By the time Michal got to Hammed's house she was already exhausted. The cab she boarded dropped her at the entrance of the estate, the road that led into the estate was under construction so cars weren't allowed to go beyond the main gate.

She knocked gently on the gate, when no one was attending to her. She knocked at the gate furiously, she was really too tired to stand. A familiar face opened the gate and smiled at her, she remembered the gateman from the last time. She greeted him and after listening to her brief explanations he let her in.

Michal entered the building same way she and Mirabella did the last time they were there for Hammed's birthday, she got to the hallway and was confused, she called Hammed and told him she was waiting at the hallway.

Hammed came out with Ruth shortly after, 

"Ooh." Michal muttered to herself.

"Hey." Hammed said when he was almost close to her.

"Hammed," She feigned smile.

"Hammed, I think I should get going now," Ruth interrupted. "My mom will kill my battery with calls if I don't get my ass home this minute." She tiptoed and pecked Hammed on the cheek, she looked at Michal and grinned. " Take Care of yourself, I will see you in school bye." She waved him and walked out sluggishly swaying her hips as she moved.

Michel lets out a chuckle, Ruth's new style of walking amused her.

"Hey." He said again when Ruth was out of sight.

"Yeah, you've said that before." She told him.

"Were you worried about me that you had to come check on me?" He teased her.

"Seriously? I was forced here." She huffed.

"Oops, I knew you'd come though." He winked at her.

'Seriously? Is this boy normal?' She thought.

"Don't flatter yourself Hammed, Our class teacher asked us to choose volunteers and I was picked so get your guards down." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Good to see you though." He moved closer to her.

"W- h-a-t-t-t" she stuttered.

Hammed chuckled and moved away from her.

"Are you really sick?" She asked suspiciously.

"You should be asking how I'm fairing not this." He squeezed his face.

"My instinct tells me you're only pretending to be ill." She stretched and placed a hand on his forehead to feel his temperature. "You are not burning up." She said.

"Where are you touching next to be convinced I'm unwell?" He asked.

"Your eyes," She replied him and took her hand up to his face, she noticed his gaze was fixed on her. Her hand lingered there for some minutes when he didn't stop looking at her, she removed her hand and clapped dramatically. "Maybe, you're really sick." She told him and looked away.

"Let's go in." He led the way and she followed behind.

"Nice house." She complimented.

"Thanks, where is Mirabel?"

"She followed Lekky home, I will pick her up when I'm going home." She told him.

"Okay." He sat down. "Did you miss me?"

"Nope." She smirked.

"Obviously." He deadpanned. "Why didn't you bring Mirabel with you?" He asked.

"Hammed, Mira doesn't know you're I'll. I don't want troubles from her." She told him.

"Or you want an alone time with me?" He winked at her.

"Hammed!" She yelled angrily, "Maybe, I should just go." She stood and slung her bag over her shoulder, Hammed also stood up


"Why what?" She frowned.

"Why do you want to leave?" He whispered.

"You're giving me problems." She told him bluntly. "Is your mom in?" She asked, she wanted to see her again.

"No." He sat back and held her down, "Please don't go." He muttered.

Michal smiled, was he really begging her to stay? "You see Hammed, you need to...." She paused and held in her breathe, he was staring at her intently, he does that always and she wondered why he was always staring at her. "Hammed." she touched his shoulders lightly. 

He shivered and turned his gaze away from her "Do you want to go?" He asked.

"Here," She brought out the get well soon card she bought in the supermarket in the estate, she stretched out her hands for him to collect it. Instead he held her hand and dropped the card on the couch.

"Hammed." She called him, he stroked her fingers and before she could say her next words, he pulled her into a warm embrace.

Michal couldn't stop him, she was shocked he has never done that. 

Though, she's hugged few guys in the past but this closeness between them was totally different, goose bumps formed on her skin

Not sure of what to do, she wrapped her arms around his waist. She wanted to do that.

Hammed finally let go of Michal after what seem like forever, she didn't look at him cos she was unsure of what to say. Hammed cleared his throat and pulled her into another embrace, she blinked her eyes.

What's this boy up to?

"Hammed." She called his name softly, "Hmm, is this a hugging competition?"

She asked.

Hammed smiled and released her. "Thanks for coming, you just made my day better."

"Get well soon." She picked the card up and gave it to him, he collected it and smiled.

"Be well." She muttered.

"Thank you." He smiled again.

She was his reason to smile always.


"Mira, will you stop being mad at me?"

Michal tried to touch her but she yanked her hands away.

"Don't touch me." It sounded more like a warning, she huffed and crunched on her chips.

"He made me Mad at him." Michal tried to explain defensively.

"How? Just how Michal? I see how you treat him and honestly its bad, very bad and uncalled for." Mirabella snapped.

"Its not my fault Mira, I really don't know.

OK I'm sorry." She said sadly.

"Tell that to him not me." She shoved the chips into her mouth and crunched harder.

"You don't mean it, do you?" Michal deadpanned.

"Consider me your ex sister if you don't call him right now and apologize for behaving badly." She took the chips with her and head towards the room, she bolted the door immediately she entered, Michal knocked but she wasn't responding.

"Let me pick my phone and call him!" She yelled frustratedly. Mira was sometimes stroppy.

Mirabella unlocked the door and sat back on the bed not facing her sister.

"You should tell mom to adopt Hammed he should be your brother and not just a school father." Michal said angrily. "Cos I don't know why you keep taking his side, you don't even know what happened."

"You were rude to him cos he tried to be gentle. He only asked you a question and you snapped at him like that Michal?

I will defend him of course he does not deserve that harsh treatment from you." Mirabella hugged her legs tightly to herself.

"Hmmmmm, alright agreed what I did was bad I will call him and apologize." Michal looked at Mirabella, who quickly gazed away to avoid eye contact with her.

"We will be good after then." She told her and stretched her legs out.

"Are you seriously threatening me. I'm your elder sister for crying out loud, Mira!" She was really frustrated.

"You told me to be polite with people but you were rude to Senior Hammed, so rude.. You needed to see how sad he looked before leaving us." Mirabella's face fell.

"Hammed, I'm sorry about today I wasn't really in a good mood when you came to speak with me. I'm sorry. That's all you want me to say right?"

"Maybe yeah except that you won't lie you were in a bad mood."

"Oh lord please help me." She picked her phone up and dialed Hammed's number, he picked up the second time.

"Michal." His husky voice melted her heart."

"I.. I.. am.." She stuttered. "Hammed, I'm sorry about today. I was not really okay when you came to speak with us the other time." She sighed. "I'm sorry for talking to you rudely."

"Its fine." Hammed said quietly from the other end.

"We good now?" She asked.

"I wasn't mad at you, Michal." He told her, and she smiled. 'He's so calm' she thought before speaking on.

"Seriously Hammed, which voodoo did you use on Mirabella! She keeps taking sides with you. And she's so mad at me right now." She told him.

"Wow! She must be really cute when mad." Hammed teased.

"Opposite, she looks like a donkey when mad." Michal covered her mouth with her palm to suppress the uncontrollable laughter that was about to burst.

"Never." Hammed disagreed, but laughing. "Let me speak with the angry bee."

"Okay, here Mira he wants to speak with you." Mirabella collected the phone from her.

"Bop Daddy." She smiled.

"Bop baby." Hammed replied.

"Why are you mad at her?" She looked at her sister and quickly ran out of the room.

"Give me back my phone." Michal screamed but she rushed past her and locked herself in the kitchen.

"Why do you give Michal so much troubles?" His voice sounded worried.

"Cos I love her." She smiled. "I think she likes you too, don't tell her though. she blushes anytime I talk about you, I was just angry she was rude to you. Senior Hammed there is this... "

"Open this damn door!" Michal banged the door real hard.

"Talk to you later. Bye." She ended the call, and opened the door she hugged Michal tightly. "You have me back and I love you so so so so so much."

"Really now, what did you tell him?" She asked.

She gave Michal's phone back to her and ran back into the room..

Michal stood still, she wasn't ready to run after her again she was really going insane. 

She walked quietly to the living room and sat on the couch still lost in thoughts, her phone beeped. It was a text from him.

Michal, I hope you will stop getting mad at me. It makes me worried.

I miss you though.- Hammed.

She smiled heartily and brought her phone closer to her chest, since she left Hammed's house that day different things have been going on, on her head. She read the message a million times before drifting to sleep.

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