Chapter 201 I’ll Make Him Vanish From This World

Arianne kept quiet as her eyes reddened. Words could not describe her feelings right now. Even when she was almost certain it was Mark who had plotted against Will, she had rather denied it than hate him. She felt disappointed.

The cat had triggered their fight. Arianne was aware she was behaving like a child who was throwing a tantrum. Before they were married, she had played the role of a child while Mark played the role of a strict parent.

“Mary, forget it. Take her back to the bedroom. If she refuses to go, send someone to take the cat and throw it out,” Mark said indifferently before he returned to the dining table.

Mary half-forcefully dragged Arianne back to the bedroom. Then, she advised her earnestly. “Ari, why do you have to speak to sir in that manner when he finally changed his attitude toward you? He has improved a lot, why do you have to go and ruin it? Can’t both of you just speak nicely to each other? I know you’re upset because Rice Ball is your precious cat, and yo
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