Love was when I loved you
Love was when I loved you
Author: Abhimaya Aryan


Sometimes end is the new beginning whereas some beginnings lead to an end as well and that's what exactly happened with me a while ago when I was just torn between my needs and wants because at the very first I decided to surrender before him but fate had something else written for me and so now I have also decided to go with the flow called life as it's not at all a good idea to go against the stream or flow because if you do so than you are doing nothing else but moving towards your destruction and nothing else , well without much delay I'll tell you my story , I am Blythe Williams and this is my story , the beginning of my story or maybe end , I think you should decide what it is exactly ...

   So  It all started around five months back when I got the biggest opportunity of my life to be part of the world's biggest wildlife travel blogging company, “Wanderer's Wish” where I got selected in the competition for wildlife tour blogging depending upon the quality of my blog writing for wildlife tour, so based on the contract we were about to get the chance to explore the exotic locations around the world for next 5 months along with the professionals of this field, so I was very excited and nervous as well because I never thought that my dream will come true in such a way, well I packed my bags and got ready to begin my journey 

     I boarded my plane for our first location I e. South Africa from where the journey of my dreams were about to begin but very soon the sweetness of my journey turned into a bitter one when one of my neighboring passengers started irritating me with his crazy behavior which was making me uneasy as he wanted the window seat for which he was trying all the possible tactics but finally I was helped by a gentleman who was not less than an angel for me but unfortunately I was unable to see my angel's face as he covered his face with a mask but his eyes were enough to speak a thousand words with many secrets in it which was looking like a whole new fairy tale world in it, but I think he was too tired to talk to me

So I too didn't force him and just relaxed on my seat with him on my neighboring seat after waving off that crazy man with the help of crew on the plane, after a while I took few selfies with him in the same position while sleeping as a part of my good memories during the journey and I really wanted to talk to him as I was unable to thank him properly , so as soon as we landed in South Africa I started finding him, but he was unable to be seen and hence I continued my journey towards the destined location!

      Where for the first time I met all the other winners of the competition who were also about to continue the journey along with me for next 5 months, I greeted everyone but the one who struck me was a guy, who was looking like a Greek God with an extraordinary persona which can't be explained in words, the prince of an unknown kingdom with a brown complexion which was working as a magnet to attract anyone, a beautiful man with an extraordinary aura standing wrapped in dark black coat with blue jeans, I lost my mind for sometimes after seeing him, only to return to my senses when I heard his voice,” Hi”, and found that I was actually standing right in front of him with my nerves still shivering with pleasure and chills in my backbone that I couldn't utter even a single word from my mouth as I was speechless

    I took my position with others who were waiting for our mentors to come who will be with us for next 5 months and will guide us for everything, even after taking my position I was unable to get my eyes of him, and for the first time, I was feeling jealous as other female winners were also staring at him, which was an obvious fact as how could someone not get attracted to a piece of cake and believe me with the brown complexion in amalgamation of shiny brown eyes with a fluffy black hair, he was looking not less than a multi-storey cake with height of around 6'2" (1.88 m) with the topping in form of his multicolored outfits

I was sure that inside his outfit there lied a strong and muscular body with addition of red-hot abs and a Mr. Universe type physique, by the way after some time our mentors arrived with a twist that actually we all 14 winners of the contest are here to compete with each other and after a particular tenure the non performers will be eliminated and the one who emerges winner amongst all will get a chance to work in association with the world-famous wildlife travel blogger, Rose J Dawson, which filled all of us with a new energy as she was the role model for each one who wanted to make career in this field like me and the winner will get chance to work with her, it was like that all my dreams are going to come true in next 5 months and I started preparing myself for the competition ahead as now we were contestants not winners

     After the announcement we all got into the rooms allotted for us in a hotel where we were supposed to stay until we leave for our next destination, but I was more interested to know about the room of that prince charming than mine, so I started following him like a detective who is behind someone whom he thinks of as a culprit but here the matter was totally different but to my surprise we both were allotted the same room according to the chart which was created by the sponsors itself as there were only 8 rooms booked for the team , 7 for the contestants and 1 for the mentors, so each room was allotted for 2 contestants, after seeing the chart I felt like to be on the cloud 9, as somehow I really wanted to be with him as I wanted to know more about him 

     But first I stood outside the room because I was too nervous to even talk to him because I don't know what was exactly wrong with me, but I was just Losing my control after seeing him because of which I was not even ready to enter inside as I was scared that I might speak something rubbish which will put my image down in front of him and while I was still thinking about the same I heard his voice who was already inside the room, and he was asking me to get inside, so I just went inside without further thinking as it was just a waste of time to stand out and stare at him but the better option was that to get inside and know more about him and hence I went inside without wasting even a single second

    After getting inside unable to understand anything I just stood staring at him as he was taking out his stuff from the suitcase he had while I was still standing like a statue in front of him so he again snapped at me which again brought me back to reality and unable to understand anything I just went inside the washroom in order to freshen up myself as I was very much tired with the whole day-long journey but no sooner I once again heard the voice of that guy who was standing just outside the washroom door, and he asked me, “Miss you won't mind can I use washroom for sometime because I am just too tired to even stand for a second and hence just want to get fresh by changing my clothes, so if you won't mind can I just use the washroom after which you can use it"

   Listening to him I just came out of the washroom the very next second and allowed him to use it as he seemed very much tired from his eyes which I looked at just after coming out of the washroom and I started unpacking my stuff from my suitcase as he started using the washroom, but I exactly don't know what was wrong with me that day because I just after unpacking my stuffs decided to sneak at that guy who was in the washroom and was changing his clothes, which was obviously a manner less behaviour, but I was unable to just control myself because of which I tried to sneak at him through the key hole of the washroom door, because it was almost impossible for me to get repulsed from that guy who was like a Greek God for me as he had everything whatever it takes for a girl to get attracted towards a guy because of which I finally ended up looking at him through the door hole and believe me it was speechless moment for me as I looked him standing in his briefs as  probably he was changing his clothes

    I still till the day don't know what was exactly wrong with me that day because my behavior that day was totally foolish but I also have an explanation for my behavior of that day because I always have been single and lonely after the death of my parents at the very young age of 10 after which I spent most of my life in orphanage center and finally after getting out of the center when I became independent then

Still I was alone and lonely as I didn't even have much more friends even after attending the office where I used to work because of which I even left my office after a very short period of time and soon after that I started writing as a way to divert myself as I didn't find any other way to keep myself busy and focused result of which is that day I was with someone whom I always wanted in my life and hence I just ended up doing something which today I think is a nonsense, but anyhow I just kept on looking him through the hole of the door only to realize that he is coming towards me and I moved away from the door and luckily at the same time he came out opening the door and I behaved as if I didn't know that he is in washroom, or he even existed 

      And soon after he came out of washroom again went inside in as I was really unable to face him for what I did about all that he was not aware of whatever I did but still I was feeling a bit guilty as well as crazy for whatever I did but also it was not correct but still I found it quite interesting as well as exciting but anyhow I just control my emotions and after coming out of washroom I went out of the room and I came inside after quite a long time when I thought that I will probably be able to face him now and simultaneously I came back after sometime when I thought that now everything is fine and surprisingly he was unpacking some of his stuff from his suitcase

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