After downing my six shots and interminably of drinks down my throat, it seemed like everything was floating  and I was in the air. I was feeling light, similar to a plume. 

I was looking at the spot when my eyes got a glossy name on an entryway at the far end. 


The brilliant name streaked sparkles at me flooding my brain with what I have been attempting to overlook for endless years. 

I smiled internally. I realize very well what occurs behind that VIP entryway. I have been in there for so often. I recoiled at the terrible recollections. 


That is all finished. Nothing will happen once more! 

"Daaancccceeee!" Isla slurred and dove deep into the group disregarding me all. I gazed at her moving structure with some person. I squinted my eyes to see unmistakably and scowled when I understood it was Cassius. Cassius Hawk. 

Of course Isla would bring Cassius with us!. The mann

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