He uttered, harshly. She just gaped at him and then at
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Bad Memories
Damien entered the room and saw Zia sitting on the bed. She was caressing Kaya's head who had fallen asleep. Her head was placed on Zia's lap. Noticing his presence, Zia looked at him. With a sigh, he walked towards them. Sitting on the bed, Damien glanced at Kaya's face. Her tear stains were still clearly visible on her cheeks. Exhaling sharply, he gently kneaded that kid's hair. He still couldn't believe his own son got so harsh on that girl who had saved his mother's life by putting her own life at risk."Did you scold him?" Zia asked, a bit worried. Damien huffed before nodding gently. He looked at his wife."I didn't want to, Zia, but he left me with no other option, mi vida," This time Damien sounded upset too. It was not like he loved scolding his son. He just wanted what was good for him. "After the way he was talking to her and the things he said to her, I just couldn't make myself to ignore his behaviour anymore," Zia sighed. She placed her palm over his hand and clutch
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Tainting His Happiness
Zia was feeding Kaya some fruits. They both were present in the hall. It was the time of the evening. "A little more, Kaya baby," Zia uttered, extending the piece of apple to Kaya's mouth. The little girl shook her head. Her aunty Zia had almost fed her an entire huge bowl of fruits. Her tiny tummy couldn't endure it anymore. "Kaya, just one more. This is the last piece. After that you have to finish this glass of milkshake," Zia said. Kaya's doctor had suggested giving her protein and nutritious food because Kaya was extremely weak. She was 15 years old but her physical appearance looked like she was barely 9 or 10. Kaya huffed and again jiggled her head. She rubbed her tummy and then pouted, indicating her tummy was already about to burst out. Zia chuckled, watching her adorable reactions. She squeezed her cheeks, making the little girl giggle. The doorbell rang, gaining their attention. "I will look, wait," Zia got up from the sofa and walked towards the door. She opened the d
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Taking The Worst
The sound of the glasses and people cheering, loud music were resonating in that club. "Here comes the star of our night. The bad boy, Zian Karlson," Austin uttered, raising his glass of wine, watching Zian entering the place.Zian rolled his eyes. Shoving his hands in his pocket, he walked inside like he owned that place. Girls gazed at him with desires, not only just because he had some looks to desire for but almost everyone in their campus had heard how of a beast he was in bed.Ignoring the flirty and seductive smiles the girls were giving him, Zian walked towards his friend Austin, John and Hedrick."Took you long enough, Karlson," Austin asked, sipping from his glass. "Was stuck in traffic," Zian answered while signalling a waiter to come towards him with his fingers.Grabbing the glass of alcohol from the tray, he dismissed the waiter."I seriously needed this," he uttered, chugging down the entire glass in one go."Easy there, Zian. What happened, buddy?" John asked. A scow
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The Havoc She Created
Zian reached his home and entered the house by unlocking the door through the passcode. The lights were slightly dimmed but we're still on and he knew his mother had left them on for him. He had already texted her that he had come back, so she didn't need to get worried about him.He had some drinks but he was not drunk because he had a high alcohol tolerance, but he didn't want his parents to catch him like that, so he hurriedly strode towards his room.Zian reached his room and was about to open its door when his ear caught the jiggling of those metallic bells which made him tilt his head.His jaw set by watching that only person he wanted to see at that moment. She was walking towards his direction. She was yawning while rubbing her eyes. It looked like she had gotten up from her heavy sleep.Kaya was rubbing her sleepy eyes because she got the urge to use the bathroom in the middle of her heavy slumber and her room didn't have a bathroom inside it, so she had to come outside and u
Read more Protection Status