Chapter 1: The Encounter

Aaron Covaci’s POV

“You know, this could be a lot better if I don’t follow you into this stupid forest. I mean, why I am even here?” I asked my cousin before he smirked.

“Because you’re my cousin and I forced to locate my mate,” Noah said before I sighed. I should have been at home, watching something on the tv, I thought before I was looking at Noah. He stopped before I was looking at the fire and the village that was being destroyed.

“Well, I think we found where your mate was or who she was,” I said as I was looking at the woman that was pouring fire and causing mayhem.

“Shut your pie hole,” Noah said before he was calling after her. I stopped him before I saw someone that I would not expect to see. It was the Huntress as she was attacking Sheila.

“Well, I think we have someone that was getting better at this game,” I said before she was shouting something before I was smirking and stepped forward with Noah.

“Do not worry, we take care of her,” Noah said before the Huntress was looking at us.


“We meet again, Miss Hunter,” I said before I smirked at her. She narrowed her eyes at me.

“You again! I thought I kill you,” she shouted before I was looking at her. I smirked before I was bowing at her.

“Alas, I am undead. Maybe you should check your weapon next time,” I said before I was using my power to get the fogs inside the forest and we were running out of the forest.

“Well, what are your plans now?” I asked Noah as he was checking on his mate. He sighed.

“I think we need to get to Lacul Rosu, she’s burning up,” Noah said as his face hardened. I sighed as I know that he was serious right now.

“Alright, let’s go,” I said before we were heading toward the facility that we worked undercover for the human. If you think I will be around to just stay at home and do nothing, you’re dead wrong. I was one of the researchers at the facility.

“I need to get the antidote as soon as I can,” Noah said as he was settling his mate on the bed. I was leaning against the wall.

“But we have to be quick. The doctors here want nothing more to discover that your wife was carrying the craving virus in her blood,” I said as I was warning Noah not to play with fire. He sighed before he nodded.

“I will try to make it quick and I know that we have to get out of here. Trust me,” he said as I left him alone. I think I have to be prepared for any possibilities since that Huntress was around.

I cannot take my chances with her.

Why do you ask? Well, it was much more complicated when I know that Huntress as someone normal with a name, a normal name that I had fallen in love with before she stabbed me in the back.

And I think I was ready to pay her back.

Astrid Larsen’s POV

I tsked as I was looking at the whiskey before I drank it in one gulp. I don’t care about the burning sensation of the liquor before the bartender was smiling at me.

“Well, that was something. Anything happened?” He asked as I was looking at him. I think his name was Timothy or something.

“Yeah, something like that,” I said as I was remembering the green eyes of that man. Aaron Covaci, a normal man that I met before I know the truth.

Before I have to take him out because he was a blue blood. And not only regular blue blood but a pure one, one of the Originals.

I sighed before I was asking for another whiskey that Tim was obliged to do it for me.

“Here you go. I hope you can get it through,” he said before he went to help others. I was looking around the bar and there was no crowd tonight. I think people here did not have anything much going on in their lives.

“Hey, Tim! Was the crowd always like this in Lacul Rosu?” I asked as I was looking at Tim. He was putting the glasses away before he shrugged.

“They are but when the doctors from the facility came to the party, they will have a blast,” he said before he went backdoor. I was looking outside the room as I saw the facility that I was getting a creepy vibe from.

“Why don’t I check it out then?” I said before I was emailing my master for the information that I might get from the creepy facility. Maybe something that I can use to take down those idiots.

And Aaron Covaci. I shivered when I thought about his name. He still has that power over me.

I sighed as I was looking at the bar before I paid and went out. I was looking at the night sky before I was shivering. I pulled my coat tighter as I was sighing. The mist was forming before I was walking back to my hotel.

Everyone here was having fun and they were doing the best that they can to avoid each other. Maybe Romanians did not like a tourist and I was one of the tourists with my blonde and violet eyes. They think I was an incarnation of something evil.

“I hope I will not be wrong about this. I asked for Sheila Belmonte as I know that she was being used in an experiment that was dealing with Craving Virus and now, I was on the lead to Noah Kovacs and Aaron Covaci,” I mumbled before an email was coming in from my master.

I opened it up and I was speechless. There was evidence that Covaci and his cousin, Kovacs were there. As well as Sheila Belmonte.

“I think it’s time to pay a little visit for them after months of searching,” I said as I was unlocking the hotel room. I went into the wardrobe before I was pulling my usual outfit.

Leather suit.




“Perfect,” I said as I was suiting up. I was smiling as I was looking at the facility that stood proudly in the night before I was strapping the daggers all over my body and stakes. I was pulling the hood of my suit after I braided my long hair and I was looking at the facility. I narrowed my eyes at them and I will bring them down tonight.

“Tonight, you’re going down, Blue blood, and I will be your doom,” I said before I was opening the window and got my hook out for me to get to the castle. I might as well get out in style and come knocking their door like a polite visitor.

But I know I was not one as I was getting through the night with a smirk on my face.

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