My Undead Spouse [Blue Blood #2]

My Undead Spouse [Blue Blood #2]

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Aaron Covaci has been wondering about the world for almost 250 years. He has given up the fact that he will have his soulmate appear before him like his cousin Alina who married her soulmate. All Aaron wants was to be with his soulmate until he laid his eyes on Astrid Larsen. Astrid Larsen, also known as The Huntress, was the powerful Vampire Hunter in the world. Tasked by the Order, she had to track down one of the powerful Blue Bloods named Aaron Covaci. But when she met him, there was something compelling about the blue blood that was supposed to be her hunt. What happened when you want your prey but also you have to kill them? What will Astrid do? Will Aaron persuade her?

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14 Chapters
Prologue: The Task
Astrid Larsen’s POV‘I am so wanted to get out of here right now,’ was my first thought at the moment when I was looking around the party. I was sipping on the champagne that was being distributed by the servers around the ballroom when my cousin, Freya was approaching me.
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Chapter 1
Freya was smiling charmingly as she was carrying another flute of bubbly champagne. Astrid furrowed her eyebrows. She will get drunk in no time if this keeps going on, she mused as Astrid took the new flute from Freya.“You know, I will not be around forever to look after you when you’re drunk like this, Freya. I’m worried for you,” Astrid said with concern in her voice. She sipped on the champagne that got Freya scowling at her. Then, Freya waved her hand dismissively. Astrid arched her eyebrow.“No worries, mitt søskenbarn! I can handle my liquor, you know that! So, who’s on the phone? I see that you’re stressing out after that one phone call away. Are you having a lover’s quarrel? My, my… mitt søskenbarn! You didn’t tell me that you have a lover!” Freya exclaimed happily.Her voice projected loudly in the ballroom. Some whispered and mumbled as Freya was laughing wholeheartedly. Astrid sighed softly as she was rubbing her temples. I don’t know why I even bother to help you when you
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Chapter 2: The Intruder
Aaron Covaci’s POVI was looking at my chart before I saw in the corner of my eyes in the monitor that we have an intruder. But that intruder was good when she did not hit any alarm but not very good enough when I saw the steels. 
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Chapter 3: The Desire
Astrid Larsen’s POVHoly smokes!I did not know why I did not stab this blue blood that was taking advantage of me right now. He was leaning closer and kissed the shit out of me. I mean, he was a good kisser and I was an
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Chapter 4: The Discussion
Astrid Larsen’s POVThe next morning, His Holiness aka my Master was asking me to meet him. He said that he has something to talk about concerning the blue blood in the dungeon. I sighed as I was standing in front of His Holiness’ office. I knocked on the door.
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Chapter 5: The Conversation
Aaron Covaci’s POVI did not know how long I have been here. I think my craving was going stronger day by day as I was looking at the sunlight that was coming into my cell. I was looking around before I saw a flash of whites in front of my cell.That
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Chapter 6: The Dungeon
Astrid Larsen’s POVI grimaced at him before I was setting the appliance that I will be using for his blood sample. It should not be so hard since Aaron was still a human even though he had superhuman speed and strength. But I think I can handle him.
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Chapter 7: The Eavesdropping
Astrid Larsen’s POVI was biting my pen when I was looking at the words of the report right now at my table, in my room. My mind keeps going back to the kiss that I shared with Aaron Covaci. He was smirking as if I will never forget the kiss.Wel
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Chapter 8: The Claim
Astrid Larsen’s POVI was gripping his shirt as I was pulling him closer when Aaron tilted his head to deepen the kiss. I moaned as I was gripping him closer before I snaked my hands behind his neck. He groaned.“I need to claim you, my love,&r
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Chapter 9: The Island
Astrid Larsen’s POVI was not expecting the island to be this…foggy. It was nice and chilly before Aaron was pulling me closer to his side. I think it was a cute gesture when he was trying to warm me despite that he did not feel anything right now.
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