Chapter 6: The Dungeon

Astrid Larsen’s POV

I grimaced at him before I was setting the appliance that I will be using for his blood sample. It should not be so hard since Aaron was still a human even though he had superhuman speed and strength. But I think I can handle him.

“It’s none of your business,” I said before I was putting some drug that can knock him out. I think it was hemlock that I was using right now. Aaron smirked.

“Oh, I bet the news of being asked to be someone’s wife was hardly fun,” he said before I stopped in my action. I turned sharply at him before he smirked.

“Admit it, you don’t want to be his wife,” 

“His Holiness was the greatest thing that ever happened in this world. You will not disregard him like that,” I said as I was showing him the syringe that I have hemlock in it. Aaron smirked as if he did not find it all frightening after all.

“So, what will you say? I think he gave you 3 days. That plenty of times for you to change your mind,” he said before I was rolling my eyes at him.

“And what? Wait for another suitor to ask me to be his wife?”

“You haven’t answered my own question when I asked you to be mine. So technically, you still owe me an answer,” Aaron said as I was looking at him hotly. He smirked before I was pushing the syringe to make sure that it will come out.

“Just answer me this one tiny question, Astrid,” he said as my name rolled from his mouth like candy floss. I shivered but I never had that reaction with His Holiness when I was with him.

Huh, weird.

“So, I was thinking that if His Holiness kisses you, he will never be compared with me,” Aaron said as I was narrowing my eyes.

“Why would you say that? You don’t even know if I would like his kiss even more than you,” I said hotly before Aaron smirked at me. Damn him with his eyes glistening in the dim light as I was looking at him.

“Hmm, should we test it out then?” He asked me as I was looking at him. I wanted to protest before I was taking a deep breath when the memories of our shared kisses were coming inside my mind then. I blushed.

“God, you’re unbelievable,” I said as I was looking at him. Aaron arched his eyebrow at me before I was coming closer to him. He did not stop me until I was putting the syringe on his skin.

“You don’t need the hemlock before you took my blood. I will be willing to give it to you,” he said before I was looking at him. My eyes were shining.


“On one condition,” he said as he was looking at me. I scowled at him. If he wanted me to do something for him, forget it.

“I want you to kiss me, that’s all the payment that I need for one test tube of my blood,” Aaron said before I was looking at him. I arched my eyebrow before he smiled cheekily at me.

“Are you sure you will not ask for anything else?” I asked him as he nodded.

“Swear on it,”

“I, Aaron Covaci, swear that I will not ask for anything else for a kiss as a payment for a syringe of my blood that was taken by Astrid Larsen,” he said as I was looking at him. His Holiness said that Blue Blood was bounded by their promise and I did make him promise.

“But I will not stop if she let me continue forward,” he quickly added before I was glaring at him. He smirked.

“Oh come on, it will be fun right when you know you cannot stop from kissing me back and would like to go deeper—“

“Okay, I think I have my deal of this,” I said before I was putting the syringe to his vein. I pushed it through his skin as Aaron gasped. I did not think it would hurt him but I guess he was a human after all.

I pulled the syringe before the blood was filling the syringe. It was blueish red that gave the name of blue blood. It was not like abalone but it was considered blue.

“Now, that’s settled. Time for the payment of my sample,” he said before I was putting my hands on his chest. I did not move it but somehow it was moving on their own.

“Kiss me,” he whispered before I was looking into his green orbs then settled it on his lips. I was getting closer and closer as I was leaning in to feel his hot breath on my cheeks.

“Aaron,” I whispered.

“Astrid,” he replied. It was not Princess or Huntress. It was my name. My given name and I felt like my heart was beating so fast as I was closing the distance of my face with his.

I was snaking my hands behind his neck as I was releasing him from his neck chain.

Wait, what?

“Shh, don’t think about it. Just think about me. I wanted to kiss you and you let me kiss you,” he said as he was leaning closer when he was not constricted by his chain. I was breathing heavily when his legs were between my thighs.

When did I release his legs from its chains?

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt his lips on my lips. It was warm and soft as I remembered when we kissed in the facility. I was gripping his nape as I was pulling him closer. I felt his hands on my waist, pulling me closer. I was closing my eyes as I was relishing the moment when Aaron Covaci was kissing me to the fullest.

“Tell me, did His Holiness kiss like I did?” He asked as I was kissing his jaws that have stubbles because it has been 2 days since he was in the dungeon. I was gripping his hair before I was moaning his name.


“Yes, my love?”

“Kiss me,” I said before I was pulling him closer as I was plunging my tongue inside his mouth. It tasted like peppermint and I loved it. I groaned as I was moving my hips to his and I can feel that his hardness was on my core. I was panting before he was kissing my neck and jaws.

“Let’s get out of here. Your master was not who you think he is,” Aaron whispered to me as he was torturing me with his kisses. I cannot think now as I was being assaulted by Aaron but I loved every second of it.

“Tell me you will escape with me, Astrid, and forget this life behind,” Aaron said as I moaned.

“I can’t,”

“Yes you can and I will make sure that you will,” Aaron said before he broke the kiss.

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