The Bad Boy's Problem

The Bad Boy's Problem

By:  Angela Lynn Carver  Completed
Language: English
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Nate Wolf is a loner and your typical High School bad boy. He is territorial and likes to keep to himself. He leaves people alone as long as they keep their distance from him. His power of intimidation worked on everyone except for one person, Amelia Martinez. The annoying new student who was the bane of his existence. She broke his rule and won't leave him alone no matter how much he tried and eventually they became friends.As their friendship blossomed Nate felt a certain attraction towards Amelia but he was too afraid to express his feelings to her. Then one day, he found out Amelia was hiding a tragic secret underneath her cheerful mask. At that moment, Nate realized Amelia was the only person who could make him happy. Conflicted between his true feelings for her and battling his own personal demons, Nate decided to do anything to save this beautiful, sweet, and somewhat annoying girl who brightened up his life and made him feel whole again.Find my interview with Goodnovel:

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46 Chapters
Nate Wolf is a seventeen years old high school junior who preferred to be alone. His intimidating demeanor and bad attitude were more than enough to drive people away from him. All he had to do was to glare at people with his piercing blue eyes, and they all cowered away. He was also 6 feet 4 and worked out regularly, which made him look even more intimidating. Rumors about him being the son of a Mafia leader circulated the school. No one wanted to find out what it would be like to get beat up by him. He had it made.He didn’t exactly go around beating up kids and stealing kids’ money, but he did almost beat someone up for sitting at his table. He didn’t care what people thought of him, and he enjoyed being feared.It was the first week of school. He sat down at his usual table during lunch and took a bite out of his sandwich. All of a sudden, a sweet smell of perfume hit his nostril, so he looked up from his sandwich
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Chapter 1
Nate sat in his class with a scowl. He was still annoyed about meeting that stupid girl. She is lucky that he would never mess with girls, or she would’ve ended up with some broken bones for crossing him. The door opened, so he looked up.You’ve got to be shitting me, Nate thought. It was her. Now he has to be in the same class with her too?“Oh look, it’s my new friend Nate,” Amelia said with a big smile that irritated him even more.“I’m not your fucking friend,” he said and furrowed his eyebrows.“You know, it won’t hurt you to be nicer to me. I may become a very valuable friend if you give me a chance,” she said.“I don’t think so. Now stop talking to me,” he snarled.Amelia stared at him intently for a minute but didn’t say anything. She t
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Chapter 2
Nate looked at the slab of clay in confusion.“What are we doing with that?” he asked.“Well, I will be creating a model of a Lily flower, and you will write down the names of the different parts,” she said.“Thrilling,” Nate rolled his eyes.He opened the book and started to write down the information while Amelia worked with the clay. After watching her for a few minutes, he couldn’t help but admire her crafting skills. She looked focused and determined to get things perfect.“I think that’s good enough for now,” she said after 40 minutes. “We can pick this up tomorrow since the project is not due till later this week.”“Great, I’ve had enough myself. So, I’m going to go. Peace out.” Nate said and stood up to leave.&ldqu
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Chapter 3
Nate arrived in front of the house. The party was still going on. A bunch of kids were drunk and running around the yard, acting crazy. Typical, Nate thought. He has never been into the party scene. He liked to keep to himself. He went inside the house.“My, my if it isn’t Nate Wolf. Did you finally change your mind and accept my invitations?” a girl’s voice asked, making Nate turn around.It was Ginny Walker, one of the popular kids in his school. She looked like a model who stepped right out of the cover of a magazine.“I’ve been trying to get you to come to these for years. What changed?” she asked.“I’m not here for your stupid party. Where’s Amelia?” Nate was already annoyed.“Who?” Confusion flickered in Ginny’s eyes.“Amelia Martinez, lo
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Chapter 4
“NATE!” Amelia screamed and frantically waved her arms. “I made it!”She ran towards him and wrapped him in a tight hug.“Yeah, I can see that,” Nate growled. He wanted to push her off immediately, but something inside of him made him hesitate. Her hair smelled like Lilies, and he could feel her warmth spreading through his body, which felt comforting. He found himself placing his hand on her back and gently stroking it.“You can let go now, you crazy woman,” he said after few seconds.She let go of him right away, and he suddenly missed her warmth. “Oh my god, look at you! You look so sexy with your tracksuit,” she grinned and gave him the flirty eyes.“Yeah, thanks, whatever,” he said, trying to hide that he was flattered by her compliment.“Where can I sit to wa
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Chapter 5
Nate was furious when he saw Amelia holding the picture of him and Destiny. He didn’t like anyone to know about her, which is why he never let anyone go inside his room.“Sorry, I shouldn’t have come inside the room without your permission,” Amelia said, her eyes were full of regrets.“I need you to leave, right now!” he said with his voice full of rage.“Look, I said I was sorry, okay?” she insisted.“I don’t want to fucking hear it. Just get the fuck out of my house.” Nate said heatedly.“Okay, I get it,” Amelia said and ran downstairs. She didn’t understand what the big deal was. She had a feeling he was angrier about her looking at the picture than the fact that she was inside the room. She was curious to know why but she didn’t want to push him.It
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Chapter 6
Nate started to eat his lunch and expected Amelia to interrupt him and annoy him, but she didn’t sit at his table this time. Does that mean he is finally rid of her?He saw her walk in, and she went straight to another table with some other kids. He should feel relieved as she ignored him instead of aggravating him, but he couldn’t help feeling slightly lonely. It was too quiet as she wasn’t sitting near him talking his ears off, and he didn’t know how to feel about it anymore.It was the same way the next day. Amelia avoided him all day then sat somewhere else during lunch. Nate’s life was back to how it used to be. She finally left him alone. But he didn’t feel as happy as he thought he would be.He tried to force himself to stop thinking about her all day, but he couldn’t. What was wrong with him?On day three, he saw her standing by her locker
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Chapter 7
Nate lightly knocked on the door.“Hold on!” Amelia said from the other side, so he waited quietly.The door opened, and there stood Amelia. She was wearing a cropped t-shirt with a pair of Victoria’s Secret shorts. Her hair was messy like she had been lying down for a while.She looks adorable. The thought flashed in his mind before he could stop it.Her eyes turned huge with surprise when she saw him standing there.“Nate? What are you doing here?” she asked.He didn’t know what to say at first and stared at her. He was just about to open his mouth to say something but stopped when her facial expression suddenly changed.Her face turned pale. She grabbed the side of her stomach, and her facial expression contorted as if she was in pain. She looked like she was struggling to stay o
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Chapter 8
“Alex? What the fuck do you want?” Nate barked.Alexander Wolf, his twin brother, was standing in front of him with a sickening grin on his face. Nate’s old intense hatred for him resurfaced upon seeing him, and rage boiled inside him.“Last time I checked, this is my house too,” Alex said. He was used to Nate’s rude behavior and was not swayed by it one bit.“Just answer my goddamn question,” Nate said.“Relax, bro, I just came here to visit dad. Is this any way to treat your brother?” Alex raised his eyebrows.“You are not my brother. I denounced you for what you did,” Nate glared at him.“I’m afraid that’s not how it works. I’m still your twin brother. And come on! It has been a year already, so just let it go! I miss how close we used to be.&r
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Chapter 9
“Sorry I’m late,” Alex said and sat down beside Jessica.“Whoa! I didn’t realize there were two of you, Nate!” Amelia exclaimed.Alex chuckled. “Hi, I’m Alex. Nate’s twin.”Wow, Amelia thought. They looked exactly alike yet different somehow. Nate had a dark shadow over his face and always looked depressed, but Alex gave out a completely different vibe. He was more cheerful and had a certain spark in his eyes.I want Nate’s eyes to glow with happiness too…, she thought suddenly.Another difference she noticed in Alex’s face was that it was missing a tiny scar on his forehead.She noticed Nate was avoiding looking at Alex the entire time. Aren’t twins supposed to be close? Their attitude towards each other was more like a distant relative than a brother.
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