My Step-Girlfriend

My Step-Girlfriend

By:  Aider Kwin  Ongoing
Language: English
8 ratings
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I just asked Lisa to get married to me. Believe it or not, I'm just as shocked as she is. This was meant to be a hit and quit mission not a hit and trip mission! I've fallen for Lisa. It hurts my ego to admit this but this tender spoiled brat has got me into a mental and emotional war. "W.. Will you marry me Lisa? "I question again. This time deciding to go with the flow. Lisa stares at me with wide eyes. "You're... You're joking right? "She questions and I remain silent and motionless. Allowing my eyes to pass the message. She sees I'm not joking and this causes her to recline. She quickly grabs her purse off the dash board and hurries out of my car. Slamming the door shut and I watch as she runs away. Well that wasn't expected. Falling in love was never the plan;25 years of doing what he likes. Being the master of his own game and the king of his ring. Everything seems to be going fine till one cold night when he realizes he wasn't just inlove but in pain. What could possibly go wrong for an all time player and over protective brother? Lets follow five friends into this NIGERIAN novel to find out!!

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Chimdi Jane Samuel
I love the synopsis. hope to read more of it♥️
2021-07-18 18:16:34
user avatar
I love how the author incorporated some really relatable Nigerian slangs. Good work😊
2021-06-30 20:17:49
user avatar
Skylar Jean
This book is amazing .. with the characters coming alive and all five stars it is ❤️
2021-06-10 15:12:24
user avatar
Jessie summers
This one’s a beautiful piece, fascinatingly intriguing 😍❤️
2021-05-31 07:21:57
user avatar
If Veen
The plot is interesting. Would recommend everyone must try this story❤Great work author💚
2021-03-30 03:10:27
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Zethembiso Hlongwane
very interesting story can't wait to read more 🥰🥰🥰
2021-02-01 12:34:41
user avatar
Wow. It's seems interesting. The plot is impressive
2021-01-28 00:19:40
user avatar
Oni Kehinde
Beautiful book!
2020-07-25 05:05:57
67 Chapters
Chapter One {1}
Heads Up;There is going to be some Nigerian slangs and a Nigerian language in the dialogues as I'm trying to create a typical Nigerian book. But not to worry, the translations are going to be giving at the bottom of the page with indications of which Nigerian language is being spoken in the part where these languages are made use of. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it ******** "Derick!  Give me my money! Are you mad? This is not what we agreed! What is this? And you are telling me that you will pay nothing more! How dare you! " Her hoarse voice slices through the air."Woman, let go off my clothes if you like yourself. Take the money I gave you before I change my mind and collect the money back" He fires back at the flaring woman.There is a knock on the door and a voice calls out from the other side."Derick!!!  *Kilo fa gbogbo ariwo yi? ""Tobi, come in. "Derrick orders and a
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Chapter Two{2}
Narrators POV;A young lady is at a corner talking to a guy. The lady is Derricks younger sister and the guy is her boyfriend. "You know, I'm damn lucky to have a chick as gorgeous as you." Kunle remarks. " I know, " The young lady blushes. " Why don't you have time for me anymore?" The guy finally questions  whilst folding his hands and looking into her eyes.  " It's not that I don't have time for you anymore. It's just..."She makes to speak but he completes her sentence for her.  "That you don't have time for small boys like me *Abi?" He adds. " No **nah,  ***Haba, it is nothing like that." She protests. " Then what is it? I even doubt if you still love me." He says with a frown. "How can you say that? You know how much you mean to me." She says. Slightly annoyed by his accusation.  " No I do not! Why don't you show me what I mean to you." He replies. Lo
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Chapter three{3}
Narrators POV;Esther arrives at an hotel and she walks into a darker coner of the parking lot as she carefully examines the expensive cars of different sizes, colors and brands parked there. She looks around to be sure shes not being watched and then she pulls off the baggy dress. Only to reveal an orange crop top which is strapped tightly against her  bust, but reveals no part of it. It only makes it's presence well known and helps to outline the perfect shape of her upper body. She is wearing a crazy skirt that is half way up her thighs, and she finishes it off with white golf shoes.   She looks very elegant and has changed from the churchy appearance to a very arousing one. She uses her hand to adjust her cloths, and boobs.  They are not too big and not too small either. Just the right size.She majestically makes her way into the hotel building and what she is anticipating the most is Kunles expression when he sees
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Chapter Four{4}
Narrators POV;He walks out of the room and Esther takes off her scarf, arranges her hair and gets to business with her makeup. Not failing to access the room while it.Kunle walks back into the room and acts like Esthers presence is nonexistent. He moves towards the wardrope and begins to undress.He first takes off his shirt, and then his vest, to reavel his chest and well built body. He then takes off his trouser and places it on the bed.The next thing that happens, is Esthers voice breaking the silence. She had been watching silently all along."Kunle, what are you doing? " she questions in alarm. Her eyes wide in fear."What does it look like I am doing? Cooking indomie? You can clearly see I am undressing. " He replies whilst gesturing with his hands at the clothes on the bed. The ones he just took off."Why? Kunle, is this what you called me here for? How could you even think like that? You know I am not that type of girl. I am not r
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Chapter Five {5}
Esther POV;I blush uncontrolably when Kunle releases my lips and takes hold of my hand. "Shall we? "He questions and I nod with a blush. Kunle and I chat as we walk to where Kunle has planed for us. We walk for about a minute and the atmosphere is filled with noise, after walking a little longer,  the noise slowly morphs into loud music blaring from the huge speakers from what seems to be the hotels club. I tensen in fear as this the first time I am actually going to a club. However, to please a guy like Kunle, you need to be a little bad girl.For instance, Kunle thinks I drink, but I never have. He thinks I smoke, but I don't even know how to use a lighter,  he thinks I have gone clubbing severally before, but this is my first time. A few of the things Kunle is correct about is that; he is my first boyfriend, gave me my first kiss and that I am a virgin. The  last part is something he so desperately wants to change bu
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Chapter Six{6}
Narrators POV;   Later the same night, Derrick just arrived at Lisas house. As he drives in, he slows down to hand the gate man who would not stop hailing him, a thousand naira note and the gateman begins to shower him with prayers to show appreciation.    Derrick drives into the compound and parks his car in his usual spot. He is excited about the possible odds the night will bring. He sits in his parked car absently tapping his fingers to the beat of the song playing from his radio.    He begins to imagine what would happen once he steps into the house standing before him. A feel of electric current washes through his system and he comes out of his trans, giving a mischievous smile.    After turning off his cars engine, he proceeds to the entrance of the house like a star walking towards a stage for an award.    The house is very stylish. Infact, too grand t
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Chapter Seven{7}
Esthers POV; I wake up in the hotel room where I came to meet Kunle yesternight. I have a horrible headache and my entire body hurts. I have been properly tucked into bed. Kunle is such a darling to have... To have... To have what? How did I get here? When did I get here? What happened yesterday? And where is Kunle?   Many questions begin to form in my mind and a sharp pain shoots through my head from behind.  That's my body's signal to me to take a things easy if I don't want this headache to transform into a Migraine.  I sit up slowly, in an attempt not to irritate my already hurting head. I call out Kunles name as I have not seen him since I woke up. When I called for what I consider to be enough,  I pick up the telephone beside the bed and place a call to the reception.  The voice assures me that Kunle has not been seen downstairs. What's going on?   A breeze of realization hits me and
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Chapter Eight{8}
Lisa walks into her bed room a finds Derrick shirtless and carelessly sprawled over her bed. She is in a night dress. Very long. Ankle length and big enough to hide her  perfect curves. She stares at Derrick for a while before proceeding to the window on the other side of the room. She pulls both curtains apart. Allowing the beautiful morning Sundays spill into the room in an attempt to wake Derrick, but she action makes no difference as instead of waking him, the sun plants a tender kiss on his bare back and he acknowledges this by shifting into a more comfortable position. Lisa walks back to the other side of the bed with her hands on her hips. Wondering what she could do to wake him up. She drifts off when memories of the last night begin to flood her mind, and a smile of satisfaction creeps unto her face. Derricks POV; I wake up to find my beautiful Lisa standing before me. Her hands Akimbo(on her waist){Nigerian Song} She seems to b
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Chapter Nine{9}
Narrators POV; Derrick walks back into the house and occupies the seat on the North side of the dining table. Well Aware that is the seat Lisa's father would occupy if he was home. If by any chance Mr. Davenport. Lisa'ss Father, was to come home and find Derrick on his seat, murder won't be too far fetched from Mr. Davenports list of reactions.  But who is to blame Derrick? As the alpha man in the house and the current boyfriend of the one in charge, it's only befeating to act like it.  Lisa soon exits the kitchen with a tray in her hands. A tray on which rests two flasks. She sets them on the table and is about to leave, when she catches Derrick in the nick of time trying to open one.  She quickly truns around and swats his hand causing him to withdraw it in pain.  "No touching till I say so. "She orders pointing her finger at him.  If you could picture a mother warning a child, that is exactly what this two l
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Chapter Ten{10}
Derricks POV; That little twerp! How dare she? With he tiny body, she should be grateful I wasn't in the mood to snap her in two! I know it's my fault alright? But she seriously needs to learn how to keep it together! She can't go around snapping at me. I mean who would ever want to marry such a contraption of moods?  Fuck! I need to calm down. To think this shit through with a clam head. No Lisa, less profit. I'm a working class man, but dating someone like Lisa is the life! VIP passes at clubs, meals at five star resurants, and so much more. Her money and the life she offers are the only reason I'm still with her, and I'm done with my plan so I can't afford to loose her.   I need to think of a way to fix this. Asides loosing the money, I don't want to loose her perfect body. Not till I have had enough of it. To clear my head, I turn on my cars radio and Hate The Other Side be Juice WRLD & Marshmello floods my car.&nbs
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