Chapter 07

~Your energy caught my attention~


“Wanna fuck me?” I repeated what I said a few seconds back and I would swear he got taken aback before he maintained his cool exterior.

“Urhm.. Erh… Orhm.. Shit! What am I even saying?” The hottie said as he tried making a coherent sentence and I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. He clears his throat and I look back up at him

“Hope you are not trying to play pranks on me, because I would definitely want to have sex with you if given the chance” He said.

“Then… We are good” I said as I gripped his hands and dragged him along towards Betty & Mike.

Guess what?

They are kissing right now…

I cleared my throat and they broke free of their kissing, rel—uct—ant—ly, not even looking flustered that I walked in on their kissing session.

Betty looked at me and I walked to her as I whispered in her ear

“I found the guy I would be having a quickie with. I am taking him to the strippers restroom, although I have no idea where it is”

“Oh! Just walk towards the backstage, when you get there look over your left. You would see it” Betty said it. Loud and clear enough for the 4 of us to hear. Bitch!

“Thanks… Bitch!” I said with a glint of anger lacing my tone as I said the last words.

Betty chuckled and I left them as I walked towards the hottie and directed him towards the restroom.

“So, why do you want to have sex with me?” The hottie asked.

“why are you asking?” I asked getting annoyed

“Cos,its not weird that a girl comes to ask me for Sex when we barely know each other?” He said , almost sarcastically

“What the hell is wrong with you? You want to fuck me or not?! There are a lot of guys in this damn club that would give me a quickie with just a word” I said almost like a hiss and exhaled as we arrived the restroom.

I opened the door, walked in to check if any one was using any of the toilets, thankfully It was empty.

I turned around only to be captured by the hottie’s lips as he closed the door with its bolt and instantly I was lost in the kiss, his hands tracing down my neck to my shoulders and to the side of my breasts and down to my hips.

As much as I am enjoying this, I need this fast before someone knocks. This is a quickie anyway..

“I want you to stop kissing and do the real thing” I said as I broke the kiss and gazed at his eyes, my lips feeling tingly…

“Take off your dress” he commanded and I complied as he unbuckled his suit pant’s belt, his eyes never leaving me and before I knew what’s happened he was already naked and so was I.

His eyes felt intimidating and I couldn’t help but start walking backwards, before I knew what’s next, my back had hit the sink as he walked towards me, eyes raking all over my body as he stepped closer and9 brought his lips to my Ear

“I wanted to be inside you the moment you raised your voice at me for snatching your phone” I breathed in slowly and exhaled as I felt purely aroused with the way he talked to me, his body being so close to me was not helping issues and then he turned me over to face the sink as he slammed into me.

“Arhhh” I breathed, my eyes feeling awaken all over again as I felt him inside me when I wasn’t expecting it.

It was a blend of pain and bliss…

He slammed into me again and God it felt good.

He kept on the procedure and before I knew it I was facing him as he carried me up to his hips and my back was against the wall as he went inside me again… Gosh! The feeling…

I did not want it to end.

He gripped my breast as he teased my nipples and slammed into me again…

Kissing my nipples and bringing his hands to my thigh..

‘’Ho’ crap!” I loved those hands as I tried to bring my legs together so his hands doesn’t leave but it doesn’t work as I was gripping his waist tightly. He removed his hands ..moved closer and kept on slamming me ..





The feeling was unexplainable and the fact that this was even a quickie and not an actual sex, it put the sex I had with Jeremy to shame.

Coming to my climax, I got stiff all over as I wrapped my self around him with his dick still inside me, I let out a little satisfied scream cos I couldn’t and did not want to let go of my grip on him.

After giving my orgasm I noticed he did too and we were both left breathless as he dropped me and looked at me with so much adoration.

“That was amazing!” He said

“Yeah” I replied, as I walked towards my dress, picked it up and dressed up.

Let’s not forget the panties too.

Should we?

I could feel his eyes on me as he dressed up too.

I don’t want him thinking that this means we could kick off on a relationship or something. Because, trust me, as amazing as that quickie was, I am not letting myself get attached emotionally.

So, I had better tell him.

“Just so you know… Nothing happened between the two of us. It was just sex and nothing else. I don’t want you to flatter yourself into thinking I like and want more with you. This was just a one time thing…”

“ I get it. You don’t have to keep preaching about it to me. I had no intentions in having more with you either so chill” he said and I don’t know why but I felt hurt…?

“Fine” I said as I walked towards the door…obviously annoyed

“Why are you pissed off?” He asked, looking concerned and it annoyed me.

He should not act like he cares about how I feel..

“I’m not”

“You look like it”

“Maybe that’s how my face is, naturally”

“I know that isn’t true and I’m sorry if I sucked at the quickie” He said looking uncomfortable.

Oh.. That’s what he is thinking?

“Oh. You definitely did not suck, I’m sorry if I made you feel bad. It was totally great and I was so on cloud 9”

“Good to know” he said with a slight chuckle and damn it was sexy (licking lips right now)

“Let’s leave the restroom..” I said..

“Oh. Right” he walked Towards the door and I don’t know why but I stopped him and kissed him again…the kiss was feeling so good till we heard a knock… Oh snap!

“Oops!” he said. As we separated from the kiss and walked out of the restroom.

I noticed how the lady was looking at us but I did not care in the world what she was thinking.

“Well, I had an amazing time, thank you. Sorry, I don’t know your name” I said. Realizing I don’t know his name.

“Oh, I’m Shawn and you are?” He asked..

“I am Selena but Lena is good and urhm… Nice to make your acquaintance” I said with a smile.

“Well, it was a very interesting mode of acquaintanceship “ he said with a chuckle and I knew he was referring to the quickie and I could not help but blush a little… geez girl! You got it bad.. It was just sex.. So suck up that blush

“Alright, I have to go find my friend…” I said

“Can’t I get your phone number?”



“Cos I don’t want to”

“Then, how do I reach you?”

“I don’t know”

“Com’on… You just going to cut out any communication with me?.. I did not even do anything wrong….. …Oh shit!” He was talking till it looked liked he remembered something bad.

“What’s wrong?” I asked..

“… we just had a quickie with no protection!”

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