Chapter Forty Three


Preparations for the ECOWAS Oratory Contest started in full force. There were lots of articles to read, lot of things to do. It was rigorous. Lakeview did not even give us a breathing space. It was Tutorials and tutorials and tutorials.

The five of us were overstucked with work and in all sincerity, I was starting to get frustrated. I've never been overworked in my entire life. And Peju acting like she already won and the rest of us were just wasting our time wasn't helping matters.

It was exactly a week to the Dday and I was already tired. If not for Tobi's constant support, Moji cheering me up and Leke's silent support was all I needed. Even Peju has got nothing on me with this geng constantly supporting me.

I knocked on the Gate the Gateman opened the gate. I was in Moji's house. I was meeting her bro

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