Ashlynn's POV:  

"I'm nervous," I admit as Alex and I are behind the large doors.  

"Believe me when I say Gage is too," Alex responds. "He's been paranoid for the past week."  

"I'd never leave him, he shouldn't be worried," I respond.  

"And he'd never leave you, so you shouldn't be worried," Alex replies. "It is normal to be nervous on your wedding day, hell I was shaking."  

"Is it scary to be in front of everyone?" I ask.  

"When you see Gage it'll seem like it's just the two of you in the room," Alex tells me. "This day is going to go just as you want it to."

"I'm sweating," I admit. "The music needs to start."  

"Patience is a virtue," Alex teases and I can't help but smile.  

"Shut up," I mumble and Alex just chuckles. "Thank you for doing this. Ya know, walking me down the aisle."  

"I'm honored you asked me to. You're like my little sister Ash

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Victoria Krechting
Yes yes yes finaly their lovechild whoohoo ??????. oh yeah they got married to ???.

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