Taming the Alpha
Taming the Alpha
Author: Korra Lacroix
Alcine the Beautiful - Chapter One

The sun spiralled above me as if illuminating a brilliant and captivating illusion, the twin moons, Estella and Fenrir co-existed within the blue and opal with their breathtaking imagery captivating and luring your gaze until the luminescent moons hypnotized you and carried you away in a graceful trance. I shivered slightly as the centre of my spine ached with a familiar pain, it was a distinct ache that spread to my shoulder blades and coursed through my muscles in a wave of dull agony. The birth of the summer solstice awoke the burden that consumed my existence as my screams of agony could be heard for miles creating unrest as those from around me were forced to bear witness it the unending torture that consisted of my life.

I pressed my palm against the cool glass and watched as the condensation built from under my palm, I trailed my ivory fingers down along the crystallized glass and slowly regretted the fate that had been bestowed upon me. The winter-like temperature of my surroundings couldn’t steer me away from the looming thoughts that consumed my mind at the realization that everything I’d grown to know, and love was about to be ripped from my grasp within moments. The thought of leaving the only home I’d ever known both terrified and excited me as the booming voices radiated from the first floor, one distinct voice captured my attention as I turned from the lengthened window and looked towards the door that separated me from my impending future.

I desperately wanted to escape the confines that trapped me within this territory and yet the runes that surrounded the walls that I called home were put into place to trap me, a legendary prize that multiple species were willing to fight for. I altered my weight slightly causing the train of my crème coloured dress to shift from around my thighs, the delicate fabric glided along my thin frame as the trails of lace embraced my shoulder blades and coursed down my back like identical wings before they merged into the train of my dress and trailed along the floor. My long pastel pink hair shifted along my shoulders as it flowed past my thighs like a gentle and lively stream, I was meant to be the most captivating and purest creature this day as my virginity and soul was to be given away.

I grazed my fingertips along the stark white walls and made my way towards the echoing halls, the bare soles of my feet glided along the stone floor as I reluctantly made my way towards the spiralling staircase. I absorbed the multiple voiced that blended and yet there was only one voice that drew me to it, it was distinct with a hint of an accent as his words spoke deep and profound octaves. My curiosity spiked as I slowly made my way down the stairs, each step caused my breath to spike within my chest as I felt the pull to my destined soulmate, the pull was different from what had been described to me and yet I didn’t care at that moment, I needed to close the distance between us.

I entered into the elongated room after a moment had passed and glanced over the figures that stood before me, the creatures who greeted my gaze were inhumanly attractive as their presence consumed their surroundings and demanded the attention of those who surrounded them. They were powerful and radiant creatures as the three men stood before me with both determination and complete awe radiating through their gaze as their attention shifted to the captivating creature who now stood before them.

“Alcine,” Levi said as he greeted me.

He was a powerful man who proclaimed himself to be my father and yet I could feel no blood ties between us, he was a man who wore a mask of fraud and dispute as he held out his hand in a mock greeting. Tradition dictated that I was meant to take his outstretched hand with my own and bless him with a greeting just as I was taught to do my entire life. He kept me trapped behind the cold walls and proclaimed it as my place of origin and yet his deceitful lies rung through my ears like a taunting chant. I wanted to curse him for all eternity and yet the men standing before me were the only way I was escaping the people who claimed themselves to be my parents.

“Cin are ú- I er im seek,” I said in a graceful tone.

My voice radiated through the room like an enchanting song-like tune, the vibrations rung through the air and forced the breath of a silver-haired god to catch in his throat as his cerulean eyes caught and held mine with an impulsive and possessive gaze. The foreign words slipped off my tongue almost instinctively as their meaning embraced me and clung to my very soul as something steadily awoke deep within me. I touched my lips with my index finger trailing along my upper lip and my middle finger brushing against my narrow chin, my touch was warm as my eyes trailed over the silver-haired creature who stood before me.

“The eyes of a goddess,” He said in a voice I had only heard in my dreams.

Blue eyes built like a rare Gem Silica with vibrant hues of emerald and hints of jade woven through his irises, his lips brushed against mine with a hint of honey remaining on my tongue as his tongue captivated mine and drew me to him. His embrace was warm and inviting as his fingers trailed along the curves of my body, his touch felt like ecstasy, his touch traced static along my forearms with the sensation boring into me and awoke every cell within me.

“You feel so real,” He murmured against my skin.

I pulled myself from the dream that continued to repeat itself through my mind with each night expanding upon the reality of the man's tough as he continued to bless my dreams while I slept.

He’s real, I thought distantly to myself as I pushed past Levi and made my way towards the man who was meant to be my destiny.

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