His lost love

His lost love

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Star crossed lovers are not always star crossed because of the fault in their stars. Mostly, it is the fault in the society. Ashton James Schwimmer is every girl's dream: Handsome, rich and excellently brilliant. He is the only heir to Schwimmer group of companies. Girls are ready to throw themselves at his footsteps but he has his eyes only on Katherine, the new girl at school.Katherine Pearl Earnshaw is a hopeful young school girl, who is orphaned at the age of three. Her extraordinary brilliance lands her in Richmond High school with a scholarship. That's where she meets Ashton James Schwimmer. He changes the way she looks at life and makes her believe in love. Heartbreak comes when Callie, Ashton's best friend starts to plot ways against the couple. Their love is put to test and when everything falls apart, they end up divorcing each other.After enduring betrayal of false friendship, Ashton is grief-stricken until he meets Katherine again after three years, rekindling the spark and passion that they both thought was lost. Will he be able to gain her trust and a second chance to prove his love for her?

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54 Chapters
Katherine sat on the couch with a small smile on her face, sipping a cup of coffee and lost in her own thoughts. When she heard Ashton's car entering into their garage, she looked up at the wall clock. It was half past four in the evening and surely wasn't the usual time for Ashton to come home that early. She got up from the couch to invite him in, with a smile on her face for she had a good news to share with Ashton.
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Chapter 1
 “ I missed you.” Callie said hugging Ashton. He had returned back to school after 2 weeks of soccer practice in San Diego. He kissed Callie's forehead gently “I missed you to baby".“Anyone who doesn't know that you two are best friends from the age of three, would think that you two are dating". Noah said laughing and giving Ashton a brotherly hug. “ Wouldn't that be great if you both dated? We all want you two to be together. You both make such a wonderful pair". Judy squealed with a dreamy expression.“Ewww. That isn't happening ever guys.” Ashton said shaking his head, scrunching his nose feeling disgusted by his friends' idea. Hugging Callie again who was laughing at their friends, he locked his black Bentley, behind him. They started walking towards the cafeteria for breakfast where they joined their two other friends Michael and Laura. 
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Chapter 2
It had been a month since Katherine started her classes at Richmond High school and since day one she's been friends with Ann and Hudson. They were also here through their scholarship program like her. They had grown closer and had few classes together. She also made few others friends. One of them was Laura. She met her at the library. Apparently, Katherine was searching for a book when Laura helped her finding it for her. She was a year senior to them. All the three knew that she belonged to the rich class of people but somehow she was very sweet and friendly with them.  They were comfortable around her. They wondered what made her become their friend. “He is doing it again.” Hudson whispered to Katherine and Ann, covering his mouth with his hand so that no one would read his lip movement. “Who is doing what again?” Asked Ann c
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Chapter 3
Laura parked her car at the parking lot outside the inn which was packed with teenagers. All the students who were at the game where now in the inn enjoying their time with their friends. Laura and her group of friends had to wait outside to get a table. They were waiting impatiently when they saw a black Bentley coming towards them and being parked at the parking space. “There they are.” Exclaimed Callie waving at them. Katherine felt nervous as she didn't know what kind of people they were. She wished they were not like the rude girl standing next to Callie who was nothing but insolent. Three guys got down the car and started approaching them. The car was parked at a distance hence, they could not see their faces, clearly. Callie and Laura rushed towards their friends to congratulate them for winning the game. Katherine was looking down and fidgeting with her hair, nervlusly when Ann pulled both Katherine’s and Hudson's arm and pointed a
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Chapter 4
Katherine was woken up by the Sun’s rays peeking through the window curtains, kissing her cheeks softly. She rubbed her eyes groaning and turned her head to look at the bedside clock. It was Eight AM and she did not have much to do as it was a Saturday. Though, she had to go to “Mugs and coffees” around 5 in the evening where she had to work part time, she was free until then. Covering her head with a blanket, he dosed back to sleep with a smile on her face. It was after an hour, that she stirred up to the constantly tinkering sound of her phone. She stretched her hands towards the side table to pick up the phone and glanced at it with half opened eyes. Hey eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the harsh light coming through the screen. Rubbing the sleep off her eyes, she sat leaning on the headboard. She saw some text messages from an unknown number. Unknown: Hey Beautiful! XX Unknown: Good Morning!! *** Unknown
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Chapter 5
Katherine hated Monday mornings. She hated getting herself out of her room and go anywhere for that matter. Ann had texted her saying that she would meet her in the cafeteria at eight, sharp.  Katherine reached the school canteen, ordering a chicken sandwich and potato wedges along with fresh orange juice. Laura, who was sitting with her friends, waved at her. Noah and Judy where sitting next to her.  Katherine waved back at her with her lips pressed into a thin line. She was still pissed at her for sharing her number with Ashton without asking her, at the first place. She noticed that Noah waved at her too whereas, that little bitch Judy rolled her eyes turning her face away from Katherine. Kathy was least bothered by her childish behavior and kept on eating. She had been waiting more than ten minutes now but there was no sign of Ann. She was about to leave the place, when her mobile vibrated in
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Chapter 6
It was Wednesday and Katherine was working late that night at the cafe. It was almost closing time but customers kept pouring in. Katherine was just waiting for the customers to leave so that she could finish her work and go back to her hostel. Mr. Randel, the cafe owner was a middle aged man. He was kind but strict when it came to work. Katherine along with David, her co-worker, had to wait for the customers to leave, then clean the tables and rearrange them the tables and chairs for the next day, before leaving. “Katherine, It’s getting late. I have a test tomorrow. I should be leaving now. Can you please take care? They are the last ones, I guess.” Requested David.“Sure, I'll take care. You can carry on.” “Thanks a lot. Take care. Goodnight.” Said David packing his bag.Katherine mumbled a ‘goodnight' and started cleaning the tables.She was stocking up the meat in the freezer section,
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Chapter 7
Ann had invited Katherine for lunch on a Sunday morning and suggested spending the afternoon watching chick flicks with random, girly talks. Katherine, initially refused the idea but later accepted since she wanted to talk to her friend about her stalker. She woke up at nine o'clock in the morning, took a quick shower and changed into a yellow polka dotted dress which reached her mid thigh. She tied her hair into a loose pony tail, letting her ringlets hang near her ears. She looked pretty even though, her face lacked basic make up.She texted Ann telling her that she would reach her house in twenty minutes and started walking towards her destination.Reaching her friend's house, she was greeted by
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Chapter 8
All the students at the school were feeling exhilarated about the upcoming carnival at their town. Ann had told Katherine that the carnival was a prime celebration in the town. Every resident, rich or poor, living there, came together to celebrate it ones a year. It was grand every year. She was really excited to take Katherine to witness the carnival.The students from various schools, were asked to help in setting up entertainment and food stalls. “May be you will meet your prince charming there.” Ann nudged on Katherine's arm with toothy smile.
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Chapter 9
Like every year, the carnival was being celebrated in Saint Auburnoe square. The celebrations started on a Tuesday of February, before the lent fast, and the weather was still very cold. Groups of people were dressed up in bright coloured costumes and big hats with feathers. There were many mask balls going on and some sort of jazz music was being played. The streets of the town were decorated with fairy lights and candles, giving it a warm appearance. There were lots of food and games booth set up and people were swamping over the place to buy the tickets. Watching all the people dressed in various costumes and masks, Kathy walked across the cavalcade, proceeding through the town, along with Ann and Laura. There were up to five hundred men and boys parading on the stree
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