Taming the Alpha

Taming the Alpha

By:  Korra Lacroix  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sold to the neighbouring pack in hopes of forming an alliance, Alcine if faced with the reality that she has three potential mates; Cian, the most possessive and ruthless, he is determined to get what he wants regardless of what it takes. Caius, who is determined to step out of his brother's shadow, he cannot seem to look away from the beautiful woman as Alcine always seems to capture his gaze. And finally, Quest, who is both loyal and isn't afraid to claim Alcee as his own.

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40 Chapters
Alcine the Beautiful - Chapter One
The sun spiralled above me as if illuminating a brilliant and captivating illusion, the twin moons, Estella and Fenrir co-existed within the blue and opal with their breathtaking imagery captivating and luring your gaze until the luminescent moons hypnotized you and carried you away in a graceful trance. I shivered slightly as the centre of my spine ached with a familiar pain, it was a distinct ache that spread to my shoulder blades and coursed through my muscles in a wave of dull agony. The birth of the summer solstice awoke the burden that consumed my existence as my screams of agony could be heard for miles creating unrest as those from around me were forced to bear witness it the unending torture that consisted of my life.I pressed my palm against the cool glass and watched as the condensation built from under my palm, I trailed my ivory fingers down along the crystallized glass and slowly regretted the fate that had been bestowed upon me. The winter-like temperature of my surroun
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Identities Revealed - Chapter Two
The Vanargand games, I thought to myself distantly as I observed the three males who stood before me.The cluster of faces merged in a confusing mess and yet the only one that stood out was the man who drew my attention, I could taste his name on my lips without having to be told it, he was the king of the surrounding land with the atmosphere to prove it. His eyes held mine knowingly as he folded his arms across his broad chest, the thin fabric of his long sleeve shirt clung to his body and embraced the abs that his from under its confines. His silver hair embraced the nap of his neck with the loose strands curling at the ends, a blue tinge could be visible as the thick locks caught the light, he was a true god confine in the intoxicating body of an Alpha wolf.Cian, I thought curiously as his name tasted delicious on my lips.“Has the wolf come to catch its prey?” I asked as I connected to his mental psyche.The silver-haired alpha arched his eyebrows curiously as the corner of his mo
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Enamoured Thoughts - Chapter Three
His breath was warm as he parted his lips just slightly enough to trail his tongue along the tip of my ear and down along my earlobe, I bit my bottom lip desperately as I attempted to suppress a moan. His hands caressed my hips with his touch sending goosebumps along my forearms, I inhaled sharply as an unexpected surge of excitement coursed through my body at an erratic rate. I pressed my palms against the wall to steady my balance as my legs grew numb and weak, his name was dancing on my tongue as incoherent moans erupted from my lungs. “Beg for it,” he murmured against the curve of my neck.I wanted to turn around, to face the man who made my heart race with his tempting words, to collide my mouth with his in a desperate kiss as I melted in his touch and yet I was too weak to move my legs. I reached my arm above my head and ran my fingers through his unruly hair and gripped at the roots before pulling his head down onto my neck, he groaned with satisfaction as he parted his lips an
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Irresistible Allure - Chapter Four
Cian ran his hand through his silver hair and brushed the ragged locks back until the strands tangled around his fingers, a mischievous smirk caressed his lips as his eyes trailed over my exposed body. I hugged my body with my hands grasping my elbows, my upper arms pressed my breasts together with the trickling light reflecting off the ivory mounds of flesh. The thin fabric of my nightgown shifted revealing my exposed cleavage, Cian licked his lips as the temptation possessed his mind and consumed his very thoughts.“You’re not a wolf,” Cian murmured under his breath.His distinct words sent a shiver down my spine as I avoided his gaze, my shell-pink hair fell over my fuchsia eyes obscuring my view as I pushed the long strands behind my ear, the view that greeted me was breathtaking as I absorbed the definitions of Cian’s half-naked body as if I were in a drunken haze. The muscles in his chest flexed as he stepped into the darkened room, he reached behind him and slid the door closed
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Marking the Needy - Chapter Five
His breath caught in his throat as I bit down on his neck, effectively claiming him as my own, I dug my canines deeper into his flesh as his blood tasted sweet and tingled on my tongue, I withdrew my canines and licked at his fresh blood as it trickled down his newly marked neck. I was driven by the mad desire to grind my hips against Cian’s cock as his lengthened member filled me causing my muscles to squeeze the pre-cum from his shaft. “Fuck,” I cried out against his neck.“We weren’t supposed to claim each other yet,” Cian moaned against my ear.“I want your seed in me,” I moaned as I ignored his words.“Are you sure, Mate?” Cian asked as he attempted to control himself.“Do it, before I beg your Beta to do it,” I whimpered mischievously.My words enraged Cian as a threatening and possessive growl erupted from his chest, the duvet clung to my body as the sweat began to form from under me, I straddled Cian’s hips with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist so he had no choice but
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Heads Clashing - Chapter Six
Cian growled possessively as he sunk his canines into the soft spot of my neck, his sharpened incisors tore through my skin as they formed a permanent mark upon my body, Cien was claiming his territory as it told others that I now belonged to him. A burning sensation began to spread from my neck and linked its way through my nerve endings until it consumed every cell within my body. A scream erupted from my lungs as a burning sensation spread from my abdomen and tore through my spine making my eyes water from the endless pain.“Hang in there, baby,” Cian murmured against my skin as he extracted his canines.“You’re a fucking prick!” Quest shouted as he punched the wall.“Would you relax!” Cian shot back breathlessly as he pushed a strand of loose hair away from my face.Sweat began to bead along my forehead and seep into my hairline as my breathing quickened within my chest, Cian’s body began to burn against mine as our sweat mixed. His breathing picked up as it matched the rise and fa
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Caught! - Chapter Seven
My heart stopped the moment my bedroom door swung open, a familiar figure entered the room and immediately switched the light on, the abrupt invasion burned into my corneas as I held my hand over my face and squinted my eyes at the unknown figure. I bit my bottom lip nervously as I clung the duvet to my ample breasts, the fabric glided against my nipples with the sensitive nubs igniting with a pleasant and tingly sensation.“Am I interrupting something?” A voice asked bemused.“Seren?” I asked confused as I dropped my hand to my lap.“Shit,” Quest said as he pressed his hand to his face defeated.“Looks like you guys have jumped the gun,” Seren said in a sweet voice.I sighed from relief as I relaxed and pressed my back against the scattered pillows, I wasn’t prepared for the consequences that we would suffer if it had been anyone but Seren who’d walked through that door as she was the only person within this territory who I trusted the most. Seren quickly looked into the hallway and o
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Beautiful Creatures - Chapter Eight
I ran my fingers over the elegant tulle gown, delicate crystalline gems wove through the fabric of the crème gown, the lengthened train glided along the hardwood floor as I pulled the loose straps over my shoulders delicate clothe crossed along my chest before embracing my neck effectively hiding my new mate mark. I flexed my neck slightly and tilted my head to the side to observe how the material moved along my skin, it continued to hide my newly claimed neck with the faintest reveal along the base of my throat.“Is that actually going to hide it?” I asked skeptically as I touched the deep plunging neckline.“I’m sure everyone’s attention will be on something else,” Seren said with a smirk.“Aren’t you forward,” I said curtly.“Everything will go smoothly,” Seren said with a sigh.“We will see,” I said as I brushed my hand over the slit in the fabric that exposed my thigh.The thought of being discovered sent a chill up my spine and yet I was anxious for the events to play out, I was
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The Fall - Chapter Nine
Levi approached us and tore Elena’s hand from my arm, her tight grip left an angry red imprint on my flawless porcelain skin. Levi frowned on my newly bruised skin and glared at the woman he’d regretfully claimed as his mate, she was an impossible woman who had lured him in with her charms and now he was stuck with her for the rest of his life as divorce was an improbability in their pack. The veins in Levi’s temples pulsed erratically as his cheeks grew red from anger at the thought of his daughter being harmed, he may not have been an ideal father, but he had his merits.I had always wondered why the two became mates as they were completely incompatible and were always at each other’s necks and yet it was a power that Elena sought. She was a truly radiant woman who had been sent to the Algonquin tribes when she was a child, it was decided the moment she was born that she would marry my father as he was the only son of the reigning Alpha at the time. Their mating bond was what sealed
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Corrupt Moments - Chapter Ten
Cian looked down at me with a smile that made my stomach churn with anxiety and sexual frustration as a blush caressed my cheeks. His gem and cerulean eyes consumed my very being as their endless hues embraced me and melted me to my core. I licked the corner of my lips mischievously as I imagined all the lewd things that I wanted to do to him, and I knew he would happily accept it.“Oh god,” I mumbled with embarrassment.“Oh yes,” Cian said with a grin as he captured my lips with his own.Mate, the thought echoed through my mind as I clung to Cian.Our lips moulded together as I found my arms instinctively wrapping around his neck, I needed to be closer to him as his intoxicating scent consumed me and stripped me down to my primal senses. I didn’t care that the other two men and my father were staring at us in both confusion and distaste, I needed to become one with Cian. He grabbed my hips as if sensing my thoughts and pulled me into him so that I was now sitting on his lap, the world
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