Chapter Nine{9}

Narrators POV;

Derrick walks back into the house and occupies the seat on the North side of the dining table. Well Aware that is the seat Lisa's father would occupy if he was home. If by any chance Mr. Davenport. Lisa'ss Father, was to come home and find Derrick on his seat, murder won't be too far fetched from Mr. Davenports list of reactions. 

But who is to blame Derrick? As the alpha man in the house and the current boyfriend of the one in charge, it's only befeating to act like it. 

Lisa soon exits the kitchen with a tray in her hands. A tray on which rests two flasks. She sets them on the table and is about to leave, when she catches Derrick in the nick of time trying to open one. 

She quickly truns around and swats his hand causing him to withdraw it in pain. 

"No touching till I say so. "She orders pointing her finger at him. 

If you could picture a mother warning a child, that is exactly what this two look like right now. 

"Ouch! Okay mother. "Derrick replies. Emphasizing the 'ouch' and rubbing the back of his hand which has become slightly red thanks to Lisa's slap. His skin has a similarity to that of creamy coffee. Hence he isn't dark and neither is he fair. Just a fair proportion of both.


She laughs as he puts his hands between his laps like a sulking child and he makes a mental note not to attempt touching anything without her go ahead. 

She heads into the kitchen and comes back with two smaller flasks on the same tray as before. She sets them on the table and Derricks face breaks into a smile. 

She heads back into the kitchen and all this time, Derrick keeps busy admiring her and her qualities. He snickers at how 'stupid' Lisa must be, to not realizing he is just here for the money. Lisa has a rich Nigerian, Yoruba, mother and filthy rich, foreign father who owns an alcohol producing brand 'Moon Lit'. After his facade, he would be off to his next victim. 

She returns with a tray containing two transparent jars. One containing orange juice and the other, chilled water. She sets them on the table and just when Derrick thinks she is going to take her seat so they can resume the feast, she turns to head back into the kitchen. 

"Did you cook the whole nation?" Derrick comments in astonishment. 

"Vex me, and you will have to eat at an eatery or your father's house. " Lisa replies. One hand on her waist and the other on the table as she keeps a her face keen on Derricks. 

"*Oya sorry" He replies in surrender and hope to not waste anymore time. 

(Oya means okay)


She giggles before entering into the kitchen and she comes back out with a tray of spoons,Glass cups and plates. 

She finally sits down this time and majesticaly opens the first flask. Instantly, the room is filled with an aroma that draws Derrick towards the flask. 

He looks into the flasks and his eyes grow large. Almost popping out of theirs sockets. His jaw drops open and his mouth begins to water. Not just from the aroma but from the intensely tempting view before him.

Laying before him is a flask filled with assorted fried rice. Decorated with veggies of many colors. It's as if Derrick had entered a trans staring so intensely at the dish before him. If people could confess love to food, Derrick would be doing just that right now. But don't worry, he is doing so in his mind. 

They say the way to a mans heart is food, and Derrick is living proof of that.

Lisa takes a quick glance at the table and dashes back into the kitchen. Derrick doesn't need any permission before he proceeds to open the other dishes on the table. The next flask was veiling fired and fleshy chicken parts. This causes him to draw closer to the edge of his seat as his hands being to tremble. What  a foodie!

The next flask contains boiled chicken parts. Lisa returns to the dinning with two more flasks on a tray and the expression she gets from Derrick throws her off the edge. She laughs her eyes out at him before setting the tray on the table, assumes her seat and decides this is the best time to pull Derricks legs. 

"Ah ah, brother Derrick! shay nah so food dey do you ni? " She asks laughing as she places her chin on her fists with elbows on the table. 

 (Brother Derrick!! Is this how much power food has over you?)


Derrick simply looks up at her with his open mouth and words refuse to come out. He then turns back to the table and resumes his unveiling assignment.

The next flask contains boiled fish, the next Fried fish and the next is filled with pepperish Yoruba stew with boiled eggs. 

He stays quiet looking at the open dishes before him for a while. Seems too good to be true! In the last flask is Assorted salad with the cabbage, carrots and all.

"Did, did... Are we expecting guests? "He questions in disbelief. 

How could a spoiled brat prepare so much in just a few minutes and still manage to clean the clothes? Full house wife material. However! Lisa doesn't fancy being called that. She is the hot, morden day working class type of woman.

"No, sugar. This is all yours." She replies as she begins to dish his food.

"For me? "Derrick questions as he feels further confirmation is needed. 

"Duh! "Lisa replies swinging her right wrist to the right to add dramatic effect. 

"Do I look sick? " Derrick questions as he looks into Lisas beautiful but highly coded eyes. 

"No? " Lisa replies in a questioning tune. The questioning tune in her voice is an indirect interrogation to Derrick as to why he asked her such. 

"Do I look starved? " He asks again, pointing four fingers of his right hand to his chest. 

"No?... Why on earth are you asking all this? " Lisa questions in pure confusion. A few seconds ago, she was sure he was happy about the food, and now, he is acting like she insulted him by providing him such a feast. 

"If no, then why are you serving me like a woman who found a poor, helpless child by the road side. Starved and at the verge of death?

It looks to me like you want to make me gain some lost weight or hide some protruding bone's" He replies looking at the food and not at Lisa as he fears what her reaction will be.

 It wasn't till the words left his mouth that he realized what he had just done/said. 

How in Pharaoh's name did that sound funny in his head? It was rather too offensive and unappreciative. 

Lisa instantly stands to her feet with so much force her seat slides violently over the tiles to the other side of the room behind her. The seat then has a little dance with gravity and gravity throws in it's signature move. The chair hits the ground creating a loud 'Pam' sound.

"Are you being serious Derrick? I spent about two hours preparing this feast for you and all you can say is I am trying to over feed you? "She screams.

"Not even a thank you!" She adds.

"No babe, you've got it a wrong. I... "He makes to speak but when Lisa is in Avatar mode, there is no stoping her. 

"Let me speak! You stayed snug up in my bed like a king and I decided to treat you like one instead of what you really are and instead of me to be appreciated, you are condemning my hospitality? "She screams. 

"'Instead of what I really am? what is that suppose to mean? " Derrick questions also rising to his feet as that phrase struck the wrong cord in his head and Derrick is not the nicest being when angered. Neither is Lisa. Honestly, how did this two fire balls meet? 

"You heard me right Mr! I treat you better than you deserve to be treated and you should be glad I'm currently tolerating you! "She says coldly. Closing the gap between them and poking her long nails in his chest as she speaks.

"Now listen to me woman! No woman talks to me like that! You.... "He begins to warn as he takes hold of her tiny wrist with his huge hand. 

"Perhaps you still haven't noticed that this woman is different! " She screams tearing her wrist from his dangerous grip. 

"Who do you think you are? "He screams at her as she is about to exit the dining room. 

"Someone you could never match up to Derrick. Someone who could make anyone no one in no time! "She replies him with an icy glare. A mix of hate and anger in her voice. The now familiar shift in her eyes to Derrick occurs again. 

"Eat if you want to or get the fuck out of my house! " She screams at him before she begins to ascend the stairs.

"Fuck Your food! " Derrick yells and takes hold of his car key before marching out of the house. 


How sudden the change from jolly to... This?


Once outside, poor Adamu fails to notice Derricks horrible mood and tries to make up a conversation. Earning him a swear word, stink eye and insults from Derrick.

Derrick reverses out of the compound in fury. Making sure to vent most of his anger on his poor car tiers and steering wheel. 

I think there should be some sort of rule against driving when angry don't you think? Anger could be as intoxicating as alcohol can't it? 

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