Chapter 144: Flight

I could hear in the absence of hearing Rina's knocking. My eyes were still swollen from last night. I sighed as I adjusted myself.

"We're all waiting for you, Ria…"

"Including, Demi."

My chest tightened. I thought they wouldn't care for me after all. My lips trembled when I saw what lay on the table. It is consist of invitation every year. It was as if someone had caressed my chest with those who saw it.

My name with an intricate design made me shivers. My heart ache everytime I remember what Alforo said. They didn't forget me. Even if I leave, even for too long. My eyes swelled as I faced Rina. I let go of the invitation I was holding. I still didn't book a flight.

I sighed as I turned to Rina. Her eyes were down at me as Elton behind him whispered something.

"Ria, breakfast…" he invited.

I nodded there. I heard how Elton gasp when Alforo immediately on my sight. Her eyes widened as Rina stared at me heavily. Elton orde

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