Chapter 1362 Alejandro Finds Melanie And Melissa

Soon, Jett had arrived at the airport as well. Fortunately, Jett had brought a few men with him as well. The men scoured the airport and covered as much ground as they could. They seemed like a drop of water in a sea of people. Would they be able to find Melanie and Melissa?

Jett was on high alert. After he checked when the next flight to Ayashe was, he walked toward the direction of the departure hall. Soon after, he found Melanie carrying Melissa in the waiting area. Melissa was sound asleep in her mother’s arms. Melanie looked surprisingly calm. She did not look like she was about to leave Alejandro. He sighed in relief and walked up to them. “Madam.”

Melanie was startled. She looked at the person who had called out to her. “Did Alejandro… ask you to come?”

Jett nodded. “Yes, sir’s here as well, but I managed to find you first. Why are you leaving? If you intend to visit your hometown, you should’ve informed him beforehand. He seems to be… in a bad mood this morning so please don
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