Chapter 5: Tease

It's so unrealistic, surreal. His eyes were a bit daunting, and it reflects like mine. It felt futile, to imagine those unrelenting nightmare. I immediately noticed Alforo's critical stare at me. Though, I made a serious straight face to lighten up my mood.

I did not look at him, but his few glances did not escape me. This time, the urge of determination to repel his gaze sent chives on me. But there's always one thing, I can't figure out what. His jaw clenches when I finally darted my eyes on him.

Sometimes, I feel like those countless nightmares had a meaning. I shook my head slightly at the thought. It's too petty to make a scene and conclusion with it because I know it is impossible. Maybe I was just preoccupied with watching myself on those shoes. It was pure of sorrow, and every pain defined. I look away.

I'm not sure if I'm okay with it, it's too late when I notice Alforo closely approaching me. I bit my lower lip and bore my eyes on the other side. Unlike those girls, I buried myself for studying rather than roaming around, and if it weren't for Klaud, I wouldn't have thought of going out.

I was about to stand up when his hand jailed the right side. My smile was sour as I look at him. Why, instead of darting his gaze on me, made himself busy with others. Or so, Haidy. I shook my head, aiming for great endurance, making up to what I was already feeling.

I raised an eyebrow as I eyed him in awe.

"What?" I asked, slipping my eyes on the right side.

Each second, the electrifying feeling embrace me, I found her lips parting while leaning on my right side, making me stiff that he's this too close. I'm tall, but he's average, I don't even want to think, but he can almost tower me anytime, but he didn't.

I blinked to see that instead of answering me, he stared last for too long. He's tracing my eyes then slowly heading from my jawline. I immediately pushed him. I saw how caught off guard Alforo is. But it was immediately replaced by amazement. Fuck! My heart soared as I tore my eyes at him. And the way he's near every time, I'd feel this were not good at all.

"Are you going to watch the game?" he uttered softly.

My eyes darted at him. His eyes divert on my every move; he bit his lips while I'm maintaining to be composed. I kept looking for the right word, but nothing seemed to come out of my mouth. Watching his too close were a bit ridiculous, I saw him this close, but it's different now. It gives a foreign feeling that I didn't want.

I shook my head for the countless time. I doubt if I can even say it aloud. Why am I going? There's nothing to watch instead. I bit my lip. What, Riani? Instead, he wants me there?!

"Why?" I said cockily.

"Klaud is not there," I turned to him.

He had this ruthless features, but it became more defined. He's stoic the all-time, and maybe I'd rather notice him always like that, but this time he wasn't. I looked at him, confused. I thought I'd convince him, but his hard expression remained, making me not on ease. He eyed me gently while I saw how his jaw tightened,


"Klaud won't be jealous if you're with me…" he smiled teasingly.

"Not really."

"And I have nothing to watch there, Alforo," I said languidly.

His eyes narrowed at me, aiming to lock my full attention to him.

"You can cheer, Riani..."

I shook my head.

"Then good luck, Alforo?" I said sarcastically.

I tried to look away, but he caught my eyes easily. Watching him in awe, I was too mesmerized, if only he isn't tall maybe I can steal a glance, but it's opposite,

The foreign feeling when he's on my vision felt ecstatic. His effect was so surreal, I know it was wrong to compare them with Klaud, but I can't explain why I'm so sensitive when Alforo's this close.

He closed his eyes and voluntarily walked away. He even muttered a curse that I forgot to hear.

"And one more thing you can't play, can you?" I said boldly.

He sighed defeated. He let me go. But I was too caught off guard glaring at him. I noticed his soft and puffy eyes directly at me. I'm not sure what to feel, but there's a sudden gap I'll try to secure away from him.

"Alforo invited me? What about you?" Demi hissed beside me.

"No, I have something to do..."

Demi winked and shook his head. He laughed as I watched him irritably.

"If it weren't you and Klaud, I would have told claim that Alforo had feelings for you..." he laughed and patted me.

My eyes widened as I turned to him. She immediately noticed my face and grinned more.

"W-what? I don't like him!" I said hysterically.

"Fine, I just thought that…" she whispered.

I rolled my eyes at her. My heart was still pounding to her remarks, what the fuck, Riani! I put the thought aside and turned my attention back.

"They're cousins, Demi…"

She rolled his eyes and laughed wholeheartedly. I cleared my throat, swallowing the bile that trapped on it. I shuddered to see Alforo's friends passing by.

"That's not fashionable anymore, Riani!" she ignored my sentiments.

She waved at Alforo One glance, and I found the devil grinned of Demi on him. I glanced at him, and when he saw me turn around the side of his lips curved.

"Are you going to play, Alforo? Are your sprain good?"

Alforo barks with laughter. It was too late when I watched him like that. I lowered my gaze and lingered on his friends wearing their jersey.

"I will not play, Demi," he said while staring at me.

"You're not coming?" he looked at me.

My smile was sour when I raised my gaze. I even wonder if grimacing to my friend can be good while dealing with Alforo. My every move was careful as the expression on his face was serious.


"Where are you going? Demi utters behind me.

"Going home?"

Alforo watches me with his usual perpetual scowl. "You're avoiding me?"

My eyes widened at him a fraction. I immediately withdrew at my gaze at him. My heat flush as I sense Demi's looking at me. I look at Alforo who's watching me like a fragile crystal. I sighed.

"I didn't. You won't even play."

His brow shot up. "If I play, you'll watch it?"

My lips were now in a grim line. I traced him and found out he's still looking at me. My stomach churned as he steps closer, intriguing my senses. I look away.

"I won't…"

He cleared his throat. His eyes then damp on me, weighing my reaction, but I deflected him this time. Something in his aura was strongly made me this to intimidate.

"Then I'll walk you." He offered.

I fixed my gaze at him, slightly wondered his change of mood.

"You don't need to."

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