Chapter 167 Don’t Let The Cat Into The House

How could Mark not understand what Mary meant between the lines? He pursed his lips before saying, “I’ll be heading out later and won’t be back for lunch. I’ll come home around four in the evening.”

Mary hustled out to prepare his clothes for the outing and went to the backyard after that. “Ari, sir is going out shortly and will only be home at four in the evening. Don’t stay in the wind out here. It’s not even a month yet. What if you get other illnesses in the future from being so weak?”

Arianne replied in a whisper, “I’ll head inside first. Let Rice Ball in for me after Mark leaves.”

Mary nodded and couldn’t help being delighted. It wasn’t for much other than her feeling that Mark was concerned for Arianne. He never told the house staff that he was going out in the past, nor would he inform his return time. Even his dinner at home was an impromptu call back after a spontaneous decision. His anomaly today was obviously for Arianne and Rice Ball’s ‘space’.

Just when Mark was prepared
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